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Senegal At A Glance


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A visual presentation of Leadership Africa USA's youth leadership program in Senegal.

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Senegal At A Glance

  1. 1. Leadership Africa USA in Senegal: At work in Casamance
  2. 2. Casamance is the southern region of Senegal that has suffered more than 20 years of war. Between 3,000 and 5,000 people have been killed; at least 60,000 people have been displaced. Street scenes in Ziguinchor Casamance Region, Senegal
  3. 3. In 2004, a peace agreement was signed. Since then, the region has stabilized. However, Casamance still faces challenges in rebuilding. For Leadership Africa USA, giving Casamance’s young people the tools to lead is key. Essay Competition Participant Casamance Region, Senegal
  4. 4. The Initiative to Empower Casamance Youth through Leadership is Leadership Africa USA’s contribution to Senegal’s future. This program aims to promote leadership skills in Casamance’s youth so that the ongoing peace and reconciliation processes can achieve successful results. Outside Saint Charles Lwanga High School Casamance Region, Senegal
  5. 5. As part of the project, Leadership Africa USA developed a comprehensive leadership curriculum. More than 26,000 students in Casamance have received training in this curriculum, and over 100,000 copies of the curriculum have been distributed to schools throughout the region. [Left to right] Malik Diopp and Louis Ciss é, Academic Inspectors; Lamine Coly, USAID/Casamance; Tacko Daffé, President of FAFS; Daouda Gueye, Principal, Coubalan Middle School Zinguinchor, Senegal
  6. 6. Training teachers and principals to deliver the curriculum was a necessary aspect of the project. More than 60 teachers and principals were trained during workshops held by Leadership Africa USA and Senegal’s Ministry of Education. Leadership Training Workshop for Teachers Casamance Region, Senegal
  7. 7. Another critical component of the program was an essay competition for middle school students in the region. More than 80 students from 20 middle schools participated, voicing their opinions on the importance of youth leadership and how they can be part of the reconstruction process. Hon. Kalid ou Diallo, Minister of Education, Pre-School, Elementary, and Middle School , presenting awards to student essay winners at the Celebrate Leadership awards ceremony Ziguinchor, Senegal
  8. 8. A Leadership Summit for Peace Stakeholders was attended by academic authorities, government officials, and community leaders to contribute their observations and recommendations for the project. Leadership Peace Summit Ziguinchor, Senegal
  9. 9. Leadership Africa USA worked closely with local partners to ensure the project would meet the needs of local communities. Support from the Senegalese Ministry of Education, the University of Ziguinchor, local officials, and other key stakeholders was critical in making this project a success. Office of the Academic Inspector for Ziguinchor Ziguinchor, Senegal
  10. 10. Support Leadership Africa USA’s activities in Senegal. Ziguinchor, Senegal