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Time to Myself @ Inspire 2012, Helsinki


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What matters most in your life? How do you build your daily routines?

Published in: Education, Spiritual, Technology
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Time to Myself @ Inspire 2012, Helsinki

  1. 1. Inspire 2012TIME TO MYSELF
  2. 2. ”The roots of education are bitter, the fruit is sweet.” - Aristotle I can only promise one thing: The more you’ll give, the more you’ll get to yourself You are always the one, who makes the final decisions – now and in the future.
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  4. 4. ”The history should be written as philosophy” - Voltaire 1) 5 great things you have done last year2) Why these things have been meaningful for you 3) 5 things you are
  5. 5. ”When your desires are strong enoughyou will appear to posses superhumanpowers to achieve.” - Napoleon Hill When did you give your everything? How did it feel beforehands? How did it feel afterwards?
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  7. 7. What matters most in your life?Overhelming life (yltäkylläinen elämä)Unhurried life (kiireettömyys)Joy at work (työn ilo)A possibility to choose your living environment (mahdollisuus valitaasuinympäristö)Friendships (ystävyyssuhteet)Good health and physical condition (hyvä kunto ja terveys)Material prosperity (aineellinen hyvinvointi)Security (turvallisuus)Being able to help and serve others (toisten auttaminen, palvelu)Respect from others (muiden osoittama arvostus)Independence (itsenäisyys)Family, spouse and children (perhe, puoliso ja lapset)Competence and knowhow (pätevyys ja osaaminen)Justice (oikeudenmukaisuus)A possibility to exercise and promote good things (mahdollisuus vaikuttaa hyvien asioiden puolesta)Leadership (johtajuus)Intresting sparetime (mielenkiintoinen vapaa-aika)Life long learning and development (jatkuva oppiminen ja kehittyminen)Honesty (rehellisyys)Being able to use your own possibilities (omien mahdollisuuksien käyttö)An ability to live intensively and have strong feelings (Elää vahvasti ja tuntea voimakkaasti)To do something remarkable (Saada aikaan jotain merkittävää)
  8. 8. ”Do not dwell in the past, do not dreamof the future, concentrate the mind onthe present moment.” - Buddha Let’s think about your daily routines: List the important parts of your life: for example: Family / Friends / Work / School What is the dream situation, what do you want? What is the current situation? How the dream situation could happen? Where do you want to start the journey?
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  10. 10. Please stay in contact:Lasse Leponiemi, Find me on FB and Linkedin