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Hydra: A Vocabulary for Hypermedia-Driven Web APIs


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Presentation of the paper "Hydra: A Vocabulary for Hypermedia-Driven Web APIs" at the 6th Workshop on Linked Data on the Web (LDOW2013) at the WWW2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Hydra: A Vocabulary for Hypermedia-Driven Web APIs

  1. 1. HydraAVocabulary for HypermediaAPIsMarkus LanthalerGraz University ofTechnology
  2. 2. Why can’t Web APIs be browsed?
  3. 3. - Layered system
  4. 4. REST + Linked Data: a match made!?
  5. 5. ResourceLinkFormClassrdfs:Resourcerdf:Propertyrdfs:ClassOperation
  6. 6. ResourceLinkFormClassrdfs:Resourcerdf:Propertyrdfs:ClassOperationTemplated
  7. 7. {"id": "cso29ax","title": "LDOW2013 presentation","description": "Prepare LDOW2013 presentation","is_open": true,"created_at": "2012-11-26T04:49:44Z","comments": "/issues/cso29ax/comments/"}
  8. 8. {"@context": "/ctx/context.jsonld","id": "cso29ax","title": "LDOW2013 presentation","description": "Prepare LDOW2013 presentation","is_open": true,"created_at": "2012-11-26T04:49:44Z","comments": "/issues/cso29ax/comments/"}{"@id": "#comments","@type": "hydra:Link",...}
  9. 9. {"@id": "#comments","@type": "hydra:Link","supportedOperations": [{"@id": "#create-comment","@type": "hydra:CreateResourceOperation","label": "Creates a new comment","method": "POST","expects": "#Comment","returns": "#Comment"}]}
  10. 10. {"@id": "#Comment","@type": "hydra:Class","supportedProperties": [{"property": "#text","required": true,"readonly": false,"writeonly": false}]}
  11. 11. Hydra Console
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  13. 13. Questions?Markus Lanthaler
  14. 14. Image Credits(1) (with permission)