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Tita Toys at Meet the makers, A-Lab Amsterdam. 31-01 2014


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Keynote at Appsterdam Event: Meet The Makers in A-Lab Amsterdam. 31-01 2014

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Tita Toys at Meet the makers, A-Lab Amsterdam. 31-01 2014

  1. 1. @titatoys @natasjacorver @leonievandelaar
  2. 2. 1. Introduction 2. Lean journey and the app 3. Launch 4. Questions
  3. 3. Sanoma Internal Venture Tita Toys • Internal Ventures is part of Sanoma's Innovation Lab • We work lean • We started with 2 people, soon our prototyper joined us • When concept was clear, we scaled up to get in production mode • We've produced the app in 3 months, including the birth of the characters and identity of Tita Toys • The Tita Toys app that is in store now is a High Fidelity MVP
  4. 4. Our scaled up team in full speed (most worked part time) • Natasja Corver, team lead • Leonie van de Laar, designer, art director • Kristof Luyckx, character designer, animator • Happy Coders, app development • Karim Amrani, prototyper • Hilde ten Thije, marketing, PR, social media
  5. 5. Seats to Meet, Utrecht Seats to Meet, Amsterdam Dutch Game Garden, Utrecht De Gruyter Fabriek, Den Bosch
  6. 6. Our first goal was: Validating the needs of children and their parents
  7. 7. What should toys bring your preschooler?
  8. 8. • Fun, fun, fun! • And possibility to play experience
  9. 9. In short: Learn
  10. 10. What should toys bring you as a parent?
  11. 11. • Happy child • Free time • Be a responsible parent
  12. 12. 5 Major findings
  13. 13. I simply want my child to have fun, so that he can play and relax, but I as a parent can relax too 1
  14. 14. It would be nice when they learn while playing2
  15. 15. With all these devices we have less intimate contact with our child 3
  16. 16. A quality kids app should offer extensive content and I would pay more than average for it 4
  17. 17. Searching for the right app takes too much time and often I wonder if my child is doing the right things 5
  18. 18. Customer journey How did we get to this point? • We talked to over 125 parents in real life and tested with 200 parents through Hettestpanel • We tested with 200 children • Build landing pages, build on social communities, solution interviews, usability test and prototyping • Launched 2 creative apps in the Appstore
  19. 19. Tita Toys the series is: • Tita Toys is a series of apps • Covering all development areas: vocabulary, early maths, motor skills, world orientation, socioemotional development, creativity • Connect parent and child through parent page • Offer fun, play and learning • With distinguishable characters • Offer depth and variety, hours of fun #1 App in series Tita Playground offers • musical skills, motor skills and vocabulary
  20. 20. Design wishes • We need a style that can grow in age and theme • But still be strongly recognizable as Tita Toys • Explicit character design • Modern style, tablet native • Slick animations • Using 3D influences • Icon is the most important marketing tool in Appstore. • A close up of a character is best recognizable • Humor, humor, humor (for both kids and their parents)
  21. 21. • The box used in the logo refers to shoebox diorama: Every Tita app brings kids into different worlds. Tita Toys style is a mash up of 2D and 3D, like you see in shoebox diorama's too Identity
  22. 22. Structure of the app, what needed to be designed • 6 characters • 6 play objects • Each character has its own unique music combination with every play object • Each character has its own unique animation with every play object That's 36 combinations of which: • should sound excellent together • fit in rhythm • sound interesting separately
  23. 23. Gender-neutral characters
  24. 24. Gender-neutral characters
  25. 25. Gender-neutral characters
  26. 26. Typical boy-character
  27. 27. Typical girl-character
  28. 28. Friendly and clumsy character
  29. 29. Compose music
  30. 30. Learn words
  31. 31. Rewards for play experience
  32. 32. Motor skills
  33. 33. Parent page • 20% of the parents don't need it • 60% of the parents think is nice to have • 20% of the parents think it's a must have
  34. 34. Vocabulary game • 5 character scenes • 20 vocabulary objects each scene • Rewards with sound and animation Voice recording • • recorded by teamlead Self made sound studio
  35. 35. Testing with children • Warm relation with nursery, we could easy walk in to test newest version of the app • Spontaneous reactions by children and parents in parcs and playgrounds • Children of friends and family
  36. 36. Launch in Appstore on january 6, 2014 • Testing paid app model • No 1 in Appstore category kids and games > education • Featured by Apple in several European countries • Good reviews in Appstore • Bloggers writing positive reviews (The iMums, Juff Jannie, Kleuters digitaal e.o) • 2 Articles in Dutch National Newspapers 
 (De Telegraaf and AD) • EAS Certification of 5 Stars (Educational App Store: If your sense of humour looks for something quirky rather than for something cute and sweet, this app is for you)
  37. 37. AD De Telegraaf
  38. 38. Introducing Tita LITE Launch Tita LITE in Appstore on January 30, 2014 • Same game, but less characters active • One vocabulary game scene
  39. 39. • will we scale up by getting more users? • will in app purchase result to more sales? • will we get international attention? • is there enough market potential out there for Tita Toys to get enough downloads without using a big marketing budget With LITE version we are validating:
  40. 40. Best things so far • The entire lean and agile journey • The engagement of our customers • Working in a great team of experts
  41. 41. Tita Playground (ENG)Tita Speeltuin (NL) Thank you!