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Graphic Design - Unit 17


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Design
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Graphic Design - Unit 17

  1. 1. Graphic Design By Abii Belsham Friday, 4 July 14
  2. 2. AO1 - Research Friday, 4 July 14
  3. 3. Application Logo’s 1 Lots of bold and contrasting colours. This grabs the players attention, however it is also best to keep the colour palette simple. 2 It can either feature the title of the game, or one of the main characters of the game. It can also present a clear idea of what the game is about and what you have to do. 3 Lots of text makes the image cluttered so the best thing to do is avoid it. No text is best. 4 The icon should be simple and clear, and express what the game consists of. It has 57×57 pixels, so it shouldn’t be covered with unnecessary things. 5 The icon should be consistent with the actual application. Friday, 4 July 14
  4. 4. App Store Icon Analysis Friday, 4 July 14
  5. 5. Logo Analysis Friday, 4 July 14
  6. 6. Book Cover Analysis Friday, 4 July 14
  7. 7. Movie Poster Analysis 1 In this picture the presentation of the Mocking jay is shown behind our main character. Even though it isnʼt very visible the audience will recognize it from the first film by a small pin which she had attached to her costume for the arena. This poster has the girl on fire reference with the fire pouring out in the background by the Mocking Jay. I think the fire also relates to her emotion in the picture because she is looking very fierce. This tagline is very important as it suggests people who have helped or have spoken to Katniss before have maybe turned behind her back. Its in medium font but blends in the back with the fire and darkness. I think her expression is really important in this poster because it shows that sheʼs focused and ready with arrow but also has a worried look on her face. This could again relate to the tag line ʻRemember who the enemy isʼ and sheʼs about to kill someone she didnʼt realize was a bad person to her. This draws the attention of the audience in. The title for this film stands out a lot more than the last poster I looked at. Its based in the centre of the frame just under Katniss, so its the second thing the audience sees. I think this one is more out standing than the other because there isnʼt a lot more in the frame to look at. However, I would of thought that the audience would have notice who she was due to the recognition about her and her character in the film industry right now. Her clothes arenʼt in the shot as much as they were in the last one to show that its less important and the attention should be based on her face. The position of Katniss in the poster is just of her chest up which is significant to just show how she is indepdant and strong, therefore handling the bow and arrows. The main hook is obviously the tag line, although I think her face is apart of this as well. Its obviously a good advertising way because sheʼs the main character and the first thing the audience will look at when they see the poster is her. Friday, 4 July 14
  8. 8. Movie Poster Analysis 2 The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is the second in a trilogy of books and the film is being released on 22nd November. It is a science fiction action-adventure film. The film is about our main protagonist Katniss Everdeen. She takes part in the Annual Hunger Games, taking her sisters place. From the poster in the middle we see that Katniss is the only character shown in shot. Its also from a high angle to show how important her character is and sheʼs carrying a weapon. This gives the audience an idea of the genre if they didnʼt know anything about the film. This straight away shows that we have a main female character, who is portrayed as strong and independent. None of the other characters are on the poster, so this could mean that the storyline is mostly based around Katniss and her individuality. The lighting and texture of the picture is surprisingly bright with different greys, reds and oranges. I think its supposed to fit in with the main characters mood because sheʼs always very thoughtful. The tagline which the creators put up the top is in very small font, however the actual Title of the film is quite small as well as at the bottom of the page, so all the focus is based around our main character. The significance in this poster is shown through the wings displayed behind Katniss. We find out that after she survives the Hunger Games in the first film, people begin to call her the Mocking jay and this is shown on the poster. If the audience had never seen the first film, then they might not understand the relation, so I found it good to be linked into clouds, so it looks a lot more casual. This is definitely the main hook and will grab the target audiences attention. The Target audience for this film are teenagers to young adults and people who are interested and have read each of the books. In the poster we donʼt see Jennifer Lawrenceʼs name shown at all, which means maybe the audience recognizes her more for her role or character rather than her name. Or, it could be suggesting that everyone already knows who she is because she has been getting very well known over the past year. The poster is kind of carrying on from the first film, hence the bow and arrows and the outside scenery, showing that sheʼs still fighting and hasnʼt given up. If the audience have seen the first film, it could suggest confusion to them, because Peeta was a main character in the first film and is no where to be seen in this poster adaption. Giving a hint that maybe something has happened to him so the audience should watch the film to find out. Her clothes suggest that sheʼs prepared to fight and survive in an unnatural habitat. Friday, 4 July 14
  9. 9. Magazine Cover Analysis Friday, 4 July 14
  10. 10. Tshirt Analysis 1 Friday, 4 July 14
  11. 11. T shirt Analysis 2 Friday, 4 July 14
  12. 12. T shirt Analysis 3 Friday, 4 July 14
  13. 13. AO2 - Planning My Products Friday, 4 July 14
  14. 14. Client Brief The main concept of my brief was to create and design three different products for my game. The game is called ‘Snail Trail’ and is an adventure/ fantasy game for children aged 4+. The game is a touch screen based game and is made playable on apple products and android phones. The main idea behind this is to raise awareness of our game and to help promote it as a whole. As the game is aimed at children (and mostly females), the main theme which I should remember to include in this is to make it very bright and colorful, so that it is appealing to a younger audience. These will be the main things which children would look out for. As the game I created wouldn’t be very well known, I would have to include the title of the game in some of the products, although if I decide to create an indirect product than this would be okay to not include. I think the image of the main character (Lucinda the princess snail) would be extremely important to include as if the clients buy the game and randomly see her, they might be at first confused as she wasn’t used in the marketing scheme and advertising products. Not only this, but it also helps get attention from the younger female audiences as this could be something that they’re interested in. Friday, 4 July 14
  15. 15. Freelance Rates I did some researching into Freelance Rates and Freelance Rates for graphic designers and came across a website called On this website I found a survey which asks the question ‘Are you earning the right amount?’. The survey is based upon 2,000 completed online responses where the participants were asked for their job title, what they were earning and also their own opinions. Based on the data which was collected from the volunteers, the consultancy put together some guidelines on current UK pay levels, some of which I have shown below. From looking at the information below, I have found out that the day rate average for a junior designer is £110, where as for a creative director it is £300. Friday, 4 July 14
  16. 16. One Week Plan Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Create my first ideas and drafts. Sketch out some idea’s, especially for the app icon logo’s. Create my first few t-shirt ideas. Also create my first banner idea. I should research deeper into my target audience and see the type of things they like and what would interest them. Have a production meeting with other people and show them each of my different designs. Ask for their feedback and how I can develop and change my idea’s, as I want to get them to the best that they can be. Edit my designs from the feedback which I got from the other day and show the process. This can be from colour idea’s or just a big change in the actual product. Complete my adjustments from the previous changes and go back to the production meeting. This time I should just ask for the positive and negative and what I could have done to change this on my products. This is when I should begin to evaluate my 3 different products and how the process was. I should also compare against professional pieces of work just like my own which I created. Friday, 4 July 14
  17. 17. Plan for my Products My products will consist of 3 different products which will all help promote our game. The first thing which I’m going to create will be a t shirt. The t shirt will help for the promotion side of our game, as it will help people who are unaware of the game, seeing others who will wear the t shirt and then asking them what the game is. The main concept which I will definitely have to include on the t shirt will be the title of the game and large font, however i’m not sure how to do this yet. The second product will be an app icon logo. I feel like this should have at least the title or snail presented on the front, so that the players will know exactly what icon is the snail trail one. The reason why i’m creating the app icon is because we will be releasing our game on the app store. The last product is a web banner which will be advertised in many different websites, some for example, could be the Disney Channel website, CBBC and CITV website. This will allow for people to recognize the product a lot better and fits in with the target audience as well, as this is the type of website that they would browse. I think I would like to create the banner to be the most colourful, attracting many different types of audiences. Friday, 4 July 14
  18. 18. AO3 - Creating My Products Friday, 4 July 14
  19. 19. Iphone Mockup Friday, 4 July 14
  20. 20. The 6 different icon ideas Friday, 4 July 14
  21. 21. Title as image sheet Friday, 4 July 14
  22. 22. Thematic/ Symbolic sheet Friday, 4 July 14
  23. 23. Main App Icon Idea I’ve chosen to do this app icon because it is my favourite from all the others, and I’ll develop it further. I think it’s a lot different compared to my other icons which I created. It presents the game, without actually stating what the game is. It’s also a good way of promotion as if a person isn’t so sure on what the game is about they’d click on the app and download it just to see what the game is and also that we’ve made the game free as well. This is my main idea, and I still need develop it by adding different colours and making it look more professional. Friday, 4 July 14
  24. 24. App Logo Greyscale Variations This is the two greyscale variations of my app logo. One of the colours has the grey filling in and the other is just plain black. We made it into greyscale so it is easier to see what colours fit my image well and to see if any clash. I also changed the shape of the antenna’s to get them symmetrical. Friday, 4 July 14
  25. 25. App Logo Colour Variations Friday, 4 July 14
  26. 26. Final Logo Friday, 4 July 14
  27. 27. T Shirt Designs These are my three t shirt design ideas. My favourite is the bottom left, the snail trail slime top. I think it has more character compared to the others and is just more interesting. Ways of developing this further could be to actually add the same font we used in the video game, onto the t-shirt so that it relates better to the game. Other feedback which I got on the other shirts was mostly about how I could change them to be more interesting, because at the moment they’re quite plain and boring. They’re also more occupied to one gender, where as the other can be worn by both. Friday, 4 July 14
  28. 28. 3 T-shirt ideas feedback Friday, 4 July 14
  29. 29. Final T-shirt Friday, 4 July 14
  30. 30. Final T-shirt feedback Friday, 4 July 14
  31. 31. Banner Design Above is my banner design which mostly consisted of positive feedback. The ways which i’m going to change this is by making each snail a different colour so then it doesn’t look as repetitive and makes it more interesting to look at. I’m also going to change the colour of the background more so that it will then not merge with the colours of the snails. One last thing is to make the actual font a bigger size. I could also position it in the middle of the banner and have snails either side to make it look more symmetrical. Friday, 4 July 14
  32. 32. Banner Design Feedback Friday, 4 July 14
  33. 33. Final Banner Friday, 4 July 14
  34. 34. Final Banner Feedback Friday, 4 July 14
  35. 35. AO4 - Evaluation Friday, 4 July 14
  36. 36. Professional Comparison Friday, 4 July 14
  37. 37. Feedback and Amendments Friday, 4 July 14
  38. 38. Suggested Improvements Friday, 4 July 14
  39. 39. Materials The main material which I used was Adobe Photoshop. I used this for all three of my products, the banner, the logo and the t-shirt. I find photoshop extremely easy to use, as I have used it many times before for lots of other tasks which we have done. The main procedures which I do on photoshop include cropping, using the paintbrush tool and other creation tools, which helped when I was making my final products. I also used Pages which was very helpful when creating the products, but also completing different tasks and the evaluation on this as well. Another material which definitely helped whilst using photoshop, was the graphics tablet. I used this mostly when creating my app icon logo, as I had to draw it free hand as well paint it in after. I used this for my banner and t shirt design as well. To create everything on, I used a macbook and an imac which has all the software and applications already installed onto them. Friday, 4 July 14
  40. 40. Target AudienceTarget AudienceTarget Audience I think that my T-shirt not only attracts the initial target audience (younger females) but also because of the low key text and the colour of the T-shit I feel like it can be worn by anyone who has an interest in the game. As it is not a niche design it will appeal to the majority of our games consumers. I think that my logo fits in well with my target audience because it is simple but bright and eye catching, and is more suitable to what my target audience would initially be interested in. This however, would appeal to a niche market, as it hasn’t got the main character or the title text displayed anywhere on the front and people who are regular with the game will understand. I feel like the banner is well suited to the target audience as it is brightly coloured and relates back to the game. This would be attracted to the core market audiences as it states the title of the game and the main character on the front as well. I made each of the snails different colours so it appeals to the younger audiences by being more eye catching and interesting to look at. Fitness for PurposeFitness for PurposeFitness for Purpose I think that my T-shirt is appropriate for the target audience as well as a wider range of audience and therefore is fit for purpose. When the consumers wear the T-shirt they’ll attract questions from people who are unaware of the game and therefore will help advertise the game. For my app logo I feel like it is fit for purpose because it resembles other app icons on the app store, however is still very different as i’ve used it in an indirect advertising style. Despite the fact that edges could be slightly rounder it still represents our game and will attract different consumers. I think that my banner is fit for purpose because it successfully shows the information about the game, although if I could change it I would add that what the banner advertising is a game as I haven’t stated this anywhere on it and the audiences could get confused by this. I think it would work as a good piece of advertising. Friday, 4 July 14