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Antonio bonderas

  1. 1. Star sign – знак зодиака;Leo – Лев;Injury – травма;Career – карьера;To give up – сдаваться; To perform a part – игратьTo attend – посещать; роль;To start from scratch – To tour – гастролировать;начать на голом месте, Recognition – признание;начать с нуля; To learn the lines – учитьStage property – реквизит; текст роли; Phonetically – на слух; To capture the hearts – завоёвывать сердца.
  2. 2. Full name - Date of birth –Jose Antonio 10th of August Dominguez 1960 Banderas Place of birth – Malaga, Spain Education –Star sign - Leo School of Dramatic Arts in Malaga
  3. 3. His father was a police officer and his mother was a teacher.Antonio wanted to become a professional football player.At the age of 14 he had a foot injury.His sports career was over but the boy didn’t want to give up.He decided to attend drama classes and soon realized his lovefor acting.
  4. 4. He really started from scratch.At 15 he worked at the theatrecompany in Malaga, carring stageproperty and sweeping the floor.Sometimes he performed very smallparts.Later he formed a travelling theatrecompany and toured through Spain.
  5. 5. To dub – дублировать;To provide –предоставлять, обеспечивать;Puss in Boots – кот в Respect – уважение;сапогах; Generous –Macho – щедрый, великодушный;мачо, настоящий, мужествен To divorce – разводиться;ный мужчина. Spouse – супруг, супруга;To keep in shape – Previous – предыдущий;сохранять форму; Marridge – брак;To be worthy – быть To operate – управлять.достойным;
  6. 6. In Madrid Banderasjoined the NationalTheatre of Spain wherehe was discovered by thefamous film directorPedro Almodovar.Very soon he startedacting in his movies.
  7. 7. In 1991 he acted in Truth or Darewhere his partner was Madonna.A year later his role in MamboKings brought him recognition inthe US.At that time the Spanish actordidn’t speak a word in English andhad to learn the lines phonetically.However, since then he has madegreat progress.After The Interview With a Vampirehe captured the hearts of womenall over the world.In Evita Antonio’s voice was notdubbed, he sang his songs himself.
  8. 8. Appearance: he is usuallydescribed a “super sexy” guy ormacho. In fact, he looks great.The 45 year-old actor works hardat keeping in shape.Character: the actor is said to bekind, generous, very intelligent andoptimistic. His love for his family,for Spain and for life itself is worthyrespect.
  9. 9. Family: Antonio is married to a famous actress, Melanie Griffith. They met in 1995. Both were married at that time. Their lo9ve was so strong that they divorced their spouses and married each other in 1996. They have a daughter.Business: Banderas and Melanie has two children fromGriffith operate their own her previous, Green Moon They seem to be happy andProduction. very much in love.