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e-ENERGY METERING BOX (Smart Meter by KPMP Electronics)


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e-EMB also known as e-Energy Metering Box is a Revolutionary “Smart Meter” designed by KPMP Electronics that works through GSM/GPRS modem, tampering proof, self-healing and very Economic. It consist of Meter Reading System and Data Analysis Software.Unleash the true power of smart meter data through our end-to-end solutions.Our unique offering of interoperable hardware and software supports flexible integration in complex business environments to improve your Business Value and Customer Satisfaction.

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e-ENERGY METERING BOX (Smart Meter by KPMP Electronics)

  1. 1. 1 KPMP Electronics Pvt Ltd. e-ENERGY METERING BOX (Smart Meter) Smooth, Simple, Soothing Solution for DISTRIBUTION, MAINTENANCE & MONITORING ENERGY
  2. 2. 2 KPMP Electronics Pvt Ltd. e-ENERGY METERING BOX (Smart Meter) Smooth, Simple, Soothing for DISTRIBUTON, MAINTENANCE & MONITORING ENERGY e-Energy Metering Box (e-EMB) is a Revolutionary Smart Metering Solution of the 21st Century. Government and Power Companies around the World have recognized that the traditional grids and meter box, which have not significantly changed in last 100 years, must be replaced by more efficient, flexible and intelligent energy-distributed networks called smart grid. For a Smart Grid, a Smart Meter is required. A Smart Meter is a Advanced Metering Infrastructure that is digitally Monitored, self-healing energy Management system and is very economic. The Smart Meter we have developed is known as e-EMB (e- Energy Meter Box).
  3. 3. 3 KPMP Electronics Pvt Ltd. Why to Remodel the Present Metering Solution  Power Supply is now a Monopoly Business of the Multinationals or Big companies.  Providing Surplus amount of Energy is not the Solution for the Problem, rather managing the Supply is the Solution.  Automating the Work such as Collecting Readings, Detecting Fault, and Billing will reduce Lots of Man-power.  Easy systematic ways of Maintenance, distribution and collection of revenue should be Introduced that will reduce loss.  A system is required which automatically Connect, Disconnect and Reconnect power lines when required.  When a Consumer uses more Power than the Provided Load, the Supply should be automatically cut off and will reset after specific time.
  4. 4. 4 KPMP Electronics Pvt Ltd. Features of e-EBM-
  5. 5. 5 KPMP Electronics Pvt Ltd. Hardware Features of e-EMB (Smart Meter)- You can find several real-time Parameters on both Consumer Display Board and on the Website-  Voltage (Volt)  Current (Amp)  Wattage (Watt)  Kilo Watt Hour (KWH)  Load Assigned (LA)  Status (On, Off, Connection & Disconnection)  Kilo Volt-Ampere (KVA)  Over Load (OL) The e-EMB sends data to the Server after a Specific Time Interval such as 1 Mins, 5 Mins, 10 Mins etc. This Time can be set Simply by Changing the Interval Value in the Program.
  6. 6. 6 KPMP Electronics Pvt Ltd. Various Functions of System- Disconnection- If any Consumer doesn’t pay the Bill before desired time then Disconnection can be done simply by sending a Disconnection MESSAGE. Connection- When a User Pays the Payment, connection can be done by sending a Connection MESSAGE. Off- During Natural Calamities, Fire Caught or some other Problem the Power lines can be terminated by sending an OFF MESSAGE. On- When the Problems are solved the Connections can be assigned again by an ON MESSAGE. Load Assigned- All consumers are assigned with some Load which they demands. This can be changed by Sending a Load Change MESSAGE. Overload- If a consumer uses more Load than the Assigned Load then the Connection Terminates automatically and reset when the Load is reduced to Assign Load. The time interval can be changed in the program. You can check the statistics or Reading of a Particular Consumer at any Time Interval directly on the Website.
  7. 7. 7 KPMP Electronics Pvt Ltd. Software Features of e-EMB (Smart Meter)- The Software Package has all the Features which are required in e-EMB. All the Basic works such as Assigning Circle Name, Divisions, Sub-Division, Section, Transformer Number, Pole Number, and Meter Number of each Consumer can be assigned directly from the Website and can be managed efficiently.
  8. 8. 8 KPMP Electronics Pvt Ltd. Rate and Charges for Energy usage can be changed by the Admin and consumer can check the Updated Chart through the Website. Each Consumer can Login to the Website and check all his details such as Payment History, Account Information, Consumption Report, Payment Deadlines etc.
  9. 9. 9 KPMP Electronics Pvt Ltd. e-EMB has been tested by Electrical Experts in many Live Fields and is 100% successfully Working. Corporate Address- KPMP Electronics Pvt Ltd. Shop No- 41/42, Mahodadhi Market, Mochi Sahi Chaak, Puri- 752001, Odisha, India