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Make Pinterest Work for Your Business


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Pinterest Tips & Tricks - a quick how-to guide to get the most bang for your buck

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Make Pinterest Work for Your Business

  1. 1. • 70 Million People Use Pinterest • 79% of Pinterest Users are Female • $58.95 – Average Sales Order Referred from Pinterest • 47% of US Shoppers Made a Purchase Based on a Pinterest Referral
  2. 2. “Content from businesses plays a major role in helping people pursue their interests and bring their ideas to life. We want Pins from businesses to be among the best you see on Pinterest” ~Pinterest–How-ToGuide
  3. 3. Pins Should Be: • Helpful • Beautiful • Actionable
  4. 4. HELPFUL Pins should be informative & useful
  5. 5. • Be informative & useful • Be up to 500 characters (the more characters the more helpful and the better chance to show in search results. • Not be promotional (no sales info, no calls-to-action) • Always be grammatically correct with proper punctuation and proper spelling • Should not contain hashtags Descriptions Should -
  6. 6. Give Step-by- Step Instructions, Tutorials & How-Tos
  7. 7. Add Simple & Clear Text Overlays Provides a Quick Take-Away Verify Text is Readable on All Devices
  8. 8. BEAUTIFUL Pins should be creative & compelling
  9. 9. Use high-quality images
  10. 10. Composition Counts Do not use more than 4 images in a single pin and have a clear theme Do not add borders or rounded edges
  11. 11. Size Matters The recommended aspect ratio is 2:3 to 1:3.5 Minimum width 600 px Images work best when vertical.
  12. 12. ACTIONABLE Help people do what they see
  13. 13. Link to a website where more information can be obtained or where more instruction & information can be found
  14. 14. Make Pins Rich Add more detailed information in the description – like the price ingredients, recipe instructions, etc.
  15. 15. Avoid time-sensitive information Pins last forever – including time-sensitive descriptions will make a Pin irrelevant over time
  16. 16. The Word Pro, Inc. ©2015 (800) 354-8045
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