Funny riddles


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Funny riddles

  1. 1. Funny Riddles
  2. 2. GiraffeMy first is in BRIG but not in SAIL, My second is in HILL but not in DALE, My third is in ORANGE and also in RED, My fourths in ALIVE but not in DEAD,My fifth is in FOOD but not in DRINK, My last is in SEVEN but not in TWO,I am an animal seen at the zoo... What am I?
  3. 3. FruitMy first is in FIRE but not in GRATEMy second is in EARLY but not in LATEMy third is in MUSIC and also in TUNEMy fourth is in DISTINCT but not in SOONMy last is in FROST and also in SLEETWhen ripe, I am juicy and sweet. What am I?
  4. 4. PartyMy first is in SPRING but not in SUMMER, My second is in BAND but not in DRUMMER.My third is in ORANGE and also in RED, My fourth is in TALK but not in SAID,My last is in FROSTY but not in SNOW,I am a fun place to go. What am I?
  5. 5. ParisMy first is in LAMP but not in LIGHTMy second is in MAY but not in MIGHTMy third is in DART and also in BOARDMy fourth is in STRING but not in CORDMy last is in SEE but not in GLANCEI am a city renowned for romance. Where am I?
  6. 6. ClockMy first is in ACT but not in PLAYMy second is in APRIL but not in MAYMy third is in NOBLE and also in LORDMy fourth is in CARD but not in BOARDMy last is in STACK but not in НАУYou look at me every single day. What am I?
  7. 7. SharkMy first is in PASS but not in FAILMy second is in SHOP but not in SALEMy third is in HAIR and also in FACEMy fourth is in CARRY but not in CASEMy last is in ASK but not in PLEAYou wouldnt want to swim with me. What am I?
  8. 8. JellyMy first is in JUNE and also in JULYMy second is in CLEVER but not in SLYMy third is in PLANT and also in FLOWERMy fourth is in MUSCLE but not in POWERMy last is in GLOOMY but not in MOODMy whole is a brightly coloured food. What am I?