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Examples of my world


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Examples of my world

  1. 1. Life & Style | People Animated awareness We recently did an animation film for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in collaboration with the Emirates Wildlife Society. Interviewed by Hina Navin, freelance writer, Friday Published: 00:00 October 29, 2010 1 Image Credit: Kishore Kumar Fadi Abu Ghali... "My role and passion is to collect new creative ideas from all over the world" The idea was to conscientise and make UAE citizens and residents aware of the country's ecological footprintand that there is need to take immediate action.
  2. 2. A two-minute film was created to highlight this issue and to emphasise that if we don't do anything about it we will require 4.5 planet earths to sustain us and our endless needs in the future. We had to find a creative way for advertising this important environmental problem, so we tied up with London-based Asylum Films and saw a couple of animation styles they had and finally found a cutout technique that used stock motion photography for animation. This technique was similar to what we wanted so we used it to put together this film. I have always been an animation geek. Article continues below I scrutinise animation films and styles a lot more now. The WWF animation wasn't our first, we have done several projects for among others the Dubai International Poetry Festival. Not using human elements, characters or actors in an ad, believe it or not, makes its content a lot lighter and easier to grasp. However, the method used to make such films has always been the real hero and then the well-written script to develop such ad films adds to its content value. This animation has got me more involved in environmental issues. The entire animation was made out of paper cutouts, including the characters of the film - the father, the son, a Hummer and a bulldozer. Making this was extremely intensive and involved using 2,500 stills wherein every moment of the character had to be a different take and all of these were then combined together using stock motion photography to make this film. It took over 150 hours to build the sets out of 300 newspapers and 200 hours to shoot the 2,500 stills. The process took place in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and London and needed over 50 hours of meetings. This two-minute ad film was released in May this year. It was shown in CineStar cinemas just before the movie was screened. This campaign has also gone viral - all over the world. It is on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and in websites of different WWF chapters. We are also going to
  3. 3. enter this ad in several competitions and award events. Our partners in London are going to submit it to, a forum where people bring in their creative ideas. We also wish to submit this film to the Cannes Film Festival under the short film category. We are hoping this ad will bring us more recognition. I am more conscious about the environment now and have become a lot more careful about what I buy. When I walk into a supermarket the first thing I look for is local organic products. Most of these products are easily available in major supermarkets but the sad part is that they are all packed in plastic. I also volunteer for various environmental causes. Recently I was part of a team that released newborn turtles into the sea. I am also actively involved in gathering information about shark fishing, which is extensive in Dubai. These creatures are under threat because of their valuable and much sought-after fins. In most cases after removing fins, the meat, which costs less, is thrown away. My company has also collaborated with the Emirates Marine Environmental Group. We are pitching for Bee'ah, an environmental group in Sharjah, which is into waste management and recycling projects. A lot of work we do for environmental companies only covers our costs. These projects are not money makers but they are award winners as they bring us recognition. I have been in the field of advertising for about 15 years. I started my advertising career in one of the biggest advertising agencies in the world - EURO RSCG, in Montreal, Canada. I worked as an account executive then account manager and kept climbing up the ladder till I became account director. Then nine years ago I started AYA in Montreal. We moved our office to Dubai seven years ago and opened an office in Abu Dhabi in twofour54 (an Abu Dhabi-based regional creative centre facilitating the development of Arabic media and entertainment content) about eight months back. We are a branding agency but we are also creative collectors. Our first event was the Cultural Village. Then we were asked to design interactive sales centre experiences for our clients. For this project we brought in another Montreal-based company called GSM to design and help our clients build interactive sales centres. When not working, I take care of my one year and ten-month-old son, Hani. I make sure that I leave the office at 6:15pm every day. No matter how busy I am, I never miss my son's bath time. This is one thing that helps me stay focused. The time spent with my wife Zeina Jabado and son is very important for me. Another thing I am passionate about is snowboarding.
  4. 4. I am an avid snowboarder and I normally travel once a year to snowboard at different destinations with seven of my friends. Last year, we went to Japan, which is one of my favourite destinations. I feel every person should visit this place at least once in their lifetime. It is a beautiful, different and diverse place that is so inspiring and has several exotic scenic locations. I am a Palestinian, but I was born in Kuwait. Then we moved to Africa, then Lebanon, before coming back to Kuwait. I was in Kuwait till I was around 17-18 years old and then moved to Paris, where I lived for a year and a half. I went to the American University of Paris during my stay there. We finally moved to Canada in 1991 and my family has been living there ever since. My vision for AYA is to continue to make it a one-stop shop for creative branding. My role and passion is to continue to find and collect new creative ideas from all over the world. In the next 15 years, I would like to expand AYA into an art run. I wish to open a gallery where we can host photo exhibitions, showcasing a lot of creative works. Incorporating commercial art into what we do here and using these creative ideas in communications is what I wish to do in the coming years. I want AYA to be a creative hub, open art galleries and bring creative talent into this region. Life & Style | People Packing in pizzazz with Jeff Leach Jeff Leach , a co-founder of N_K_D Pizza in the UAE , or Naked Pizza in the United States speaks to Friday Interviewed by Hina Navin, a Dubai-based freelancer Published: 00:00 December 10, 2010 1
  5. 5. Image Credit: Silvia Baron/ANM Jeff Leach: “Humour at the end of the day makes everything possible. I try to have fun and see humour in everything I do” It is a place in the midst of pine trees high up in the mountains. There is a picturesque river that flows close by. I sat next to it to take a break while I was doing an archaeological survey. I closed my eyes, lay down and stared at the sky. I could feel the wind blowing through the pine trees and hear the river flowing. I took a deep breath. It was the calmest place I had ever been to in my life. So now when I am stressed out and find it difficult to fall asleep I think of the place. I also visit it as often as I can because it helps me relax and unwind. I travel all around the United States and that is a wonderful part about my job as I am able to steal a little time for a short holiday. I like hiking and water sports, scuba diving, snorkelling, riding and whatever the place has to offer me during my trip. I am embarking on a trip to South America towards the end of March next year where I am going on a motorcycle ride across Southern Patagonia. My vacations also include short visits to my children who reside with their mother in Canada. When I am not working, I love gardening, nurturing plants. It is really fascinating Article continues below
  6. 6. I grew up in Boston, Texas. I was poor at academics but I accomplished quite a lot in sports. I attended the University of Texas and New Mexico State University where I studied archaeology. I was initially interested in geological sciences but developed a liking for archaeology because of the human element attached to it. I also became interested in anthropology - the study of modern cultures. Related Links Healthy bite: Naked pizza anyone? Evolutionary nutritionist brings lifestyle brand to the region In 1990, I did a field project in New Mexico where we had to go outdoors for a couple of months and do field archaeology in the mountains as a part of our studies. This made me more interested in my study in archaeology. I was drawn towards the food that people ate, how it was cooked because food and the natural landscape that provides it are the building blocks for all biological systems. If you want to understand what makes us anatomically and physiologically human, you need to only understand food and the evolution of technologies used to manipulate it. It is the most interesting way I know of understanding who and why I am. Hence I continued my studies in this field. I'm currently working on my PhD at the University of Leicester in archaeology and ancient history. My specific research interests are in nutrition and ancient diets - a subject I have lectured and published on widely (my research website is Creating job opportunities for our community led us to the pizza business. In 2006, I came to New Orleans a few months after Hurricane Katrina. The city was devastated. There I met a guy named Randy Crochet who is now my business partner. Like a lot of people in
  7. 7. New Orleans, we wanted to create job opportunities in the community... we wanted to create a business that would employ people so decided to step into a food business since this would give me an opportunity to plug business into my research studies about health and well-being. Why pizza? Because it is a very popular fast food product worldwide and is a 100-billion-dollar business internationally. Pizza is a convenient format. Like cereal, which you can reformulate and add ingredients to, pizza (specifically the dough) offers the same delivery vehicle. By reformulating the dough and using it as a delivery vehicle to healthier ingredients, we can create a better tasting/better-for-you pizza. I wanted to utilise my knowledge to have a positive impact on modern society. My education and interest has always been in food, diet and technology. And then in early 2000, when my daughter was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes, I started focusing on diet and modern society and the choices we make as parents and citizens about food and lifestyle and how it affects our health and well-being. So I aimed to create a dish on the concept of a modern society, on a business model that would make money and that was also very nutritious. This was the mission with which Naked Pizza started in the US and soon we are starting our franchise called N_K_D Pizza in the UAE, with our first set of stores opening in January in Dubai Marina. The name Naked Pizza itself accomplishes two things. First, it's a head-turner. And second, naked means natural to most people and we offer a 100 per cent all-natural pizza - no additives, preservatives or chemicals of any kind. I looked back on the eating habits of humans two million years ago and made connections between how man lived in ancient times and how we live today in a Westernised modern world. We evolved on a nutritional landscape of a huge diversity of plants and animals that didn't include chemicals, additives or a lot of processing methods. We took good food and processed it into really small practical sizes which made it easy to digest. So what is it about our perfect modern society that caused normal mammals to fall sick? I learnt that it is not just the quantity of food that we eat, it is the kind of the food we consume. Modern pizza is basically a doughnut with tomato sauce. So what a slice of cheese pizza is to a human body is basically pure sugar minus the fat that immediately digests and absorbs and immediately causes a response. Hence, your body doesn't recognise it as a traditional food. So we had to spend a couple of years developing a natural pizza that was made from ten different seeds and grains, had no added sugar or chemicals of any kind and was naturally healthy. Enthusiasm and a grasp of a mission is very important for anybody who wants to run a business or wants to be successful in any profession they're in.
  8. 8. I acquired my work ethic from my father - he was an extremely hard worker - and empathy from my mother - she was a very kind person. My enthusiasm and overall commitment to my mission is my strongest skill. I think one has to be passionate in what one does and should believe in one's goal. It is vital to pay attention to what you do - work well, work hard and work fast. In the process, do not forget to pay attention to your family as well. Being an entrepreneur is like nothing else in the world - it is hard, occasionally frustrating, stressful but it also has huge rewards - you create jobs for people. So the feeling is remarkable. Humour at the end of the day makes everything possible. I try to have fun and see humour in everything I do. If you can keep a little bit of humour alive in everything, it just makes things easier and life less serious. I want people to understand that health and well-being are within our grasp. This is possible if we decide to pay attention to the food we eat and ask questions about the food we consume. We need to look beyond the labels. A business house can play a bigger role than governments in influencing food decisions but without telling people what they should eat. People in the food business should provide their customers with a good proposition - one that will sway them towards their reasoning. Life & Style | People My world: Ameera Abdul Rahim Binkaram Ameera Abdul Rahim Binkaram is the Chairperson of the Sharjah Business Women Interviewed by Hina Navin for Friday magazine Published: 00:00 September 9, 2011 11
  9. 9. Image Credit: Supplied picture Ameera Abdul Rahim Binkaram is the Chairperson of the Sharjah Business Women Council. While we were growing up, my parents were always encouraging my siblings and me to do something constructive and not waste our time. That must have been one reason I developed an affinity for social work early in life. In fact I began participating in social projects during my school days where every month, my school The International School of Choueifat, Sharjah - used to organise fund-raising events to help the needy or organisations that were involved in improving the world in some way. I come from a family which has a history of cancer. Several members of my family have been victims of the disease. I began working with cancer patients 11 years ago. A cancer society, Friends of Cancer Patients (FOCP), had just been set up in Sharjah and I was invited to join the organisation by a very senior and respected member in the society. I was happy to join because the issue was very close to my heart. Also, most of us on the board were either victims of the condition or had a dear one who'd succumbed to cancer. At FOCP we help patients by educating them about the disease, and in some cases by making their wishes come true. Article continues below
  10. 10. We also create awareness among the public, since a lot of common cancers, if detected early, have a very high rate of survival. We are trying to highlight this fact through the FOCP Kashf initiative, which was launched this year. The Pink Caravan Kashf is one of the initiatives for breast cancer awareness and detection. We also want to push the authorities to establish a UAE cancer registry. Related Links Businesswoman Reema Shetty-Bitar's world My World: Coach Mohammad Gulzar Saifi The Oil Baron Charity Ball (OBCB) is a fundraiser for and supporter of FOCP, and our ongoing partnership is more than just financial. Every year the OBCB takes a list of our child patients and fulfils at least one of their wishes, whether that be by sponsoring their school fees or providing them with a laptop or an iPod. We need to encourage more such organisations from the private sector to support FOCP by creating activities and fund-raising events and spreading awareness within different sectors. My work at FOCP and developing the oncology sector in the UAE are my top two priorities. I think women in the UAE are privileged compared to their counterparts in other parts of the world. I believe it's a bonus to be a woman. I also believe every woman should be engaged in something meaningful, if not a career then at least some kind of charity work. If they become mothers, this would also help them set a good example for their children. I was lucky to be born into a family where I was always involved in some activity, be it horse riding, reading, sport, dance, music, or learning a new language. All this kept me active. I believe in the well-known Arabic saying "Whoever wants to pray will make time to pray". Similarly, if you want to get something done, give it to a busy person and he will manage to make time for it. Of course, for this to happen, the person will have to believe in it.
  11. 11. I remember when I told my dad that I wanted to work, he said, "before I send you into society I need to train you". He asked me to join his construction company, where I started as an office girl and had to serve coffee to all the managers. Gradually I worked my way up and was responsible for human resources and development. During that time we had around 4,000 employees and I had to look into their concerns and requirements. Taking care of other people's needs thus became a part of my nature, so working with a charity is easy for me. My family supports me in everything I do. They are who I go to for ideas and inspiration. They give me advice and are involved in all of my decisions. Even if they disagree with one of my decisions, they would still support me and make sure everything turns out alright for me. Your role model in life? My role model is my father Abdelrahim. He worked his way up and he made sure that we learnt to make our way. Having knowledge is one thing and being dependent on yourself is another thing. One quote you firmly believe in? "If it is not broken don't fix it." This is something I really believe in especially at work. I have been in charities and NGO's other than FOCP where the board members have changed regularly. Every time a new team is appointed, rather than building on the previous team's successes, they start all over again. The result: by the time the new team's tenure comes to an end, they would have not started on their actual mission. For volunteering in FOCP email: My world Who: Ameera Abdul Rahim Binkaram What: Chairperson of the Sharjah Business Women Council, President of Board of Trustees (Founding Member) of Friends Of Cancer Patients Society Where: Sharjah