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  1. 1. AdSparx Product NoteNOVIX Technologies Private Ltd
  2. 2. IntroductionThis document provides technical and commercial details of the NOVIX AdSparx Video Ad Platform.This document defines the product offering in detail while briefly introducing the roadmap andtimelines.Product DescriptionNOVIXs AdSparx Platform provides the technology platform that allows video ad delivery capabilityfor Ad networks and Content aggregators / distributors. AdSparx is the perfect solution to monetizeInternet Video by providing value to advertisers and providing high experience to viewers.FeaturesDynamic Video Ad Insertion for Internet VideoInserting video advertisements dynamically at the time of delivery allows targeted andpersonalized advertisements. Using AdSparx, content distributors can now streamadvertisements based on their location, device profile, type of requested content, etc.No pre-encoding of video content with AdvertisementsAdSparx understands that Ad campaigns are dynamic in nature and advertisements cannot bepre-encoded / pre-stitched with content. AdSparx stitches advertisements with content whenit is being delivered to the end user.Delivering TV like high experience to End UsersAdSparx ‘s patent-pending content and advertisement stitching algorithm brings a smoothtransition while switching between video content and video advertisements. This provides fora superior TV like experience and does not disturb the end-user with buffering issues.Server Side Platform OnlyThe platform is a server side solution and does not require any code changes in the clientapplication. So getting started with AdSparx is very easy. Your time to market with an adsolution is within hours. Since no changes in client application, AdSparx supportsadvertisement streaming to all your client apps.Supports all PlatformsAdSparx supports all platforms – all devices, resolutions, form factors. Devices may range from mobilephones, tablets to Connected TV.Works with your existing Streaming InfrastructureAdSparx integrates with Wowza, Apache and Flash Media Server, all three Industry standardstreaming and delivery servers. AdSparx does not do the actual delivery of the content and leaves theresponsibility of streaming and scalability to your streaming setup
  3. 3. Product Architecture DescriptionFollowing is a block diagram of the systemAdSparx ModulesWith reference to the above system diagram, the blocks are defined as software modules. Followingbriefly explains the blocks:Server Plugin / ModuleThe Server Plugin / Module is an installable binary or a plugin as the case maybe that is compatiblewith Industry standard and most commonly used delivery servers. This module delivers the ad andcontent seamlessly to the client using the existing streaming server set up. Support for Streaming Servers Wowza, Apache, Flash Media Server * Support for Streaming protocols RTSP, RTMP, HLS, HTTP, HTML5 * Symbian, Android, J2ME, iOS, Blackberry, MS Support for devices Windows * Support for resolutions / form factors Mobile Phones, tablets, Web, Connected TVs Software platform supported Linux Operating System* Support for newer Industry standard delivery servers, protocols and devices will be added withnewer versions and improvements
  4. 4. Publisher CMS InterfaceThe server plugin / module interfaces with the publishers content management system and requiresread access to the content repositoryAd Network InterfaceThe ad network interface provides a unified interface to the server plug-in / module for appropriateadvertisement insertion. The ad network interface also provides various supporting services requiredby ad networksAd Network Supporting Services a) Ad Network Zones / Profiles configurator uses configured zone parameters to automate ad content management b) Ad network CMS provides appropriate tools to ad networks to upload and manage advertisement content along with various parameters and zone configuration c) Ad Network Encoding services automates transcoding of advertisement content as per device, form factor and resolution supportAppropriate Application Programming Interfaces will be provided to Ad network for integrating withthe Ad Platform.