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An Analysis of Social Implications of Advertisements


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An Analysis of Social Implications of Advertisements

  1. 1. An Analysis of Social Implications of Advertisements New Media Studies Mannu Amrit / 523
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  3. 3. From a French AIDS campaign (aides), these are the Man of Steel and the Amazing Amazon in bad shape. The implication apparently being that even the greatest of super-heroes can develop AIDS, so everyone should be careful. Agency: TBWA, Paris; Client: Aides
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  5. 5. With the catastrophic effects of global warming, real life polar bears are not nearly as abundant. To raise awareness for these lovable creatures and their endangered surroundings, Coca- Cola has announced that it is teaming up with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) for a project they call Arctic Home. Starting in November, 1.4 billion red Coca- Cola cans will be turned white in honor of the bears and the important cause. Advertising Agency: Momentum, Philippines Art Director: Joseph Velasquez Creative Director / Copywriter: Peter Acuna Media: Yasmin Mallari
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  7. 7. UNICEF Switzerland launched on November 20 a new advertising campaign called "Stop Violence Against Girls“ with four TV spots and three prints. The campaign was developed by Saatchi&Saatchi Zurich. The videos aim to raise awareness that in many countries, girls don't have a words to say on their future because of violence, prostitution, lack of education or simply social status. The visuals and the spots report stories of girls from Pakistan, India, RDC, Ukrainia, Nicaragua and Nigeria.
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  9. 9. By showing a picture of someone having their human rights abused on one billboard and crafting a billboard above featuring a local person yelling for them. Showing that you can make some noise for those who cant be heard. Agency: Publicismojo, Auckland, New Zealand Additional credits: Executive Creative Director: Nick Worthington Art Director: Lorenz Perry Copywriters: Nick Worthington, Karl Fleet
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  11. 11. The Body Shop’s Community Trade program is in full effect during the production of this product. The Body Shop is committed to engaging in fair trade with suppliers, providing various communities with stable and long-term income. In turn, this gives the company access to high-quality ingredients that are harvested by local experts.