messE, MIT Media Lab Design Innovation Workshop India


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messE, MIT Media Lab Design Innovation Workshop India

  1. 1. Convenient meal cancellation facility for hostel students to reduce food wastage & distribution of excess food through NGOs Mannu Amrit, Naman Govil, Jeel Jasani, Hari Krishna Prabhu
  2. 2. MessE: Final PitchWhat: System connecting students, mess managers and NGO’s to manage daily meals efficientlyand avoid food wastage.Why: Students pay for meals they don’t eat; Mess managers misuse / throw away left over foodthey shouldn’t; NGO’s don’t know where excess food is easily available for charity.How: Mobile application + Sms service connected to a system which allows students to intimatemess managers about absence in advance helping him make an estimate of amount of food toprepare. System also calculates actual no. of students eating in the mess, and informs NGO aboutexcess food (if any). System stats also used to keep check on mess manager.Open: Deploying a reliable system to count number of students actually eating in the mess –technically feasibility, internet dependability of the system.Who: Mannu Amrit, Jeel Jasani, Naman Govil, Hari K. Prabhu
  3. 3. Interviews : 3 mess managers + 3 students = 6 users
  4. 4. AffinityClassifying userstatements on thebasis of commonproblems; Classifyingproblems further onthe basis of user
  5. 5. Persona / Scenario Raj Nair Santosh Kumar IIT Delhi IIT Delhi Masters Student Mess Manager“It is compulsory for me to pay on a “I prepare food on an approximate basis.monthly basis my hostel mess bill . Usually, Usually, food is left on holidays and whenI skip my breakfast since I’m late for some function is happening in the college.classes. I also go out to eat with friends on More than often, we distribute this amongweekends and hence skip my mess meals the workers, or throw it away.”then.”
  6. 6. Design Sketch (low fidelity) - Sms system + mobile app Sms system App interface
  7. 7. Design Sketch 1 (mid fidelity)Screens created inPhotoshop,prototyped inPowerPoint.
  8. 8. Usability Testing – 5 users (PPT prototype +paper based)Concept and Productwell accepted.Minor changes ininterface wereadvised by 2/5 users.
  9. 9. Design Sketch 2 (mid fidelity)Screens created inPhotoshop,prototyped inPowerPoint.
  10. 10. Design Sketch 2 (mid fidelity)
  11. 11. Design Sketch 2 (mid fidelity – SMS based system)Students can cancelmeals by sending thefirst alphabet of themeal (B/L/D) to anumber unique toeach university.
  12. 12. Design Sketch 2 (mid fidelity – SMS based system)Mess Managerinformed aboutcancellations 6 hoursprior to the meal.
  13. 13. Design Sketch 2 (mid fidelity – SMS based system)NGO’s informedabout excess food, ifleftover.
  14. 14. Phase 2 :Usability Testing – 5 usersNew Interface wellreceived. Positivefeedback from 5 / 5users.
  15. 15. DevelopmentBasic structure implementedon Eclipse SDK. Minorpadding and alignmentissues to be resolved.
  16. 16. Concept PosterConcept presentedthrough a poster.
  17. 17. Team 8 : Composition Mannu Amrit Jeel Jasani IIT Guwahati VJTI, Mumbai Designer Comp. Science Engineer Naman Govil Hari Krishna Prabhu IIIT Hyderabad PESIT Bangalore Electronics & Comm. Engineer Comp. Science Engineer
  18. 18. Team Picture!