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Texas s ta r chart


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Texas s ta r chart

  1. 1. Texas STaR Chart James Bowie Fine Arts Academy Midland Independent School District • Why STaR Chart? • Summary • STaR Chart Campus Data • Conclusion
  2. 2. School Technology & Readiness The STaR Chart is an online resource tool for self- assessment of our campus and district to effectively integrate technology across the curriculum.Why STaR Chart?
  3. 3.  I. Teaching & Learning II. Educator Preparation & Development III. Leadership, Administration, Instructional Support IV. Infrastructure for TechnologySummary – Measures 4 Areas
  4. 4. Campus Star Chart Data 2010-2011 I. Teaching & Learning Developing Developing II. Educator Developing Preparation & Advanced Development III. Leadership, Administ ration and Instructional SupportSTaR Chart Data
  5. 5. Developing Advanced Target Tech Tech Tech Advanced Target Tech Tech
  6. 6. Long Range Plan for Technology(LRPT)Four levels of progress: Early Tech Developing Tech Advanced Tech Target TechThe public site is available at