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Gmrc 3rd monthly 2012


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Gmrc 3rd monthly 2012

  1. 1. SALVADOR ARANETA MEMORIAL INSTITUTE GRADE SCHOOL DEPARTMENT SCHOOL YEAR 2012-2013 Third Monthly Examinations Name: _____________________________________ Grade/Section: ______________________________ Parent‟s Sign: _______________________________ Score: ___________________ Date : ___________________ Teacher‟s Sign: ____________ GMRC IV MASAYAHIN I. Directions: Read the story carefully and answer the question that follows.(2pts. each) TEDDY’S WISH Teddy was at home feeling unhappy. His sister Emma, had a new toy, but he didn‟t have one. He wanted to take Emma‟s toy and hide it from her; then he would feel better. Teddy quietly walked over to where Emma was playing and dropped a piece of paper near her. When Emma went to pick up the paper, Teddy grabbed the toy and held it behind his back. Emma didn‟t see him do that, but when shesaw the toy was missing she started to shout, “Teddy, you took my toy!” Meanwhile, the children‟s mother had noticed what happened, and she told Teddy that if he didn‟t want his toys taken away, he must return the toy to Emma. Teddy started to shout, “It‟s not fair, Emma got a new toy, and I didn‟t.” Then their mother told the children to sit down while she read a story to them. It was a true story. There was a poor child who only had old, torn clothes, and went to bed hungry every night. For dinner the boy‟s family had a little watery rice and maybe some vegetables. The boy‟s birthday was in two weeks. The boy prayed for a ball because he loved to play ball, but some children wouldn‟t play with him because he had such poor clothes. The boy prayed every day. His older boy told him that he was crazy - there was no way that God was going to give him a ball for his birthday. But the boy kept praying everyday that he would get a ball if God wanted him to have one. On his birthday, the family did not have any special celebration except that they all had fish with their rice and vegetables. That night the boy didn‟t feel hungry. His brother told him, “You see, God didn‟t answer your prayer!” The boy said, “Yes He did! Godsaid „No‟ to the ball but gave all of us good food instead.” The boy said that God knew that good food for the whole family was more important than a ball just for him.After hearing the story, Teddy and Emma, felt sad for the boy and for the way they had acted earlier. They said prayers to thank God for everything they had and prayed that God would help all the poor children in the world. Then Emma invited Teddy to play with her and her new toy. Teddy said they could get some of the other toys and play with all of them. That night they said prayers again and thought about everything that God had given them.
  2. 2. 1. What problem did Teddy have? __________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ 2. What feeling did he have? ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ 3. Did you ever feel unhappy because someone had something that you didn‟t have? ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ 4. How did the mother help Teddy & Emma learn about God and what God wants for each of His creations? ___________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ 5. Does God know what we all need? Do we know everything that is good for us? ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ II. Directions: Match column A with column B. Write the letter of the correct answer on the space provided for. _____11.Information _____12.Television and Radio _____13.Advertisement _____14. Consumer _____15.Palabra de Honor _____16.Golden Rule _____17.Fair _____18.Honest _____19.Courage _____20. Wiseunto you a. are examples of advertisements b. determination to face hardship c. a body of knowledge derived from study d. genuine and trustworthy e. to become clear high esteem to any promises given g.make good choices and decision h.serve as notices of something for sale i. Do unto others what you want others do j.a person who buy or make use of goods or services III. Directions: Read each statement carefully. Write Yes if the statement shows kindness to animals andNo if not. ______________________ 21. Feed your dog at home regularly. ______________________ 22. Clean the poultry house regularly. ______________________ 23. Give your cat a warm mat to lie on. ______________________ 24. Kill birds and helpful insects. ______________________ 25. Kick your dog when it is in your way. ______________________ 26.Beat your pets when they are naughty. ______________________ 27. Give your dog a bath regularly. ______________________ 28. Check that your pets have clean water to drink. ______________________ 29.Comfort your pets when they are sick. ______________________ 30. Sell your dog when you don‟t have money. IV. Directions: Fill in the blanks with the correct word. Choose your answer in the box.
  3. 3. forgive support listens accepts corrects defends respects helps comforts gives 31. A friend ____________________ you in times of sadness. 32. A friend ____________________ to your ideas and feelings. 33. A friend ____________________ you in time of need. 34. A friend lovingly ____________________ you when you are wrong. 35. A friend ____________________ your opinions even if he or she disagrees with them. 36. A friend ____________________ you when others try to put you down. 37. A friend gives his or her ____________________ for you when you need it. 38. A friend does not only takes; he or she also ____________________. 39. A friend can still ____________________ you even when you have hurt him or her. 40. A friend ____________________ you for who you are. He or she does not try to change you. V. A) Directions: Complete the statements below. Write your answers in the space provided. 41. It is important to know myself because ____________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 42. The three good qualities I am happy about are _______________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 43. My friends and I know that I am good at ___________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 44. There are some activities that I have not done yet, but I would like to _____________ _______________________________________________________________________ 45. The person I admire most is my __________________________________________ Because ________________________________________________________________ B) Directions: What will you do with the following situations. 46. You saw your classmate eating candy and throw the candy wrapper in the corridor. What will you say? ____________________________________________________ 47. You have a classmate who is always using bad words. Would you make friends with him/her? What should you do? ___________________________________________ 48. Your teacher is asking questions about your lessons and you want to answer. What will you do?__________________________________________________________ 49. You saw your friends picking the flowers and pulling out the grasses in the park. What will you do?______________________________________________________ 50. You don‟t have class and your mom has to go to market and no one will look over your younger sister. What will you do?_____________________________________ Good Luck!