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InterAction Portfolio


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Published in: Technology, Business
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InterAction Portfolio

  1. 1. social networking website development multimedia production mobile marketingAngela Woronick |573 201 6800 |
  2. 2. social networkingIf  social  networking  is  what  you  seek,  Learfield  InterAction  has  that  covered  from  content  strategy  development  and  management  to  Fanpage  customization.   increased engagementWe  utilize  social  media  to  help  you  amplify   brandingyour  message/mission  to  better  connect   customizationand  build  relationships  with  your  audience.  All  in  all,  we  provide  the  support  system   strategy developmentthat  fits  your  online  communication  needs. project samples >
  3. 3. multimedia productionToday’s consumers turn to the Internetfor more than just an online brochure.They are looking for a way to interactand experience your program throughmultimedia. Learfield InterAction canhelp you go beyond words by creatingthese online experiences and producethe information in the way yourfollowers want to hear and see it –through YouTube videos or podcasts. < WATCH
  4. 4. website development content production management customizationFor many of our partners keeping websitesupdated and fresh can be a challenge. Byincorporating our journalistic and onlinemedia knowledge, we assist them witheverything from website set-up to contentproduction and management. This wayinformation is readily available forwhomever visits the site.
  5. 5. mobile marketing - apps - qr codes - location based services
  6. 6. project samples
  7. 7. click to view FOCUS ON THE ROAD MO facebook summary CAMPAIGN BACKGROUND GOAL: Increase campaign awareness and Pledge Registration Duration: 2 months (October 17-Dec.17) Utilized Facebook to build an online community focused on reducing distracted driving in the state of Missouri. Implemented a Facebook advertising campaign that incorporated Fanpage recognition,‚ Targets 2,‚915,‚060 users: pledge sign-up and sponsored stories. Reside in Missouri,‚ age 16+ Not already connected to Focus on the Road MO LIFETIME AD RESULTS 4,‚485,‚699 Impressions 1,‚122 Clicks 292 Connections FANPAGE INSIGHTS 1,‚193 Likes Post Views 130,‚138 Post Feedback 1,‚013 Targeted 365,‚800 users: Reside in Missouri,‚ age 16+ who like #Cheerleading,‚ #Cross country running,‚ #Football,‚ #Sport,‚ #Volleyball or #Wrestling Learfield InterAction: INFOGRAPHIC social networking
  8. 8. click to view CHILD CARE AWARE OF MISSOURI facebook ad summary CAMPAIGN BACKGROUND GOAL: Grow fan base and build brand awareness Duration: 1 month Created two ads with the same message,‚ but different image to see which ad resonated better with our target audience. LIFETIME AD RESULTS -Target 2,‚107,‚760 MO users: 532,‚531 impressions - Ages 18 -44 inclusive 122 clicks - Not already connected to Child Care Aware of Missouri 61 connections Text FANPAGE INSIGHTS 73 Likes Post Views 5,‚677 Post Feedback 18% KEY TERMS: Impressions: Number of people who saw the advertising Connections: Target users who are connected to: field in the ad targeting interface. Daily Post Views: The number of times people (fans and non-fans) have viewed a story posted by your Page during the last complete day for which the data was gathered. Learfield InterAction: INFOGRAPHIC social networking
  9. 9. social networking + website management
  10. 10. multifaceted campaign
  11. 11. WATCHLife of a IL Soybean Video SeriesWATCH VIEW: Learfield InterAction ChannelMembers in the SpotlightLISTEN multi-media production
  12. 12. get in touch angela woronick | |573-556-1248 |@aworonick