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Amazon top errors and how to fix it with Lengow


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When submitting your feed, Amazon may give you a feedback on errors that you will need to resolve quickly in order for your products to be published. In this presentation we present you the most common errors and the best practices to solve them via the platform Lengow and/or in the Seller Central of Amazon

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Amazon top errors and how to fix it with Lengow

  2. 2. AMAZON ERROR REPORTS After sending your Amazon feed, you receive integration reports. It is in these reports that Amazon will trace the errors that may be present in your catalog and thus prevent its publication on the marketplace. We will show you in this presentation what you can do on the Lengow platform and/or the Amazon Central Seller to correct your feed. First of all, be sure to well prepare your product feed: - fill in all the mandatory data in order to minimize errors - respect valid values expected for certain attributes
  3. 3. ERROR CODE: 5000 This is a malformed or invalid XML document. It may contain invalid values or duplicated SKUs on the same product feed (each product must have its own SKU). XML FEED ACTION TO TAKE Check your feed structure and the different SKUs, on the preview stage for example on our platform, before sending it to Amazon.
  4. 4. ERROR CODE: 8016 You are creating products with variations (parent and child products) but the data provided on the products is not sufficient to create a variation. The most common causes for this are: - You are not using the same variation theme on the parent products and on the child products of the same family - The variation attributes associated to the variation theme you choose are not filled on the child products. If you have specified a VariationTheme value "SizeColor" for your parent and child products, you must also provide a specific color for each child product. VARIATION MANAGEMENT
  5. 5. ERROR CODE: 8016 ACTIONS TO TAKE - Fill in the same type of variation for the variations of the same family (size, color, sex, ...). - Ensure that all the attributes associated to the variation theme are filled for every child product on the feed. Use the rules on our platform to be sure to fill every attribute.
  6. 6. ERROR CODE: 8026 You are not allowed to sell in this category of product. A validation of your account may be necessary depending on the category concerned. PRODUCT CATEGORY ACTIONS TO TAKE - Contact your Amazon account manager and make an approval request. - If you don't have an account manager, fill in the Request Approval form in your Seller Central
  7. 7. ERROR CODE: 8032 This is an invalid variation relationship: it occurs when you have already assigned a child variation to a parent SKU. VARIATION MANAGEMENT ACTION TO TAKE Check the child/parent data set in your feed before sending it to Amazon and delete the old relationship before submitting a new one. Use the preview stage on the Lengow platform.
  8. 8. ERROR CODE: 8541 / 8542 These errors are commonly referred to as matching errors and they occurs when the EAN of the product already exists on Amazon but some other data on your feed for that product (title, brand, color, size, etc.) does not match the Amazon data. Amazon recognizes an ASIN, but your product information does not exactly match the information that Amazon already has in its database for this ASIN. Note This error may be due to the recycling of UPC or EAN by manufacturers. For example, clothing barcodes are sometimes reused after three years. PRODUCT ID
  9. 9. ERROR CODE: 8541 / 8542 ACTIONS TO TAKE Check that the proposed ASIN matches your product - If the proposed ASIN corresponds to your product, there are two possible solutions: Change the values that are causing the problem, in order to get closer to those given by Amazon and see if this solves the problem. We recommend that you go through automatic rules on our platform to make these changes. Force publication by using the ASIN indicated by Amazon with a custom value that must be input into the product sheet. - If the ASIN proposed by Amazon does not match your product, contact Amazon support.
  10. 10. ERROR CODE: 8560 Amazon cannot integrate the product, because at least one piece of mandatory information is missing. For example, - Missing EAN: EAN codes are required to publish products on Amazon, they are used to identify products. - Missing brand: Brand is an important element of Amazon matching since it allows verification of the EAN in the case there is any doubt. - Missing product type: it is a variable which can be obligatory according to the universes and which defines a type of category additional to those requested in the matching. MISSING REQUIRED DATA
  11. 11. ERROR CODE: 8560 ACTION TO TAKE Fill in the missing value on your Amazon feed. - Missing EAN: it is therefore necessary to recover the EAN of the product from your supplier and to provide it to Amazon. If you are the manufacturer of your own products, you must acquire EAN codes for them. - Missing product type: to find authorized values see the "Inventory Loader File Template" on Sellercentral.
  12. 12. ERROR CODE: 13043 A 0.00 price (either standard or sales) is not valid. PRICE ACTION TO TAKE Please ensure that every SKU in your feed has a price at least equal to or greater than 0.01
  13. 13. ERROR CODE: 20000 Amazon is unable to access the product image URL IMAGES ACTIONS TO TAKE Check that: - The product image URL loads correctly in your browser - The product image URL is available publicly If not, correct this in your source feed.
  14. 14. ERROR CODE: 90057 There are invalid values on a field of your feed INVALID VALUES ACTION TO TAKE During the matching field stage, match your fields with the valid set of values expected by Amazon Consult the Flat File "Instructions" and "Data Definition" tabs for expected values.
  15. 15. ERROR CODE: 90117 The maximum number of characters in the "Description" field for this product has been exceeded. DESCRIPTION ACTION TO TAKE Use the TRUNC function on our platform to automatically limit the number of characters in your description field
  16. 16. ERROR CODE: 90122 There is HTML content on the product description. HTML content is not allowed on the product description on Amazon. HTML ACTION TO TAKE Use the STRIPHTML function on our platform to remove the HTML tag from your description
  17. 17. ERROR CODE: 99003 The values in the field "size-map" or "colour-map" are not correct. For these fields Amazon requires values available in the Sellercentral. SIZE COLOR ACTION TO TAKE Use our conversion lists on the platform to adapt the values of your source feed to the values expected by Amazon.
  18. 18. ERROR CODE: 99010 A value is missing from one or more required field from this group. When the value of at least one attribute in a group is missing or contradictory in a conditional field, the whole group is rejected. MISSING VALUES ACTION TO TAKE Ensure all attributes in a group have valid values and resubmit your feed. You can prevent common errors by using the “Check My File Amazon” feature to review and correct your feed before uploading.