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Open web badges_2

  1. 1. What is the Open Web?
  2. 2. Defining it with words " The open web is made up of four primary ingredients: •Freedom: built with technology and content that anyone can study, use or improve. •Participation: anyone can participate or innovate without asking permission from others. •Decentralization: the architecture is distributed and control is shared by many parties. " •Generativity: we can make new ideas from old ones. As we use, we also hack and innovate. Mark Surman,
  3. 3. OR
  4. 4. Defining it with examples greasemonkey GNU Wikimedia Wikipedia Commons jQuery Firefox Wikileaks OpenClipart DVCS OpenStreetMap Apache Creative Commons
  5. 5. SO
  6. 6. The Open Web •is about freedom, participation, decentralization and generativity. •is materialized in different ways in our online lives. How can we make people aware of it? How can we make people start to care about it?
  7. 7. 1.0
  8. 8. 2.0
  9. 9. Open Web Badges For individuals •I created a new article on Wikipedia •I took a picture that is now free to reuse •I reported a bug in a Free Software I use •I helped to translate a Free Software For websites •I do not prevent you to download my content •I give you freedom to reuse my content •You can participate in the conversation •You can improve or contribute content •I protect your Freedom of speech •I respect your privacy •I am built with disabled people in mind •I give you control •I ease creation of new content •Built with Free Software (+ details)
  10. 10. Project's Benefits •Encouraging individuals, website owners and Web developpers to protect, improve and grow the Open Web through a fun competition. •Helping Internet users to learn about the nature of the Open through examples.
  11. 11. Project's Roadmap 1. Create two sets of Open Web Badges: one for individuals and one for websites. 2. Find a unified way to let participants display their badges to the rest of the world. 3. Find a way to let people award badges to other websites and gather details about Open Web technologies in use. 4. Develop light pieces of software, if required. 5. Reach hundreds of enthusiasts, thousands of websites, and even more average Internet users, to start with.
  12. 12. Why it will be adopted •No matter how childish it can seem, we love to collect badges. Foursquare, Amazon, Osnapz, Miso, ... •Web developers like to know what technology is used on the websites they browse. Library Detector, Framework Detector
  13. 13. Jump In! •Give us ideas of badges, detail criteria to earn them. •Comment on other propositions •Draw your badges if you can! See you on: