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10 essential WordPress SEO Success Principles

Being WordPress as the number 1 open source CMS, the knowledge of Essential WordPress SEO Success Principles and Factors is a must to have. Learn about WordPress SEO Principles and tactics

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10 essential WordPress SEO Success Principles

  1. 1. 10 Essential WordPress SEO Success Principles
  2. 2. WordPress SEO Success Principle 1 Identify Objectives 1. Identify Objectives a. Is it getting maximum traffic? b. Is it getting maximum leads? c. Does Brand needs to have more impressions or appearance so it appears more in search results? d. Welfare or Non-Profit? e. Content Marketing? 2. Identifying objectives is a critical step to build foundation of your WordPress SEO campaign. 3. Your objectives will define your research, and further tactics that you will implement to improve your SEO performance.
  3. 3. WordPress SEO Success Principle 2 Focus on User Intent 1. Focus on User Intent a. When user begins searching on Google or any other search engine they begin search with an intent. You have to understand that intent. b. There’s a difference between search intent of keyword ‘Buy Grocery Online’ or ‘Top 10 Grocery Shopping websites’. The first keyword have transaction intent ingrained while the other option have research intent. c. You have to understand different search intents and deifne your strategy according to that. d. Understand and define the search intents of your keywords e.g. Research, Comparison, Transaction, Review etc all have different user intent and keywords.
  4. 4. WordPress SEO Success Principle 3 Focus on Quality Content 1. Focus on Quality Content a. Produce quality content and produce it consistently. b. The more quality content you product, the more opportunities for you to appear in search results and get maximum traffic. 2. Apply best SEO ethics with consistency such as using variations of your keywords. People who search for hairdressers are also searching for different hair styles. You can create content about hair styles and show your business to increase users and traffic.
  5. 5. WordPress SEO Success Principle 4 1. Focus on fewer keywords a. Don’t target lot of keywords on one page. b. Instead of targeting 10 keywords on 1 page, divide your pages and content. c. Unless keywords are similar e.g. Best Web Hosting and Top Web Hosting, don’t try to fit keywords on 1 page. d. Search Engines give preference to keyword focused quality content that really help the user - create content keeping this in mind.
  6. 6. WordPress SEO Success Principle 5 Don’t buy backlinks and traffic 1. Don’t buy backlinks and traffic a. Those days are gone when you bought traffic and backlinks and you got the rankings and SEO traffic. b. Instead of buying backlinks from online packages on different forums, create useful backlinks that really help the user. You can place these backlinks in the resources section or within the content of the websites. c. Most online backlink and submission services serves your hyperlinks on totally irrelevant pages and use unethical practices - avoid this if you want quality rank and traffic. d. There’s no use of buying services who claim to submitting your website to thousands of directories and websites. Fewer good backlinks and submissions will do your website more good than such online services.
  7. 7. WordPress SEO Success Principle 6 Don’t try to copy the big enterprises 1. Don’t try to copy the big enterprises a. You can’t always follow the strategy and practices of the big companies. b. They have different budget and resources and most importantly different objectives from yours. So big companies have different goals and resources than you do.
  8. 8. WordPress SEO Success Principle 7 Good SEO takes time! 1. There’s no fast way to achieve fast SEO results a. Gone are the days of fast 1 week SEO results. b. Most SEO keywords take time to be ranked c. SEO results take time. Don’t buy into claims of fast SEO results. d. Depending on your content, on page content, backlinks and site submissions, search ranking algorithm will gradually rank you over the time of weeks and months. 2. High Rankings on your Keywords take time. a. You can divide your SEO Strategy through the period of weeks and months and adjust accordingly on your results.
  9. 9. WordPress SEO Success Principle 8 Manage Online Reputation 1. SEO is also about Reputation Management a. Check your social media mentions on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and respond to each response carefully.
  10. 10. WordPress SEO Success Principle 9 Focus on your Niche 1. Focus on your niche a. If you don’t know your niche already, or you haven’t carved it out - it’s an important step and you should create your niche and research & shortlist keywords accordingly for that.. 2. After finding your niche, focus on relevant content and submissions a. Create quality content for your niche and submit to relevant websites. For example, if your niche is gaming computers, create content related to Best Gaming Computers and Equipment, and submit to Blogs that write about Gaming.
  11. 11. WordPress SEO Success Principle 10 1. Write for Readers not Search Engines a. If your readers like it then probability is search engines will like your content too. 2. Create expert, easy-to-read content that your readers understand and appreciate. If you create quality content, and make social media prominent then your SEO will achieve Good results.
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