How to Rock the Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Social Media Marketing Manager, Global Brand at LinkedIn
May. 30, 2014

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How to Rock the Perfect LinkedIn Profile

  1. Hello, I’m Matt Henshaw I launched a successful career comeback
  2. Whatever you want to do I’ve got some advice that will help get you there.
  3. Here’s my story
  4. This was my band CENSORED It all started as a bit of teenage fun.
  5. A local gig here and there, A few lads from Nottingham, messing about.
  6. SOMEHOW we landed ourselves a record deal.
  7. Less than a year on we were in the NME and playing Reading and Leeds. I couldn’t believe it
  8. I didn’t even have time to collect my A-Level results PRETTY rock n’ roll EH?
  9. We were supporting our heroes like Ocean Colour Scene and Supergrass
  10. I never really thought about the future. Don’t get me wrong, I was passionate
  11. But I was having a great time making music. I thought we were SET for LIFE
  12. Anyway it was 2008. BBC Radio 1 were set to play our latest track. WHAT COULD POSSIBILY GO WRONG?
  13. Then…it slowly started to unravel
  14. We organised a completely CRAZY line-up of back-back gigs.
  15. Without any real guidance, we’d spread ourselves too thin.
  16. St. Georges Day 2009… It finally caught up with me.
  17. We were playing to a sold out crowd. I only lasted 3 SONGS I was burnt out.
  18. We had to break for about 2 months. We cancelled all of our festivals.
  19. We’d suddenly lost our momentum…. we had to CALL IT A DAY
  20. I was in touching distance of my dream career. SUDDENLY it was gone.
  21. I took some time off. I remember my Mum asking me… “WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM LIFE?”
  22. In truth… I really just wanted to learn again.
  23. I decided to go to university I did an MRes in Film and Television
  24. I wasn’t going out that much, more gardening, staying in and drinking tea. Not so ROCK n’ ROLL
  25. I felt older and mature for the first time ever. It was a chance to get on with life.
  26. I found a job as a COMPUTER SCIENCE SUSTAINABILITY RESEARCH ASSISTANT Try saying that with a mouthful
  27. But something was missing I couldn’t put my finger on it
  28. Then in 2012 I went to watch some gigs. Watching people on stage…
  29. Something clicked inside me…. I’M ONE OF THESE PEOPLE I’m a Musician
  30. I realised the job I was doing wasn’t my dream
  31. After so many years away, music was calling my name again…
  32. WAIT …It hadn’t exactly gone to plan last time
  33. This time it was different I’D GROWN UP.
  34. My first experience had awakened me to see things in a whole new way.
  35. The musical landscaped had changed a lot since 2008
  36. So many social networks, promotional tools… I had to be SMARTER this time.
  37. Think matt, THINK.
  38. I remembered LinkedIn from training sessions I had done at work…
  39. I logged back on THOUGHT If this works for office stuff, why can’t it work for music?
  40. I checked out other people’s profiles and then used the interactive guide to update my own one. type type type type
  41. I realised how easy it was to tailor it to music to showcase my skills.
  42. I wanted to get across my passion and most of all…my personality
  43. Funnily enough most of my endorsements were already for signing and songwriting.
  44. When I updated my profile more and more endorsements started coming in from people I already knew. It was a massive CONFIDENCE BOOST
  45. Keeping my profile UP TO DATE was a sure-fire way of making sure people took me seriously and saw me as a professional. Not just another lad with a guitar.
  46. I did a search Amazingly I found loads of relevant people… JOURNALISTS AGENTS PR MARKETING
  47. Then one day I got the message… you’ve got a new connection
  48. That one connection opened up a whole new range of people Triggered a fresh network of possibilities.
  49. What was most amazing was that instead of sending out speculative messages to find opportunities…
  50. suddenly, opportunities were coming to me! My profile was like a MAGNET and all because I’d added a bit more detail.
  51. Just adding a bit more about yourself in the summary and adding a profile picture makes it much easier for people to find you.
  52. It turns out if you have a complete profile, you’re 40 times more likely to receive opportunities.
  53. And it meant people contacted me with relevant and meaningful jobs in mind…
  54. …Be it a gig or festival or just helping put stuff together in the recording studio.
  56. SUDDENLY I’ve got a gig coming up at the Roundhouse Camden and a slot at the Elevator Music Festival…
  57. Its my very own ‘COMEBACK’ tour if you like all off my own back.
  58. At which point, you’re probably thinking…
  59. “Good for him” But you might not want to be a musciain...
  60. …That’s not really the point. The point is that I recovered from being down and out!
  61. I’ve become the MASTER of my own career
  62. I went from knowing what I wanted to GETTING what I wanted
  63. Whether you’re a musician a lawyer, a scientist or an accountant…you can always DO BETTER
  64. Follow what you’re passionate about. WORK AS HARD as you can GET THERE
  65. You see, LinkedIn isn’t just for business people. It’s for anyone with AMBITION
  66. If I can do it, then you won’t have a PROBLEM
  67. I’m a better musician NOW than I ever was
  68. LinkedIn played its part for me… and it can FOR YOU
  69. LinkedIn What’s your dream Update you profile