Big brand theory - Jean philippe randisi - itv - v2


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Big brand theory - Jean philippe randisi - itv - v2

  1. 1. Big Brand TheoryJean-Philippe Randisi
  2. 2. What is left to humansto define themselves when they stop believing in…?
  3. 3. God(s)?
  4. 4. Nations?
  5. 5. Ideologies?
  6. 6. Brands!
  7. 7. What makes a brand?
  8. 8. What makes a brand?
  9. 9. What makes a brand?Clearly identified transferable values
  10. 10. What makes a brand?Clearly identified transferable values Ubiquity
  11. 11. What makes a brand?Clearly identified transferable values Ubiquity Longevity
  12. 12. Many get invited, only a few make itBecause brands = $$$, any successful property owner will claim he ownsone. Reality is different, and turning a successful IP into a brand can neverbe taken for granted. Hugely expanded competitive universe Execution critical at every stage Need to drive development across new businesses, with different rules and different expertise/skills needed to succeed
  13. 13. Expanding your competitive universeFrom a well defined competitive universe (apps, online games, etc) to aworld where competition will include: Movies TV Sports Books Lifestyle brands Generic products Fashion brands Etc…
  14. 14. Execution, execution, executionWhen you start asking consumers that theyconnect the dots between your IP in the digitalspace and its incarnation in the physical world,don’t blame them if they do! A bad product will hurt your IP A failed product launch (too soon, too late, too many, too expensive) will hurt your other retail products Heaven is immersing your consumer in a world where he can connect to your IP in many different ways. Hell is when one of these connections provide a bad consumer experience. A successful consumer experience is the result of a product that meets or exceeds expectations (innovation, quality, price, etc), is in tune with brand values, and somehow links back to brands’ home. A financially rewarding product is one that strengthen consumer’s loyalty to the brand.
  15. 15. You enter uncharted territoryFirst, accept that it might be anew business for you/yourcompany Do you have the skillset? How are you going to acquire it?  Insourcing  Outsourcing Do you have the patience/time/resources Can you cope with a very different lifecycle?
  16. 16. From the digital world to the real world What are the upsides of IPs born in the digital space  Interactivity  Multiplatform  Engagement What may be missing: aspiration provided by:  Clear set of brand values  Stories  Depth of characters  Unique look/design
  17. 17. Brand values
  18. 18. Stories & Characters
  19. 19. Unique look/design
  20. 20. Vs. Me Too
  21. 21. Some questions you may ask yourselfbefore embarking on a long journey
  22. 22. What does my property stand for?What is its essence?Why is it successful?  Are these traits product specific or transferable?  Is another property with the same brand values as/more successful?  Is there any other property targeting the same demo/universe with the same set of values?
  23. 23. Is the design of my property unique? Can this design/look easily turn into 3D? Are these esthetics a defining attribute of my property? Does design allow various interpretations and evolutions whilst staying true to the original?
  24. 24. Does my property involve characters? Are these characters central to experiencing my property? Are these characters archetypal and aspirational for my consumers? Are these characters distinctly cute or ugly? Is there more than one character featured in my property?
  25. 25. Is there a storyline embedded in my property? Is this storyline based on archetypal/life defining elements (friendship, love, comedy, redemption, rescue, good/evil, etc)? If not, am I ready to create one for the purpose of developing brand extensions?
  26. 26. Is my property a long term priority? Development of brand extensions takes time because of:  Time to market  Acquisition of expertise  Retail/other cycles Will my property still be a locomotive in the digital space by the time I enter other categories?
  27. 27. Am I ready to do what it takes to turn myproperty into a brand? What am I expecting from this?  Revenue?  Longevity?  “Paid for” marketing? Do I know what I don’t know? How will I get the necessary expertise to make this project a success? Do I realise how much time, energy and focus it will require? Am I ready to adjust my property plans for “that”?
  28. 28. The good news is… Others might want to help you…
  29. 29. An example
  30. 30. Not……………………nor
  31. 31. Click to play
  32. 32. Game Releases Cut the Rope Cut the Rope: Release: Oct 2010 Experiments iOS and Android platforms, Release: Aug 2011 Blackberry Playbook. iOS platform iPhone/iPod/iPad #1 paid, #1 free, #1 top grossing all #1 paid app globally over the worldSeasonal Gifts to Fans Cut the Rope: Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift Box Valentine’s Box Release: Dec 2010, Nov 2011 Release: Feb 2011 Holiday theme Valentine’s theme Om Nom in Holiday gear Om Nom in Cupid wings … with continuous level and content updates!
  33. 33. Highlights 130 million players since launch! On track to reach 500 million downloads by end of year. #1 game on multiple app stores Huge digital investment to continue to drive fans and ongoing use engagement. 750k Facebook fans 5 digital awards in 2011 including; - Apple Design Award (WWDC 2011) - BAFTA Award (British Academy of Film and Television Arts): Best Handheld Game (2011) Expanding franchise and brand experiences with the release of comic books and animated shorts.
  34. 34. “The best game on the iPhone.” ~ IGN “Fresh, challenging, “One of the gorgeous andhighly entertaining” best puzzles games out there that is more A ~ Gamespot fun than anything.” ~ App Advice Game! “Excellent gameplay value, “Has all the superb graphics, marks of aaccurate physics and winning intuitive gesture mobile app.” controls” ~ PC World ~ App Mode
  35. 35. Awards Galore• Apple Design Award Winner WWDC 2011• Best Handheld Game BAFTA Awards 2011• Most Innovative Game Pocket Gamer Awards 2011• Best Casual/Puzzle Game Pocket Gamer Awards 2011• Best Handheld Game Game Developers Choice Awards 2011• Best Puzzle Game Best App Ever Awards 2010 BAFTA 2011
  36. 36. Apple Champions Cut the Rope Worldwide Store Window Displays
  37. 37. Apple Champions Cut the Rope Worldwide App Store Spotlight
  38. 38. Ongoing Global Press Coverage … and much more!
  39. 39. Fans Love Om Nom!
  40. 40. Brand A colourful and fun world with diverse graphics, slogans, characters and symbols… with much more to come!
  41. 41. Cute, easily recognizable and very appealing to children and adults.
  42. 42. Comics
  43. 43. Episodes
  44. 44. Launch planHype at Retail• Target the Tweens & Adults• Exploit popularity and ‘cool’ of game for girls and boys• Product strategy by gender• Secure retail support to launch merch range Collect and swap • Target the Kids • Building a collection of fun toys, games and gifts to create ongoing desire for the brand • Secure mass distribution and breadth of products Promote-increase range –re promote • Must have brand • Retail: In store promotions, cross category display, Gift with purchase
  45. 45. Consumer Products
  46. 46. Product Inspiration
  47. 47. Global Partners OpportunitiesQSR promotion in the US in Easter 2013
  48. 48. Thank YouJean-Philippe Randisi