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Introduction about Foss and mozilla


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PPT used during the first ever Mozilla Meetup in Perundurai.

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Introduction about Foss and mozilla

  1. 1. MOZILLACOMMUNITY ERODE MEETUP ByGauthamraj ElangoDate:July – 1 -2012
  2. 2. WHAT IS FOSS?
  4. 4. WHAT FOSS PROVIDES?• SERVE:-Provides full freedom to use the software to meet one’s own requirements• STUDY:-Provides full freedom to study the software and modify it• SHARE:-Provides full freedom to redistribute the modified and original versions of the software
  5. 5. THE FOSS CONCEPT• The term free in FOSS doesnt mean no cost, but refers to the absence of constraints• Foss provides four freedoms: use the software for any purpose study the software modify the software redistribute the original & modified versions of the software
  6. 6. HOW FOSS IS DEVELOPED?• Multiple users as co-developers• Users share their functional and technical knowledge• A Collaborative development• Software bugs are kept visible to the People• Fast and Easy bug fixing
  7. 7. FOSS ENABLED STUDENTS• Can reuse,modify,integrate and build software depending on existing systems• Can customize and modify the functionality of software as per the user requirements• Hence,can save money and helps to get competitive advantage of the organization
  9. 9. Mozilla andMozilla Projects
  10. 10. About Mozilla• Mozilla is a global community of volunteers and like- minded people who works towards the goal of shaping the better web• Mozilla believes that web is a public resource for Innovation and Opportunity where we can build our dreams• Mozilla also believes that web is an asset of the people and want the power of web to be in peoples hand• Mozilla is fighting to have an Open Web
  11. 11. About Mozilla• Mozilla is a non-profit organization who see success with people than share and stake holders• Mozilla mission is to promote Openness,Innovation and Opportunity on the web• We try to achieve our goal by creating software like Firefox and movements like Drumbeat
  12. 12. Mozilla Projects• Mozilla projects are one of the most successful open- Source movements in the recent years• Some of the famous Mozilla projects are, 1.Mozilla Firefox for Desktop 6.Camino 2.Mozilla Firefox for Mobile 3.Mozilla Thunderbird 4.Mozilla Seamonkey 5.Sunbird and Lightning
  13. 13. Mozilla Projects • Mozilla Firefox - Web browser for Desktop and Mobile • Mozilla Thunderbird - E-mail Client • Mozilla Seamonkey - All in one suite • Sunbird and Lightning - Calendering Applications • Camino - Browser for Mac OS
  14. 14. Mozilla Lab Initiative• Mozilla Lab Initiative includes, 1.OpenID – Single login for all your webpages 2.WebFWD – Fast track Application Development 3.Boot to Gecko – Creating an os for OpenWeb 4.DrumBeat – opensource tools + you 5.Rainbow – creating audio and video recorder
  15. 15. What is an Open Web?
  16. 16. Do you think we have complete control over todays Internet?
  17. 17. Open web• Each Corporates are trying to make people to use their Technology indirectly Eg:-Interactive Applications from Adobe• Technology is always kept away from the public• Hence,deploying the same content across various platforms is a problem Eg:-at present,there is no flash plugin for iOS devices
  19. 19. Localization• Aims to produce mozilla products that are culturally adaptable• Ensures Open web and Open Source exist across boundries without any language as a constraint• We work closely with volunteers and Mozilla l10n drivers• Involves three steps : 1. Translate 2. Revision 3. Release
  20. 20. Mozilla Summer Code Party
  21. 21. Mozilla Summer Code Party• Initiative from Mozilla that helps you to make something awesome on the web• Helping Millions of users from web consumers into web makers• Creating a new generation of web makers• You dont have to be a coding expert or wizard to be a web maker• Tools and guides are available , if you like you can host an event
  22. 22. HackasaurusBuilding a Generation of Web Makers
  23. 23. Hackasaurus• Hackasaurus allows us to mash up and remix any webpage like a magic• Hackasaurus allows us to actively shape,remix and share our creation with our Friends within the browser• An awesome tool,X-Ray Goggles made it simple to know what the web is made of,remix your favorite page and share them to your friends• To know more visit
  24. 24. Want to Contribute?• If you are interested in joining Mozilla to shape a better web,Welcome into the Mozilla Family• You can contribute to Mozilla even if you have just 5 minutes to spare• To know more visit
  25. 25. Thank You...!