Interview Marc Cloosterman of VIM Group (on


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Marc Cloosterman, CEO, VIM Group talks with Anaezi Modu about branding.

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Interview Marc Cloosterman of VIM Group (on

  1. 1. REBRAND Interviews Marc Cloosterman CEO VIM Group Brand Implementatio... pagina 1 van 3 Marc Cloosterman of VIM Group Interview Marc Cloosterman, CEO, VIM Group talks with Anaezi Modu VIM Group is a REBRAND Inner Circle™ member: What is VIM Group? Our group implements brands locally. “VIM” stands for “Visual Identity Management.” We assist organizations in the management of the physical change of all brand identity touchpoints. These vary from fleet, brand portals, signage, printed matter, retail, wayfinding, and interiors to corporate wear. VIM Group has worked on over 1,200 projects over the last two decades. Providing consulting and project management services in this specific area of communications is our core expertise. VIM Group is independent, with headquarters in Amsterdam and offices in London, Amsterdam, Toronto, Los Angeles, Dubai, Melbourne, and Frankfurt. What is brand implementation and don’t branding consultants already offer that? Brand implementation is the process of physically changing all brand identity touchpoints. Mainly this is triggered by a merger, acquisition, or repositioning that results in the corporate brand identity needing to be changed. For midsize and large organizations this is a complex process. Many stakeholders are involved, internally as well as externally. Internally, for example, the work concerns communications, procurement, and facilities management; externally it involves suppliers, agencies, etc. Branding consultants don’t offer these services, which is natural. Their core competence lies in strategic and creative work. The core competence needed for management of implementation is a business administration and logistical one. Which clients have you worked with? So many! In fact over 1,200 companies in various countries. Ill just share a bit of information about three: TNT, Dubai International Financial Center, and Randstad. TNT TNT NV is part of the global transportation and distribution industry, and is dedicated to providing delivery solutions to its customers. TNT serves more than 200 countries and employs around 151,000 people. We managed the company’s global rebrand. TNT was a Dutch/Australian company, where Dutch TPG took over TNT. TPG then decided to transform all brand assets to the TNT brand, since it was a more publicly known and recognized brand. We helped them to estimate the cost of the rebranding up front, including roll-out scenarios and potential savings per region. Working for their corporate communications director, we prepared the plans of approach per implementation stream, one for each brand identity touchpoint. Subsequently we managed the global implementation locally by training TNT staff locally, assisted by local VIM Group network members. Dubai International Financial Center 3-12-2012
  2. 2. REBRAND Interviews Marc Cloosterman CEO VIM Group Brand Implementatio... pagina 2 van 3 The Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) is an onshore capital market and a financial “free zone” situated in the heart of the city, which was established as part of a vision to create an environment for growth and economic development in the UAE. We provided the signage and wayfinding components for the master plan together with the tender documentation and construction supervision for The Gate building, six surrounding buildings, and outdoor spaces and grounds. Randstad Randstad Holding NV is an international business service provider with subsidiaries in Europe, North America, and Asia. In fact, with 5,700 branches, the Randstad Group is one of the largest companies in the world in the field of flexible work. In 2008 Randstad acquired Vedior. To manage the quality of service during the transition and beyond, Randstad strove for uniformity in its processes and a consistent and powerful visual identity — throughout the world. We implemented a global brand portal, which, according to Randstad, has enabled annual savings of 70% of their allocated marketing budget. This is realized by reduced creative costs and optimized consistency and fulfillment on all brand identity touchpoints. When in the branding process do you plan for the implementation phase? This varies. In half of our assignments we’re involved straight at the beginning of the branding process. Clients request support for estimating the cost of the potential brand implementation, including roll-out scenarios and cost savings. For this purpose we’ve developed our ImpactValuator tool, which generates these figures in short time with 85% accuracy. The other half of our assignments start during or after the design process. How do you collaborate with designers and brand strategists? We always work alongside designers and brand consultants on projects. Either the client brings us in, or a designer or brand consultant advises a client to hire us. Together we’re able to really deliver the promise of branding in real life, properly implemented throughout all brand identity touchpoints. Our technical expertise and knowledge of the latest technologies and innovations are a special advantage, enabling both designers and clients to realize the most practical solutions. What is an example of an unexpected result a company experienced without proper implementation planning? In fact this happens very often, and the pain is then in the cost. In our experience the ratio between the expenditures for branding consultants and design compared to the cost for implementation is 1 to 20! So for every $100,000 you spend on strategy & design, you’ll spend – on average – $2 million on implementation. If you don’t consider the implementation cost and planning at the start of a rebrand, you’ll almost always have to make concessions during implementation, because of budget constraints. So budget and scope implementation first! We knew the cost of implementation is tremendous, and it is rarely ever 3-12-2012
  3. 3. REBRAND Interviews Marc Cloosterman CEO VIM Group Brand Implementatio... pagina 3 van 3 accurately budgeted for in rebrands. However, we didnt know its quite as high as a 1 to 20 ratio! Even possibly as high as 1 to 40 — definitely key reason to plan ahead. Thank you Marc! You are welcome. © 2004-2012 REBRAND™ Terms of Use 3-12-2012