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1 proposal mohealthybirths


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1 proposal mohealthybirths

  1. 1. A healthy baby is a happy baby. Objective: Establish an online identity and brand for MO Healthy Births. Strategy Statement: Learfield InterAction will utilize social networks (Facebook, YouTube) to brand MO Healthy Births as the ideal resource to help females (ages 18-34) understand the elements of a healthy lifestyle and the importance of caring for your body throughout the lifespan. Solution: Social Networking: Learfield InterAction will launch a YouTube series called MomTalk (3 series, 3 parts each, totalling to 9 videos; 3-5 mins per video) - Possible Video Topics: • Series 1 follows pregnancy from a health professional/physician’s perspective • Series 2 follows pregnant mother throughout different stages of pregnancy • Series 3 follows a new mother throughout the newborn stages -Provide sound bites from videos to accompany press releases, sent to traditional media outlets to obtain news coverage. Based on research and facts, Learfield InterAction will develop a Facebook Advertising campaign to attract more ‘likes’ and interaction on the Facebook page. In addition Learfield InterAction producer, Amy Winder will collaborate with David Brazeal and use her personal experience of motherhood to relate to the target audience to build an online community around your brand. • In order to keep content fresh and relevant, frequent updates consisting of the following: Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Healthful News Ask a Question to Have a discus- Healthy Facts/Fun Update generate interac- sion topic/take living Tip things to do to tion from fans a poll be healthy Additional Methods to Increase Brand Awareness: Team up with health care partners (i.e. Missouri Extension) as a means to promote further outreach of your message.