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Reputation Scorecards

  1. 1. Reputation Scorecard Melisande Noel Mickael Dubourg Mba 2b
  2. 2. What is Reputation Scorecard? The Reputation Scorecard is a new service for the hospitality industry, which tracks the performance of a hotel in terms of customer satisfaction, from the Global Review Index ™ (GRI), a global score of the online reputation that takes the Notes opinions lines obtained in over 100 sites of travel agencies and reviews in the world.
  3. 3. How does it compare to Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence? Reputation Scorecard help hotels to manage their online reputation, such as Tripadvisor.They both require the consumer to provide a general evaluation of their experience. The Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence select accommodations, attractions and restaurants that constantly demonstrate a commitment to hospitality excellence. But to provide an overall analysis of a place, Trip Advisor will use only its own feedbacks about a hotel unlike Reputation Scorecard will rely on the whole feedback they will get, coming from different hospitality and booking websites such as
  4. 4. Which is more important to a hotel, why? To our topinion, Trip Advisor is more linked and connected to trends of customers as it is a more popular and renowned website. Due to its popularity trip advisor is the more important. Even if Reputation Scorecard is an essential relevant tool for hotels that will offer them an overall analysis of their reputation, We consider that Trip Advisor more important than the Reputation Scorecard.
  5. 5. Choose a city : BARCELONA
  6. 6. select 5 hotels W Barcelona : Hotel Arts : Mandarin Oriental : Hotel Majestic : Hotel Me :
  7. 7. W Barcelona The hotel uses its own Starwood Quality Score process, called Starwood Preferred Guest that is directly accessible from the home page of the hotel website. Grade of 4,4/5. Possibility to read the comments of previous guests.
  8. 8. Hotel Arts There is nothing about Quality Score that is accessible from the home page of the hotel official website.
  9. 9. Mandarin Oriental There is nothing about Quality Score that is accessible from the home page of the hotel official website.
  10. 10. Hotel Majestic There is nothing about Quality Score that is accessible from the home page of the hotel official website. They provide a press article about excellence.
  11. 11. Hotel Me The Me Hotel do not obtain the Trip advisor certificate of excellence. They also don’t provide other ranking type on their website
  12. 12. Check out an OTA for 3 of these hotels, do they respond to guest reviews We choose to see in if hotels W, Arts and Me if they respond to guest reviews. We have seen that the Website do not offer the possibility to hotel to respond to guest comments. Either good or bad.
  13. 13. Check Trip Advisor for the same 3 hotels what is the quality of their responses to guest comments. On Trip Advisor, hotels have the possibility to respond to guest comment. W Barcelona: The General Manager or the hotel manager concerned respond to the guest. They do not forget to thanks them for their comment and take the time to fully explain their point of view. Hotel Arts: The hotel manager, the number 2 of the hotel team respond to guest. They thanks the guest and contest zhat they ask. Hotel Me: The guest relation manager respond to guest comment. They are able to answer guest requierment. But the message is standardized.