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Creating a Dorm Room Sleep Sanctuary


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Creating a Dorm Room Sleep Sanctuary

  1. 1. CREATING A DORMROOM SLEEP SANCTUARYHealth Services, University of New Hampshire
  2. 2. Importance of Sleep Sleep….  is essential to having a healthy and successful college career.  rejuvenates the body and brain for optimal learning  College students should be getting between 9-10 hours of it each night  Soundly with a comfortable dorm room sleep sanctuary
  3. 3. Mattress ToppersFor addedsupport andcomfort considerpurchasing amattress topper.These can bebought at manydepartmentstores.Based on whatyou are lookingfor – goosedown, egg shellfoam or memoryfoam, pricesbegin at $25.
  4. 4. PillowsGood pillows will support yourneck and spine and increaseyour comfort.Pillows should supports thenatural alignment of your neck.Based on the body’smeasurements and personalpreference, pillows shouldmaintain a height of 4 to 6inches, properly supporting thehead and neck (and shoulderswhen lying on back).Pillows should feel comfortableand not be too firm.Pillows should be able to moldto your body shape for anyposition you choose to sleep in.
  5. 5. SheetsSheets are a personal decision,based on whether you likecotton or flannel.Cotton is typically smoother andmore comfortable for warmernights.Flannel sheets are more idealfor cold New England nights.There are no right or wrongsheets to purchase.Visit your local department storeand feel the sheets keeping inmind that you want comfort.The cost of a good set of sheetscan vary depending on whatyou find to be comfortable..
  6. 6. ComforterPurchasing a comforter shouldbe based on ones personalchoice.Keep in mind comfort, warmth,weight and softness.Goose down comforters are apopular choice in New Englandand can cost as low at $75.New mattress toppers, pillows,sheets and comforters are greatinvestments that will last you allthrough college.Remember, you don’t need tobreak the bank, but you doneed bedding based oncomfort first and then price.
  7. 7. It’s Not All About the BedTemperature LightYour room should not be too hot or too cold. Although you You and your roommatecan’t adjust the thermostat in your dorm room, consider will most likely havegetting a fan or an extra blanket. different sleep schedules, which means a light might be on when you are trying to sleep. A dark room helps tell your body that it is timeSound to go to sleep. Try wearingConsider purchasing a white noise machine to an eye mask to block outblock out the sound of your roommate typing on unwanted light.their laptop or your neighbors talking in thehallway. White noise machines can be boughtonline for around $50. If you can’t afford a whitenoise machine, good ol’ ear plugs from the drugstore will work just fine.Having a dorm room sleep sanctuary is just as important to your academics as showing up each day to class prepared.
  8. 8. UNH Health ServicesUniversity of New 862-3823