What kind of tree are you


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What kind of tree are you

  1. 1. What Kind ofTree Are You?
  2. 2. ash ясеньdruid друид hornbeam грабfir tree ель fig инжирelm вяз birch березаcypress кипарис beech букpoplar тополь attractive привлекательныйcedar кедр sensitive чувствительный,pine сосна восприимчивыйweeping willow плакучая ива lively живой, подвижныйlime липа ambitious честолюбивыйoak дуб egotistic эгоистичныйolive олива reliable надежныйrowan рябина emotional эмоциональныйwalnut грецкий орех capable способныйmaple клен creative творческийhazel орешник taste вкусjasmine жасмин to be keen on увлекатьсяchestnut каштан to keep fit поддерживать форму 2
  3. 3. born leader прирожденный лидерsplendid превосходный gentle мягкий, нежный modest скромный confidence уверенность optimistic полный determined решительный impatient нетерпеливый self-confident самоуверенный shy застенчивый luxury роскошь to impress производить honest честный noble благородный, великодушный 3
  4. 4. According to the druid horoscope eachone of us was born under a special tree.Find your birthday below to learn whatyour tree is and read about yourpersonality. 4
  5. 5. Dec 24 to Jon 2 - Jun 23 to Jul 2 - Apple TreeJan 3 to Jan 12 - Jul 3 to Jul 12 - Fir TreeJan 13 to Jan 21 - Jul 13 to Jul 22 - Elm TreeJan 22 to Feb 1 - Jul 23 to 1 Aug - CypressFeb 2 to Feb 10 - Aug 2 to Aug 11 - PoplarFeb 11 to Feb 20 - 12 Aug to Aug 21 - Cedar 5
  6. 6. Feb 21 to Mar 1 - 22Aug to Sept 1 - PineMar 2 to Mar 11 - Sept 2 to Sept 11 - WeepingWillowMar 12 to Mar 21 - Sept 12 to Sept 21 - LimeMarch 21-23 - OakSept 22-23 - Olive Tree 6
  7. 7. Mar 24 to Mar 31 - Sept 24 to Oct 3 - WalnuttreeApr 1 to Apr 10 - Oct 4 to Oct 13 - RowanApr 11 to Apr 20 - Oct 14 to Oct 23 - MapleApr 21 to Apr 30 - Oct 24 to Nov 2 - HazelnuttreeMay 1 to May 10 - Nov 3 to Nov 12 - JasmineMay 11 to May 20 - Nov 13 to Nov 22 -Chestnut 7
  8. 8. May 21 to May 31 - Nov 23 to Dec 2 - AshTreeJun 1 to Jun 10 - Dec 3 to Dec 12 - HornbeamTreeJun 11 to Jun 20 - Dec 13 to Dec 22 - Fig TreeJune 21-22 - Birch TreeDec 22 -23 - Beech Tree 8
  9. 9. tactful тактичныйquick-tempered вспыльчивыйunruly неуправляемыйcareless беззаботный, легкомысленныйloneliness одиночествоgenerous щедрый, великодушный to mistrust не доверятьto tend быть склонным affectionate любящий, нежныйidleness безделье, лень imaginative одаренныйstubborn упорный, упрямый богатым воображениемindustrious трудолюбивый reserved сдержанный, скрытныйselfish эгоистичный witty остроумныйextravagant экстравагантный to realize ones full potentialtolerant терпимый реализовать свой потенциалreasonable разумный courageous отважныйdisciplined дисциплинированный conservative консервативный wisdom мудрость balanced уравновешенный jealousy ревность calm спокойный to avoid избегать 9
  10. 10. violence насилиеto look down смотреть свысока artistic артистичный thoughtful задумчивый encouragement одобрение passionate страстный complication осложнение contrast контраст aggressive напористый melancholy грусть capricious капризный, раздражительный demanding требовательный 10
  11. 11. People born under the sign of Apple tree are attractive, pleasant and sensitive. They do not worry oversmall, everyday problems - they take life as it is. Most of all they want to love and be loved. Ash tree is lively, intelligent, talented and very ambitious. These people love risk. They can be egoistic, still they are very reliable, emotional and capable of great love.Beeches are creative, they have good taste, they like to look well and they are keen on keeping fit. They are born leaders and splendid companions. 11
  12. 12. Birch is gentle, attractive, elegant, modest. Birch people have lively imagination and excellent taste. They are not too ambitious, they love quiet life.Cedar gives confidence. People of cedar sign are optimistic,determined, impatient, self-confident, never shy. They like luxury andalways want to impress others.Chestnut Tree is honest, intelligent, noble and verytactful. These people are born diplomats. They can be verysuccessful if they overcome their shyness and lack of self-confidence. 12
  13. 13. Cypresses are strong, happy, optimistic andambi-tious. Also they can be quick-tempered, unruly andcareless. They love company and hate loneliness. People of El m sign are cheerful, generous, practical and elegant. They like to be leaders, and they tend to make decisions for others.Fig Tree is independent, intelligent, very sensible andhas a good sense of humour. These people know how toenjoy life, they love their family, chil-dren and pets. Theyusually prefer idleness to hard work. 13
  14. 14. Fir Tree is intelligent, very ambitious, talented, stubborn, industrious and reliable. These people tend to be selfish, but they deeply care for friends. They have many friends and many enemies.Hazelnut Tree is extravagant, charming andpopu-lar. People of this sign know how to make animpression on others and they are always well-liked.They are honest and tolerant partners. Hornbeam is practical, honest and intelligent. These people are reasonable and disciplined. But they tend to mistrust other people and they are never sure of their own decisions. 14
  15. 15. Jasmine is affectionate, creative and sensitive. Thesepeople are elegant and artistic, imaginative and talented. Theyare charming company, although they are reserved and do notseem very sociable. People of Lime sign are attractive, witty, modest, shy, imaginative. They hate fighting, stress and hard work. They are talented but their laziness pre-vents them from realizing their full potential.Maple is shy and reserved, but at the same time ambitious andproud. These people have a good memory and learn easily. Theycan be quite stubborn and are not always tolerant to other peoplespoints of view. 15
  16. 16. Oak gives strength and power. Oak is noble, coura-geous, independent and sensible. These people do not love changes, they are rather conservative, practical and they keep their feet on the ground. They are people of action.Olive gives wisdom. Olive loves sun, warmth and kindfeelings. People of this sign are reasonable, balanced, free ofjealousy, tolerant, cheerful and calm. They avoid aggression andviolence. Pine loves nice company and comfort. These people are very active, natural, they are good companions, but seldom friendly — they are proud and often tend to look down on others. 16
  17. 17. Poplar is an artistic nature, intelligent, reliable, thoughtful. These people are witty, attractive and very elegant. However they are shy, they lack self-confidence and need encouragement.Rowan is cheerful, talented, artistic and passionate. Thesepeople like to be in the centre of events. They love activity,adventures, risk and even problems and complications. Walnut Tree is strong, imaginative and full of contrasts. These people can be egoistic, aggressive, jealous and at the same time noble and generous. They are not always liked but often admired. 17
  18. 18. Weeping Willow is very attractive, gentle, kind but full ofmelancholy. People born under this sign are imaginative and artistic, but they areoften inclined to be capricious and demanding.They say that having your tree somewhere close by can help you a lot.When you are tired, or dont feel well, or have some problems - go to your tree,touch it, sit or stand under it for some time and youll feel better.If you dont happen to have an olive or fig tree in your garden, any tree will do.Oak is particularly recommended for giving strength and confidence. 18
  19. 19. In general you can be sure that a walk ina forest or a park will do you goodwhether you believe in the magic powerof trees or not. 19