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So, He got a JOB through LinkedIn

  1. GOO is SAD because he has already Completed his Graduation and Still Don’t have a JOB.
  2. But after 3 months of Joining LINKEDIN, he got a JOB and he again Started Smiling.
  3. First of all he Completed his LinkedIn profile by customizing his public profile Which is visible to Everyone and from which someone can find you from Google Search.
  4. Then he used Keywords to Optimizing his Profile. He added “web designing” as he has quite good Knowledge in HTML and other languages.
  5. Then he connected with different companies so that his change will increase of being Found.
  6. Then he get Networked with his Friends, Collegues, Other members to increase his Influence.
  7. He asked for recommendations and advices to other Members within his Connections, and asked for a Job to his Close friends.
  8. He Followed the Company profiles and always explored for New Job Opportunities as the rules change regularly
  9. When he Connected with different Companies, LinkedIn started suggesting him Other Similar companies, he connected with them also to Increase his Reach.
  10. He saw other Successful Profiles and got inspired to create his own profile. This helped him getting Quality profile.