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Supply chain management w.r.t. oracle applications


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Oracle Apps SCM(Supply Chain Management)

The Oracle Apps Modules covers in Oracle SCM are:
1. Inventory
2. Purchasing
3. Order Management
4. Brief Introduction to WIP and BOM Manufacturing Modules
5. Overview on R12 SCM Modules
6. New Features of R12 SCM Modules
Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM) basically integrates and automates all key supply chain activities starting from design, planning, and procurement to manufacturing and fulfillment. It depends upon how the company or Line managers planning to use these application module in there business line
Supply chain management (SCM) is a systematic approach to manage the seamless flow of information, materials, and services from raw material suppliers through factories and warehouses to the end customer.
SCM involves seamless flow of material, information & finance in a network consisting of customers, suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and distributors.
1. Design:
SCM start with designing & developing new products where Product specifications are created. Few Important applications play major role in this phase.
Oracle Product Life cycle Management
Oracle Advanced product Catalog Engineering & Bills of Materials

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Supply chain management w.r.t. oracle applications

  1. 1. Supply Chain Management w.r.t. Oracle Applications CONTACT US: USA:+1-6786933994,+1-6786933475 INDIA:+91-9052666559,040-69990056
  2. 2. The Oracle Apps Modules covers in Oracle SCM Training Course are 1. Inventory 2. Purchasing 3. Order Management 4. Brief Introduction to WIP and BOM Manufacturing Modules 5. Overview on R12 SCM Modules 6. New Features of R12 SCM Modules Oracle SCM Training
  3. 3. Introduction to Oracle SCM eBusiness Suite • Identify the components that comprise an Oracle Application system • Navigation to Oracle Applications • Explain basic application integration • Identify Entities that are shared between multiple applications • Explain different application versions & database versions • Multi Org structure and explanation of Sample Org • Accounting Basics • Overview on P2P and O2C Cycles Course Details
  4. 4. What you will learn: • This class focuses on the features, functions and benefits of the Oracle Inventory application. • Students will learn how to set up items, how to use the various inventory controls available, • how to do transactions, transfers, and inventory moves, inventory replenishment, • cycle counting and physical inventory. Students will also learn where Inventory fits in the overall enterprise structure. • This course reflects the logical flow of the processes involved in inventory management. 11i Inventory Management Fundamentals
  5. 5. Set up organizations that correspond to your business units in Oracle Applications. • Perform inventory replenishment. • Define inventory items for Oracle Supply Chain Applications. • Perform ABC classification and cycle count. • Perform inventory transactions. • Use mobile devices to perform inventory transactions. 11i Inventory Management Fundamentals steps
  6. 6. • Functional Implementer Prerequisites: Required Prerequisites: • Basic understanding of Inventory Management principles • 11i eBusiness Suite Essentials for Implementers Audience
  7. 7. Define and maintain a cycle count • Understand performing inventory transactions using a mobile device • Understand the planning and replenishment methods available in Oracle Inventory including min-max planning, reorder-point planning, replenishment counting, and Kanban replenishment • Understand the overall inventory process in Oracle Inventory • Understand the structure of an inventory organization in Oracle Inventory • Understand the role of an item-master organization • Define items in Oracle Inventory • Learn to implement locator, revision, serial, and lot control for items, and perform transactions for such items Course Objectives
  8. 8. Receipt to Issue • Understanding the Receipt to Issue Lifecycle • Understanding Receiving Inventory • Understanding Transferring Inventory • Understanding Issuing Inventory Course Topics
  9. 9. • Understanding the Multi-Org Feature in Oracle Applications • Understanding the Structure of an Inventory Organization • Learning to model an Enterprise in Oracle Applications Defining Inventory Organizations
  10. 10. • Organization Structure, Overview • Defining Items, Overview • Item Attributes and Statuses, Overview • Assigning Items to Organizations, Overview Defining and Maintaining Items, Overview
  11. 11. Defining Units of Measure • Explaining Item Attributes and Statuses • Defining the Item Master Organization • Defining Items • Defining Item Deletion Constraints • Setting up Item Profile Options • Understanding Implementation Considerations Defining and Maintaining Items, Fundamentals
  12. 12. Explaining Subinventories • Explaining Locator Control • Explaining Revision Control • Explaining Lot Control • Explaining Serial Control Inventory Controls, Concepts
  13. 13. • • -oracle apps scm online training • contact us: • or +919052666559 • By Real Time Experts from Hyderabad, • Bangalore • ,India,USA,Canada,UK, Australia,South • Africa. Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us
  14. 14. THANK YOU