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Youth Entrepreneurship: Ship for World Youth


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How travelers create peace by paxi

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Youth Entrepreneurship: Ship for World Youth

  1. 1. paxi inside
 ! PAXi inc. Kyo Satani 26 January 2016, SWY28
  2. 2. About myself
  3. 3. ∗ ’98 BA in Cultural Psychology, Faculty of Integrated Human Studies, Kyoto University ∗ ’98 Night Leader at Ship for World Youth(SWY10) ∗ ’98-’00 Recruiting Manager, Fujitsu Ltd. ∗ ’00-’02 Director of Sales, Recycle One, inc. ∗ ‘02-’03 Freelance ∗ ’04 MA in Peace Studies, University of Bradford ∗ ’04-’07 Journalist and Division Leader, Livedoor News ∗ ’07 PAXi inc.    ’07 paxi house tokyo    ’10 Chojuu-giga ’10 PAX Coworking    ’12 International Cialthon Association History of Job and Education
  4. 4. 2015: Morocco / France, Vietnam, Thailand / Cambodia 2014: Hongkong, South Africa, Mozambique, UAE, USA / Hongkong, France, Italy 2013: Korea / Russia,Spain, France, Qatar / India / Korea
 2012: France, China 2011: Taiwan, Vietnam / France, Spain 2010: Australia 2009: China 2008: USA / Bulgaria, Czech, Estonia 2007: Taiwan 2006: Indonesia, Taiwan / Finland, Estonia
 2005: Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam
 2004: UK / Netherlands, Belgium, France / Sweden / Portugal / Taiwan
 2003: Korea / India / UK / Ireland 
 2002: China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran
 2001: China, Mongolia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Swizerland, France, Netherlands, Germany, Estonia, Russia
 2000: China / Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia
 1999: India
 1998: Singapore, Seychelles, Kenya, Jordan, Oman
 1997: China
 1996: Thailand, India, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore / India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey 
 1995: Korea / Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong / Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos
 1994: Korea
 1990: Australia
 1977: USA History of Travel
  5. 5. Why I started my own business? July 2006 My wife was pregnant. I started thinking about becoming a father. September 2006 “The last” travel with my wife alone to Finland and Estonia. Suddenly, everything looked strange in Helsinki. I wondered why I did not fully utilize experiences from traveling. I strongly hoped that I want grow altogether with my children. I decided to set up my own business to control my life and to make the world a better place.
  6. 6. Take a look back 1994-1998 I founded 4 new social circles in my university days, not intentionally. I have met so many people playing chess while I traveled in Asia. 1998-2000 I started working as a ‘paid employee’ and enjoyed freedom and unfreedom. I found many Japanese ‘salaryman’ suffered from their daily life. 2000-2006 I changed my career, working at a startup company, as a freelance, and at a exploding venture company 2003-04 MA degree in Peace Studies. A just a traveler became a traveler with MA. Travel and various career enabled me to meet various kind of people.
  7. 7. Take a look back 1994-1998 I founded 4 new social circles in my university days, not intentionally. I have met so many people playing chess while I traveled in Asia. 1998-2000 I started working as a ‘paid employee’ and enjoyed freedom and unfreedom. I found many Japanese ‘salaryman’ suffered from their daily life. 2000-2006 I changed my career, working at a startup company, as a freelance, and at a exploding venture company 2004-04 I did my MA degree in Peace Studies. A just a traveler became a traveler with MA. Travel and various career enabled me to meet various kind of people.
  8. 8. 8 January 20, Sailing ceremony in Tokyo, Japan January 27, Refueling and water supply in Singapore, Singapore February 4-5, port of call activities in Victoria, Seychelles February 8-11, port of call activities in Mombassa, Kenya February 19-22, port of call activities in Aqaba, Jordan March 1-4, port of call activities, diesmbarkation of participants from Europe, Middle and Far East in Muscat, Oman March 12, Refueling and water supply, disembarkation of participants from Africa and Southwest Asia in Singapore, Singapore March 19, Return of Japanese participants in Tokyo, Japan
  9. 9. Tabi to Heiwa 旅 と 平和 I hit upon the concept of “Tabi to Heiwa” in 2003. Travelers can create peace. MA Dissertation in Bradford: Peace through Tourism
  10. 10. Definition Travelers act and move on their own will. ! Just visiting foreign countries is not enough, and they don’t even have to go out for abroad. ! Travelers are curious and have a strong passion to communicate and connect with people and the situation.
  11. 11. Definition Peace is not just about world peace, which is vague for many people. We have to think about peace from a tiny level around us.
  12. 12. Positive peace / Negative peace
  13. 13. To spread the idea It is very difficult to change people’s idea dramatically I met many dedicated people who always think others, but at the same time I feel that ordinary people usually do not care about what is happening in the other area of the world. Any way to change people’s daily behaviour?
  14. 14. To spread the idea People Eat3 times a day.
  15. 15. To spread the idea Restaurant can be a place to learn. If I have a seminar on peace, conscious people may come…but… Having a good time, enjoying a moment… and the guests gain the information and knowledge as a result.
  16. 16. paxi paxi comes from phakchi in Thai language. Coriander(English), Cirantro(Spanish), Dhanya(Hindi),香菜(Chinese) Свежий кориандр(Russian), ‫(كزبرة‬Arabic)… paxi = pax + i
  17. 17. Other reason to choose paxi We don’t usually eat paxi in Japan “Travelers” know about paxi, but others not. I suppose paxi can be a good keyword to attract travelers. Most of my ideas come from traveling experience, so travelers can easily understand what I am thinking. paxi reminds travelers of their good days, or bad days ^^
  18. 18. Other reason to choose paxi Everybody believes paxi is: “ love it or hate it” paxi is not like just a herb or vegetable… paxi is like India! And… I need power from mass media to share my idea with huge amount of people.
  19. 19. But many people in Japan stop their favorite things in these turning points. Three great things in life. ∗ Getting a job ∗ Mariage ∗ Childbirth It’s a pity…
  20. 20. paxi house tokyo All the cuisine contains lots of paxi. Food, Drink…and Communication - Guests share the tables. - Public’S’peace --Standing style - Party - Kampax - Nabe with others - paxi community
 - 100% of guests here are smiling
  21. 21. PieceOfPeace Plaza
  22. 22. Postcards from guests
  23. 23. PAXi-man
  24. 24. Bank of PAXi 24
  25. 25. Nihon eat-by-Hand Kyokai (NHK)
  26. 26. paxi house tokyo
  27. 27. PAX Coworking Partying Working as
  28. 28. PAX Coworking
  29. 29. Coworking is a work style, where people with different professions and jobs get together to share the work place, and share, through active communications, knowledge and information for the betterment. “co”+“working”=“coworking”  → Working together
 This kind of work style started in the USA in 2006. Lots of people then called it “ a new way of working”. The fact is even before 2006 there had been people who worked in “coworking” style”. I therefore think that coworking is a global “new movement” triggered by a new label, “coworking”, put on that kind of working style.
 What is Coworking?
  30. 30. Does coworking have a hyphen in it? No !
  31. 31. ∗ Work experiences at a big company, venture businesses and as a freelance ∗ Why some people say “I’m fed up with this company”? ∗ I saw many people playing chess in the daytime along the roadside in Asia ∗ What is happiness or successful situation in life ∗ Guests meets by chance at paxi house tokyo, and start their business together ∗ Is there any working place where 100 % of the people are smiling? ! (8month↓9 days ) ! ∗ And finally I found out such places already exist in the world!!
 Encounter with Coworking Working as Partying
  32. 32. There are places like this!!!
  33. 33. ∗ Very casual working event to know coworking ∗ Coworking space is the place where “Jelly” takes place every day. ∗ In Japan, I started Jelly to spread the concept of Coworking. ∗ people in all types of employment can enjoy easily. ! ∗ Anybody can host Jelly soon. Jelly?
  34. 34. History of Coworking 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
  35. 35. August 9: The first day of Coworking by Brad Neuberg ! - 5-8 desks - 2 days a week - shared lunches, meditation breaks, - massages, bike tours - a strict closing time of 5.45pm ! Now 9 August is the Coworking Day along with PAXi day. The very first day of Coworking 2005 8 9
  36. 36. 2006 January: Coworking Wiki was launched. ! March: Amit Gupta and Luke Crawford started Jelly in New York City. ! June:  The first full-time Coworking Space “Hat Factory” opened. ! 2007 October: Coworking was listed on Wikipedia. Jelly! 2006-07
  37. 37. 2008 February: The first article on “Coworking” at New York Times ! March: The first Coworking Meetup during SXSW. ! August: The Coworking Visa system began.  The Coworking Visa is a voluntary goodwill agreement between many coworking spaces to allow members of other spaces to visit for free. (cite from Deskmag) http:// ! 2009 January: The first book on Coworking “I’m outta here! How cowrking is making the office obsolete” was published. August: Kyo Satani started thinking about new work style. Is there any office where everyone is “Working as Partying”? Coworking Visa! 2008-09
  38. 38. May: The first Coworking Space in Japan “Cahootz” opened. ! July: The first Coworking Space in Tokyo “PAX Coworking” opened. ! July: “Deskmag”, the first online magazine about Coworking kicked off. ! August 9: The first Coworking Day was celebrated. ! November: The first Coworking Conference in Europe. Coworking Conference! 2010
  39. 39. January: Anni Roolf launched European JELLYWEEK. (The third week of January) ! March: The first Coworking Unconference in the US. ! November: The first Coworking Forum (Kansai) in Kobe. JELLYWEEK! 2011
  40. 40. January: (European) JELLYWEEK became worldwide. ! May: The first Coworking book in Japanese “Tsunagarino Shigoto-jutsu (관계의 일 기술)” was published. ! May: The first Coworking Conference in Spain ! June: The first Coworking Conference in Tokyo ! September: JELLYWEEK Summer work camp was held in France ! October: The number of Coworking Spaces in the world exceeded over 2,000. ! November: The first Coworking book in Japanese was translated into English (“Working as Partying: Let’s start Coworking”) and published at Kindle. Coworking blooming in Japan 2012
  41. 41. January: JELLYWEEK 89km Running began, got infused with Glocal Cialthon. ! September: Coworking ASIA Conference 2013. Coworking network is spreading into Asia. ! Now: The number of Coworking Spaces in Japan is almost 300. ! November: Seoul Youth Hub Forum. Together within Asia 2013
  42. 42. ∗ To make the world a better place ∗ Collaboration beyond area/business category ∗ Think differently by accepting/ knowing others’ view ∗ Understand the meaning of jobs in the wider world Aim of Coworking
  43. 43. Coworking connection to the world In July 2010, almost nobody knows about coworking nor Jelly. I had the first Jelly next month, and little by little more people got to know about this new way of working. 独 ! I was not sure if Coworking became popular or not, but I thoght PAX Coworking can, and should be, the special place to connect with other coworkers all over the world. Beginning of 2011, I visited Vietnam and Taiwan, and gave advices to the Jelly founder and potential coworking owners. PAX Coworking was the only one which joined European JELLYWEEK outside of Europe. This makes the JELLYWEEK worldwide. I assumed the post of the first JELLYWEEK Ambassodor in
  44. 44. ! ∗ Coworking was not known in Tokyo. ∗ We set up the event with the keyword “new style of working” from “New York” ∗ 100 seats became full in 24 hours. ∗ This was the first day many people recognize the word “Coworking” in Japan. Tony visited Tokyo ∗ After the last train… ∗ Tony visited Japan on private. ∗ KaraOK (노래방) Coworkers worldwide began taking much notice of Japanese Coworking Tony Bacigalupo is a co- founder and the Mayor of one of the most famous coworking spaces in New York.
  45. 45. ∗ K: See you again in Tokyo. ∗ T: It would be difficult. I have a packed schedule. Tony came to Kyodo ∗ T: I’m tired of ultraconservative meetups. ∗ T: I cannot forget the KaraOK night. Let’s go to Kyodo
  46. 46. Cheers with Mega mug
  47. 47. Coworking in Tokyo I want to visit Tokyo and drink Coworking Size of beer! The world shout: ∗ Everyday, every coworker seems enjoying in Tokyo. ∗ Beer mugs are big. ∗ Or is Japanese people small? ∗ No, the mugs are really huge. ∗ They also drink beer from my country. What is happening?
  48. 48. Coworking Size of Beer New York Singapore Taichung Zurich Savannah Linz California
  49. 49. PAX Coworking 49
  50. 50. Cialthon Partying Running as
  51. 51. International Cialthon Association
  52. 52. Cialthon 52 ∗ a new marathon trend in Japan. ∗ stands for Social Marathon. ∗ puts more value on the social connections and communication among participants and local people. ∗ Memories are more important than time results. ∗ By sharing experiences gained during this event with the other participants, we tend to increase the joy of running even more.
 Interview from runtastic
  53. 53. Cialthon associated events 53 Glocal Cailthon Ultra Cailthon
  54. 54. Challenges 54 ∗ 89 x 89 ∗ Comrades Marathon
 (South Africa) ∗ The oldest Ultra Marathon to pray for peace ∗ Since 1921
 (After the WWII)
 Finished on 1 June 2014 ∗ 389 x 89 ∗ Sahara Marathon
 (Morocco) ∗ Desert Marathon 
 to commemorate 89 months…