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New microsoft office power point presentation


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open source

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New microsoft office power point presentation

  1. 1. Flattener 4 Open sourcing
  2. 2. The word “open-source” comes from the notion that companies or ad hoc groups would make availible online the source code- the underlying programming instructions that make a piece of software work and then let anyone who has something to contribute improve it and let millions of others just download it for their own use for free.
  3. 3. Some Successful Open-source projects: •Sendmail •Linux •UBUNTU •BSD •Apache •My SQL •Firefox •Word press
  4. 4. WHAT IS APACHE ? It is a shareware program for Web server technology.
  5. 5. The first version of Apache,based on the NCSA httpd Web server, was developed in 1995.
  6. 6. Core development of the Apache Web server is performed by a group of about 20 volunteer programmers, called the Apache group. However, because the source code is freely availible, anyone can adapt the for specific needs, and there is a large public library of Apache odd-ons.
  7. 7. Today Apache is one of the most successful open-source tools... At the time, selling a product built on top of an open-source program was a risky move on IBM’ s part. To its credit, IBM was confident in its ablity to keep producing diffrentiated software applications on top of the Apache vanilla. This model since been widely adopted, after everyone saw how it propelled IBM’ s Web server business to commercial leadership in that category of software, generating huge amounts of revenue.
  8. 8. Another intellectual commons collaboration is Wikipedia, the user- contributed online encyclopedia, also known as "the people's encyclopedia." The word "wikis" is taken from the Hawaiian word for "quick."
  9. 9. Wikis are Web sites that allow users to directly edit any Web page on their own from their home computer.
  10. 10. The Wikipedia project was started by Jimmy Wales, head of Internet startup, after his original project for a volunteer, but strictly controlled, free encyclopedia ran out of money and resources after two years.
  11. 11. Editors with PhD degrees were at the helm of the project then, but it produced only a few hundred articles. Wales placed the pages on a wiki website in 2001 and invited any internet users to edit or add to the collection.
  12. 12. The site became incredible success and in 2004 it exceeded 250,000 articles in English and 600,000 articles in 50 other languages. According to web site rankings it has become more popular than traditional online encyclopedias.
  13. 13. After all , every article in the Wikipedia has an “edit this page” button, allowing anyone who surfs along to add or delete content on that page. It starts with the fact, because wikis provide the ability to track the status of articles, review individual changes and discuss issues, they function as social software. So that it is also an open source database.
  14. 14. The primary goal of the free software movement is to get as many people as possible writing, improving and distributing software for free, out of a conviction that this will empower everyone and free individuals from the grip of global corporations.
  15. 15. In 1991, a student at the University of Helsinki named Linus Torvalds, building off of Stallman's initiative, posted his Linux operating system to compete with the Microsoft Windows operating system and invited other engineers and geeks online to try to improve it- for free.
  16. 16. Microsoft’s response to the open source movement is that if everyone is working for free and giving away their work innovation will decrease. Also Microsoft trusts their security programs.
  17. 17. In addition companies need some specific operating systems. So when you add up all the costs of adapting the Linux operating system to the needs of your company and its specific hardware platform and applications. Microsoft argues, it can end up costing as much as or more than windows.
  18. 18. Some ethical global governance issues are present because of open sourcing. Once you start to socialize the global population on the idea that software or any other innovation is supposed to be free, a lot of people will not distinguish between free software, free pharmaceuticals, free music, or free patents on car designs.
  19. 19. A major American auto company recently discovered that some Chinese firms were using new digital- scanning technology to scan an entire car and churn out computer-aided design models of every part within a very short period of time. They can then feed those designs to industrial robots and in short order produce a perfect copy of a GM car-without having to spend any money on R & D.
  20. 20. Open-source is an important flattener because it makes available for free many tools, from software to encyclopedias, that millions of people around the world would have had to buy in order to use.