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4g technology


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Published in: Technology, Business
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4g technology

  1. 1. Likan Patra RIGHTyaLEFT 4G
  2. 2. GOING TO TELL ABOUT… Fourth Generation Wireless Communication. Evolution of Wireless Standards. Limitation. Objectives. Important 4G Components. Network Architecture.
  3. 3. What is fourth generation (4G) mobile systems? Fourth generation mobile communications systems that are characterized by high-speed data rates at 20 to 100 Mbps, suitable for high-resolution movies and television, virtual . Initial deployments are anticipated in 2006-2010.
  5. 5. Generations Timeline
  6. 6. FROM 1G TO 4G
  7. 7. 3G Realities/Limitations  A recent study by Herschel Shosteck Associates noted that operators that pay large amounts for spectrum will have to charge end users so much that adoption of 3G will be slow.  Another study by Strategy Analytics agreed, predicting that, while wireless data revenues will soar, 3G networks will account for less than a quarter of that revenue by 2010. So-called 3G killer apps such as multimedia won't succeed, the second study said.  Pent-up demand: Now there's the rub. Even NTT DoCoMo doesn't think there's much pent-up demand among consumers for 3G multimedia services, so it will target its initial 3G offering at business -- and price it accordingly.
  8. 8. OBJECTIVES OF 4G Spectrally efficient system (8 bits/s/Hz) High network capacity (atleast 10 times greater than 3G) Nominal data rate at high speeds (100Mbps at stationary conditions and 20Mbps at 100miles/hr) Smooth handoff across heterogeneous network Seamless connectivity and global roaming across multiple networks High quality of service for next generation multimedia support (real time audio, high speed data, HDTV video content, mobile TV, etc) Interoperable with the existing wireless standards All IP system, packet switched network
  9. 9. 4G Provides Mobility & Capacity 4G
  11. 11. Wireless generations: User’s view
  12. 12. CONTD…
  13. 13. IMPORTANT COMPONENTS OF 4G Multi Antenna System Software Defined Radio Adaptive Modulating And Coding Access Schemes IPv6
  14. 14. 4G: An evolvable, programmable, multi- tier multi-device network
  15. 15. BASIC MODEL