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5 Unexpected, Low-budget Ways to Find Your Next Hire


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Low budgets? Limited hiring resources and brand recognition? No problem. Here are 5 unexpected ways to find your next hire.

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5 Unexpected, Low-budget Ways to Find Your Next Hire

  1. 1. Before we get started Everyone is muted so no one can hear you Submit questions; Q&A session to follow Please share feedback in survey after session We’ll share a recording of the webinar via email
  2. 2. ​Tim Sackett ​Amateur Marketer, Professional Recruiter and President ​HRU Technical Resources Meet your speaker BACKGROUND • 20-year HR and recruiting talent pro with a Master’s in HR and a SPHR certification. • Proud author of The Talent Fix – A Leader’s Guide to Finding Great Talent. AREAS OF EXPERTISE • Talent acquisition • Employment branding • Performance management • Employee development • Succession planning CAREER EXPERIENCE
  3. 3. Today’s topics Key challenges recruiters and hiring managers are facing1 2 Intro to recruitment marketing and employer branding 3 The top 5 unexpected, low budget ways to find new candidates 4 Bonus tools and resources
  4. 4. You don’t need big budgets to reach new candidates
  5. 5. Top hiring challenges for growing businesses Shrinking talent pools Low budgets Limited time Lack of brand recognition Increasingly complex job seeker journey
  6. 6. Increasing brand interactions in the job seeker journey Career Site Advertisements TV Radio Job Boards Social Media Content Marketing Email Search Company Review Sites LinkedIn
  7. 7. Traditional Recruiting Interest Consideration Hire Select Application Awareness Recruitment Marketing Traditional recruiting is no longer enough
  8. 8. Marketing Recruitment Marketing Advertising Recruitment Advertising Apply now. Apply now. Apply now. I’m an amazing singer. I’m an amazing singer. I’m an amazing singer. I’m an amazing singer. Working for our company is amazing, you should apply! Brand Employer Brand I hear you’re an amazing singer. I’ve heard your company is amazing, where do I apply? Recruitment marketing vs. employer branding
  9. 9. Create awareness, build your employer brand, and nurture ● Social media ● Blogging ● Email / CRM programs ● SEO Inbound marketing Candidate experienceOutbound marketing Actively promote your jobs and drive applications ● Posting to job boards ● Job ads ● Cold calling or InMails ● Job fairs Delivering an intuitive experience makes it easier to convert talent ● Job specific apply ● One click apply ● Mobile optimized ● Hyper-personalization How to think like a marketer
  10. 10. BASIC FUNCTIONAL MODERN OPTIMIZED Measurement & Optimization Job postings on job boards Resume database searching Searching past Applicants High Agency usage Centralized multi-database sourcing/searching Measurable Recruiter outreach Talent Networks / Communities CRM/Email Campaigns Source tracking SMS campaigns Optimization by source/spend Basic Career Site Web Application Auto reply response from ATS Job specific apply processes Enhanced Career Site Site level SEO Branded job microsites Social/Mobile Apply One-Click Apply Job level SEO Candidate surveys throughout process Source of Applicant/ Source of Hire Campaign statistics Recruiter activity metrics OUTBOUND OUTBOUND OUTBOUND OUTBOUND INBOUND INBOUND Automated job posting Job advertising (agency) PPC Advertising Social Ad strategy Automated Referral Platform INBOUND INBOUND CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE TRADITIONAL COMPETITIVE Recruitment Marketing Maturity Model
  11. 11. 5 tactics to attract more candidates SEO & paid promotions Brand ambassadors Email Offer instant gratificationHyper-personalization
  12. 12. Creating a career site doesn’t guarantee traffic • Lost dog strategy • A smart SEO strategy along with a multi-touch marketing approach will help get your site found Google changed the way sites get indexed • Always ensure your SEO strategy and ATS aligns with Google’s search schema • Optimizing for search means more traffic gets sent directly to your career site • Greater emphasis on the candidate experience and needs (e.g. salary) • Search for your own job posts to test SEO performance Get jobs found with SEO SEO & PAID PROMOTIONS
  13. 13. 64% of people who see these ads are more likely to apply LinkedIn Job Slots • Access 560M+ members • Advertise to the most relevant candidates ○ Newsfeed, email, mobile • Connect with passive candidates; remember, 90% of members are open to new opportunities but not actively looking Recruitment Ads on LinkedIn • Maximize reach with a sponsored job post • Multimedia formats, personalized, with photo and name Boost exposure with paid ads SEO & PAID PROMOTIONS
  14. 14. 5 tactics to attract more candidates SEO & paid promotions Brand ambassadors Email Offer instant gratificationHyper-personalization
  15. 15. The bridge between jobs and potential candidates • Provides an inside scoop of what it’s like to work at your company • Find your company evangelists How to start a brand ambassador program? • Begin a small pilot with a few highly-engaged employees • Find out how they see your brand and get their feedback • Send a weekly email to employees with inspiration and ideas for social content plus include shareable links Turn employees into content marketers BRAND AMBASSADORS
  16. 16. • Promote company news, achievements, product releases, innovations, updates about leadership • Speak from the heart. Readers will be turned off if you brag – but will listen to authentic passion • Link to outside source to build credibility Types of content to promote
  17. 17. • Showcase content created by employees or the leadership team, company events, employee promotions, office celebrations, happy hours, anything that showcases your culture • Help people understand your values as a company and give them a sneak peak inside the office Types of content to promote
  18. 18. Automated employee referral programs BRAND AMBASSADORS Referrals are usually best source of hires (yet usually the lowest recruiting spend) • Offering a referral bonus helps maximize the impact of this low-spend, high-reward tactic Technology makes it simple to keep referral programs top of mind among employees • Like Teamable and Rolepoint • Send weekly or monthly emails and create web experiences that highlight open roles to all of your employees • Include click to share or copy and paste sharing options
  19. 19. 5 tactics to attract more candidates SEO & paid promotions Brand ambassadors Email Instant gratificationHyper-personalization
  20. 20. Move prospects through the funnel • Tap into your database of past applicants and your ATS to build a pipeline of quality candidates Use recruitment marketing technology • What do they do? • Most ATS’s have some sort of CRM “light” that can be used for email marketing • SMS tech is super cheap • Don’t forget about testing different types of messages and channels The Law of 4 Interactions • 68% of recruiters give up on candidate outreach after 2x, but it takes 4x to get a response • 7x interactions with the brand or recruiter = 90% response rate Nurture candidates with email EMAIL
  21. 21. Optimize emails for mobile devices Only 11% of email templates are optimised for mobile 48% of emails are opened on mobile devices 69% of mobile users delete emails that aren’t optimized 48% 11% 69%
  22. 22. 5 tactics to attract more candidates SEO & paid promotions Brand ambassadors Email Instant gratificationHyper-personalization
  23. 23. With customized advertising HYPER-PERSONALIZATION Hyper-personalization maximizes candidate responses • Hyper-personalization, not mass production • Candidates don’t want to apply to the job that everyone else is applying for, they want to apply for the one that is meant for them • What if this was a billboard on your route home? • This degree of personalization can also create buzz and get people talking Diana, join our team! APPLY NOW
  24. 24. Marketing opportunity Marketing opportunity Hi [Candidate], Really impressed with the content hub that you’ve built out over the past few years at {Company} – the blog and academy you’ve built are first class. It’s where I send every new marketing hire when they join to learn. Are you open to discussing a content marketing opportunity at {Your Company}? Does {insert time} work for your call? ... avoid mass spam
  25. 25. Emails with a personal touch HYPER-PERSONALIZATION Subject line in your outreach plays a major role in getting candidates to open an email • 33% of email recipients open emails based only on subject line Examples of good subject lines... • “ I didn’t see that you had “X” in your background?” • “Hello from a fellow scuba diver” • “ Want to come back to TenScope?” What makes people want to open and engage • Compel them to want to answer a question • Personal versus templatized • Taps into commonalities, shared interests, connections
  26. 26. 5 tactics to attract more candidates SEO & paid promotions Brand ambassadors Email Instant gratificationHyper-personalization
  27. 27. Minimize friction • Avoid asking people to register first • Limit unnecessary steps in the process • Offer one-click apply Use career site as a tool to help candidates self-select out of the process • Brands like Amazon and Zappos do a great job of this Offer a clear next step post application • Offer educational resources, ways to learn more about your company, culture, and team • Send them on the journey of discovery Make the apply process easy INSTANT GRATIFICATION
  29. 29. GET YOUR JOBS FOUND What else should you consider? • Geo-targeting – programmatic • Off-site recruiting • Old school marketing • Boomerang programs • Local events/conferences • Know the commuting routes of your competition or recruiting targets
  30. 30. The Talent Fix: Building the Perfect TA Tech Stack FREE DOWNLOADABLE EBOOK