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SMI Network Media kit


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A brief overview of SMI Network, a social media marketing solution for big and small businesses

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SMI Network Media kit

  1. 1. Create brand value and achieve conversion thru targeted engagement in social media.Do you know where you stand in social media?Are you engaged?Can you afford not to be?
  2. 2. MISSION STATEMENTMarketers are not software developers and softwaredevelopers are not marketers.We are crossing that chasm.We want to provide state of the art software to clientsthat deliver insightful marketing campaigns on thefrontier of the online marketing sphere that is SocialMedia Integration.
  3. 3. THE SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING COMMANDCENTERWith scintillating growth in social media user base as experienced by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,et al in the last couple of years, the landscape of social media has firmly established itself as a“must” medium for Brands, global and local, to target for brand value creation and customeracquisition. The intrinsic nature of topic specific conversation in social media proves to be a fertileground for targeted publishing at a level no other medium has even been able to achieve in thehistory of marketing.For Brands to capitalize in this new medium, it takes tremendous man power to “sift” through vast volumesof social media traffic that is “noisy” by nature. Brands at all levels, private or public, global or local, mustfirst assess their own standings amongst social media users by identifying relevant conversations withrespect to their brands and product spaces. They then have to establish creative and engaging socialmedia footprints to achieve Fan Base or Follower Base expansion and retention amongst well over 1 billionusers on Facebook and Twitter and other major social networking portals. Ultimately, Brands need to beable to effectively engage with these relevant users with well crafted marketing campaigns. As such,Brands need a technology platform and strategic advisory services helping them to monetize this evolvingmedium.SMInetwork™ is the end-to-end social media marketing solution for Brands to achieve this very goal.
  4. 4. ―Usage among Boomers social media usage increased from 54 to 76percent. Among Millennials/GenY — those 13- to 31-years-old —usage grew from 84 to 91 percent over the last year.‖ SOURCE
  5. 5. OLD FASHIONED MARKETING IN A VIRAL WORLD CUSTOMER ACQUISITION AND RETENTION SMInetwork™ CUSTOMER The Social Media Marketing ACQUISITION: Command Center We provide various options including fully managed accounts for specific campaigns and engagement/lead-generation specific campaign executions to achieve customer conversion.
  6. 6. We build your social media fan base, with you and for you.We pin point the audience that want to buy from and engage with your brand. Measure and identify demographical profiles Engage with relevant social media participants via mass targeted publishing with brand specific campaign messages, such as product introduction, sales promotion, for both customer acquisition and retention
  7. 7. We Also Provide Creative/Strategic Assistance  Facebook Fan Page creation  Interactive Tab implementation  Customized Twitter page graphics design SMI Network ensures that all campaigns achieve full optimization by providing creative and technical work on clients’ Social Media footprints SMI Network builds websites around relevance profiles and marketing strategies
  8. 8. Customers want to know more!On Twitter 3 Million Questions are being askedeach month.• Active users, with >100 followers, are asking 73% of questions to their followers: ◦ Truth is, only 29% of those questions are always answered. ◦ Of the answers given, only 41% are actually from businesses. These users want to know more about your brand! When answers are given, those users are 59% more likely to follow back and make a purchase. Web 3.0 is coming, and according to LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, it will be all about data. This data will help find your buyers!
  9. 9. They are gearing up for more!Marketers in 2011:• 70% plan to increase their social media budget by more than 10% this year. ◦ Companies included are:  Bank of America, Colgate-Palmolive and Mini USA , among others.It’s the new marketing medium!• It was reported that social media will take 11.9% percent of their budget this year compared to 13% for their TV budget. • $26 Billion was spent on social media marketing last year. 87% of these companies said social media was important to very important to achieving their biggest marketing goal in 2011.
  10. 10. We help you get the traffic you NEED:In our B2B case study, we have:The client is in the sportswear vertical. They approached uslooking for our help in driving relevant, targeted social mediausers to their social sites.• Tasked with driving consumers to the clients Facebook page.• 2. The clients FAR (Fan Acquisition Rate) from the campaign was 403%, far exceeding all initial expectations. Based on the average value of a fan in our clients vertical ($164.30/fan), the ROI on the campaign was over 3000%.
  11. 11. Integrating Social Media Campaign with E-Commerce Overview ◦ Client in Travel & Resort vertical ran several promotions via their Fan Page Wall as well as from links on their Info Page to increase total Fans Highlights ◦ SMI Network’s campaign was responsible for increasing total ―Likes‖ from 17,908 at the start of the campaign to 19,310 ―Likes‖ in three weeks with only $3,750 in budget ◦ An ancillary benefit of the campaign was 149 additional clicks to the promotions page on the Client’s web site from the Facebook Fan Page that resulted in 2 new bookings – thus achieving conversion via E-Commerce Results ◦ 2,500 clicks driven to Client’s Facebook Fan Page resulting in 1,402 new Fans ◦ 49.3% ―Click to Like‖ ratio ◦ 2 new bookings directly attributed to the campaign
  12. 12. SMI Network was contracted to drive traffic to a Facebook Fan Page promoting the benefits of home security systems Overview ◦ This campaign was targeting individuals who had been burglarized with the goal of educating them on the value of owning a home monitoring system Highlights ◦ In two months, SMI Network identified nearly 7,000 individuals who had been or known someone who had been burglarized ◦ Nearly 3,000 highly targeted clicks were driven to the designated Fan Page Results ◦ Increase in total fans from 899 to 2863 in two months ◦ Over 50 crime reports mailed out to consumers ◦ A nearly 220% increase in total ―Likes‖ in two months ◦ Increased engagement on the Fan Page’s ―Wall‖ ◦ Reduction in CRM expenses over the two months the campaign ran
  13. 13. SMI Network was tasked to increase Facebook Fans to extend awareness for local farms throughout the United States Overview ◦ Over a one month period, SMI Network’s campaign resulted in over 100% increase for our client’s fan base on Facebook from 1,190 to 2,404 Highlights ◦ Delivered 2,500 targeted clicks to the advertisers Facebook ―Info‖ page ◦ Assisted in content creation to engage new visitors ◦ Far exceeded goals for total ―Likes‖ target of 2200 Results ◦ Increased total ―Likes‖ to 2,404 ◦ Enhanced ―fan‖ engagement through personalized content ◦ Created a viral effect that has showed an increase in total ―Likes‖ post- acquisition
  14. 14.  SMI Network has a proven strategy to measure ROI thru Social Media. Utilizing our proprietary software – SMInetwork™, we take the guess work out of your social marketing campaigns and create the answer, generate the results, WITH you and FOR you. We specialize in social media optimization. Our software enable our clients monitoring relevant conversations and engaging with targeted social media users across social media networks. Facebook tops Google for weekly traffic in the U.S. – Hitwise Intelligence