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Common features

  1. 1. eCommerce Common Features in eCommerce Luis M Cordeiro Visiting Professor at University Saint Josepth prof@luismcordeiro.netLuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  2. 2. What do you need to know?Common Features in eCommerce Register/Login Shopping Cart Advanced Search of Products Security Payment Gateways Customization ShippingLuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  3. 3. Register/LoginCommon Features in eCommerce• Friendly and interface;• Only necessary user data;• Login/logout console must be always present;• Ability to purchase products as anonymoususer (without registration);• Give any promotion/discount to users thatregister in your shop.Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  4. 4. Register/LoginCommon Features in eCommerce• Registered users must be able to view olderrequests/purchases;• Don’t forget to have the possibility to an userrecover password/login name;• Customize your website as much as you canwith user data (eg. Name/Language);Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  5. 5. Shopping CartCommon Features in eCommerce• Collection of items that an user is collecting tobuy;• Create a very user friendly shopping cart, withall necessary functions: checkout button;remove item, item details, price of each itemand total price of all products …• Save shopping cart data to user’s next session;Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  6. 6. Advanced search of productsCommon Features in eCommerce• Create an internal search engine for users toeasily find any product by keyword, weight, size,color, model, brand name, …;• Show in search engine the price of each item;Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  7. 7. SecurityCommon Features in eCommerce• Advise users for closing session when theyfinish browsing inside your store;• Ensure that you’re running a store with SSLcertificate and all transactions are made byusing HTTPS protocol;• All security protocols must by certificated by atrusted authority; M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  8. 8. SecurityCommon Features in eCommerceWhats Required to obtain a Server ID?•Details about your organization•D-U-N-S numbers (Dun and Bradstreet number)•Certificate Signing Request (CSR) generated from “KeyManager” IIS.PriceUS$ 349 for 40 bit encryptionUS$ 895 for 128 bit encryptionLuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  9. 9. SecurityCommon Features in eCommerceLuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  10. 10. Payment Processors/GatewaysCommon Features in eCommerceMethods of Web based payment Processing:• Offsite Payment Processors• Component Based (with SDK’s)• Other Payment MethodsLuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  11. 11. Offsite Payment SystemsCommon Features in eCommerceHere your credit card processing is done in aseparate site. Which means at the point ofpayment, the user will be transferred from yoursite to the processors,,www.iBill.comLuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  12. 12. Offsite Payment SystemsCommon Features in eCommercePros• Very easy to setup. Near “Zero” Coding• Cheaper• No Merchant Accounts needed.• No secure server neededCons• Less control over transactions• Look of your site will be lost in the payment step.• Data entry duplicationLuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  13. 13. Component Payment SystemsCommon Features in eCommerceHere the payment gateway that you select willgive the necessary server software (SDK) tocommunicate with the payment, www.SurePay.comLuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  14. 14. Component Payment SystemsCommon Features in eCommercePros• You have 100% control over transactions.• User never goes out of your site in the payment process.Cons• Needs a Merchant Account• Needs Secure Server• Needs more programming to set up communication withpayment gateway.Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  15. 15. Other Payment MethodsCommon Features in eCommerce• Cash on Delivery;• Bank Transfer;• Credits (when the shopping systems has a pre-payment system);• Cash on physic store.Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  16. 16. Payment MethodsCommon Features in eCommerce Always show available payment to the customerLuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  17. 17. CustomizationCommon Features in eCommerceAlways use data from registered users tocustomize your website look.• Genre;• Name;• Language;• Nationality;• Purchased Items;•…Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  18. 18. ShippingCommon Features in eCommerceManual ShippingShipping charges will be payed by the buyerwhen receives the product at home;Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  19. 19. ShippingCommon Features in eCommerceAutomatic ShippingAutomated shipping charges using thirty partysystems or eCommerce with built in shippingcalculatorLuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  20. 20. ShippingCommon Features in eCommerceLuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  21. 21. ShippingCommon Features in eCommerceDefault Shipping ChargesWhen there’s a fixed shipping charge for anytransaction.Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  22. 22. ContactsMy contact informationE-mailYou can contact me atprof@luismcordeiro.netOn the luis_marco_cordeiroLuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures