Rebaca's Video Delivery Expertise Overview


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Rebaca has strong experience in Video Delivery and Optimization using software and hardware based solutions for Video Headend , IP Video Optimization Appliances and Home Networks.

Following is a brief on our skill set :-

Familiarity with ADM,ADS,CIS,POIS,SIS based on SCTE 130-3-6
Familiarity with variety of Video Containers : FLV , MP4 , FMP4 , AHLS , TS , 3GPP.
Familiarity with wide range of streaming technologies : RTP/RTSP, RTMP, HTTP Progressive streaming, HLS, HDS, Silverlight Smooth Streaming, MPEG-DASH.
Transcoding : FFMPEG , ViXS , Zenverge Transcoders
Caching ,Content Probing
Development of PC/Mobile/Tablet client : Android , iOS , Windows Mobile , Symbian , RIM
Technologies : C,C++,Jave,J2EE,.Net,Python,TCL/TK
Testing and Test Automation for web portals and network devices.

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Rebaca's Video Delivery Expertise Overview

  1. 1. Rebaca Technologies your R&D service partner Rebaca Technologies your R&D service partner Video Delivery Expertise Rebaca Technologies Expert Software Design & Test Services For Multimedia & Communications
  2. 2. Rebaca Technologies your R&D service partner Rebaca Technologies : At a glance  Boutique product engineering service company with offices in Kolkata, Bangalore, Santa Clara  Established in 1997  Key Focus areas  Video  STB, Mobile, Tablet, PC  Video Delivery , Streaming  Video and Communication Applications  Telecom  DPI  Policy Server  EMS/NMS  1300+ Man years of Multimedia and Communication Software development experience  IP Licensing in Embedded Multimedia and Video Applications  Experienced engineering talent and matured Agile development process  Service Offerings  Product Development  Product Sustenance  Deployment and Customer Support  Testing and Test Automation
  3. 3. Rebaca Technologies your R&D service partner Some of our clients ….…
  4. 4. Rebaca Technologies your R&D service partner Video Expertise  Digital TV  Device Drivers, Middleware,UI and Applications  Video Demux, USB, Graphics drivers  DVB, ATSC, OCAP,Hbbtv  PVR, EPG, Teletext, Subtitle, MHEG, OCAP Applications  Smart TV :GTV  Cross platform UI : HTML5, Flex  Native UI  Device Applications  iOS, Android mobile/tablet  Netgear NeoTV, Google TV  Samsung & LG Smart TV  PC Drivers and application  Windows , Linux and Mac driver  USB Driver  WHQL Certification  Video Delivery over IP  Video  MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264,AAC, AMR  FLV, AVI,MP4, FMP4, TS,3GPP, VOB  Transcoding : FFMPEG  Dynamic Advertising : SCTE 35,130  Streaming  RTSP ,RTP, RTMP  HTTP Progressive streaming  ABR : HLS, HDS, HSS, DASH  Caching, Content Probing  CMS : Kaltura, Scala  Multimedia Applications  TV Everywhere , OTT apps  Video Conferencing  Video Surveillance applications  Networking Application  UPnP, DLNA  VoIP applications  NAT Traversal Solution
  5. 5. Rebaca Technologies your R&D service partner Sample Projects  Encoding/Transcoding/Transmuxing  Video Optimization appliance development for transcoding and transrating using FFMPEG(FLV, MP4, MPEG2 TS , WebM) for leading Broadband optimization company  Transmuxing/Repackaging  TS-input to FMP4 for silverlight smooth streaming , SS flavored DASH for multiscreen video platform company  Development of Segmented TS input from TS input for HLS streaming for a leading multi screen Video platform vendor  Development of HDS segmenter for an Enterprise Video platform company  Development of core communication channel between ADM and ADS based on SCTE 130-3  Reusable Software Component : MP4 Recording engine for transmuxing HLS input to Silverlight smooth streaming , HDS and SS flavoured DASH output  Analytics  User and Network based data collection for analytics and targeted ads for multi- viewer solution vendor  Development of a client simulator which acts as an agent for testing the server functionality and also saving the streams for further QOS analysis
  6. 6. Rebaca Technologies your R&D service partner Case Study 1 : Transmuxing MPEG2 TS to FMP4 for Silverlight Smooth Streaming  Project Overview  Application to convert MPEG2 TS into Silverlight Segments and manifest files  Codec supported  Video Codec support : H.264 , Audio Codec Support : AAC-LC and AAC-HE  Features supported  Support simultaneous multiple bit rates conversion  LIVE and VOD mode, TIME and I- Frame  Support for PIFF Encryption (AES- CTR)  Integration with Playready DRM  Tools and Technologies  C++ , Linux  Recording is done as per fragment base approach of PIFF Specification ISO/IEC 14496-14, ISO/IEC 14496-12, ISO13818-1, ITU-T Rec. H.264, ISO/IEC 14496- 15 and ISO/IEC 14496-3 specs
  7. 7. Rebaca Technologies your R&D service partner Case Study 2 : Transmuxing TS input to TS Segmented output for HLS Streaming  Project Overview:  Application generates HLS segments from input TS streams  Codec supported:  Video Codec support : H.264,Audio Codec Support : AAC and AC-3  Features supported:  Support simultaneous multiple bit rates segment generation (resolution, quality and FPS).  LIVE and VOD mode,TIME and I-Frame, syncing all bitrates, static and time metadata insertion, discontinuity handling, Multiple audio/video renditions, audio only playback, dynamic configuration of segment duration, master index, i-frame index and index file generation.  Tools and Technologies:  C++ , Linux  Playback supported on VLC, Quicktime, Safari, iOS  Recording is done as per draft-pantos-http-live-streaming-10, Timed Metadata for HTTP Live Streaming, id3v2.3.0 standard, iso13818-1, Digital Audio Compression Standard (AC-3, E-AC-3), ISO/IEC 14496-3 and ITU-T Rec. H.264.
  8. 8. Rebaca Technologies your R&D service partner Architecture Diagram HLS Controller Module (HCM) Transport Stream Receiver (TSR) File System Abstraction (FSA) OS Abstraction (OSA) HLS Core Engine (HCE) Transport Stream Demuxer (TSD) Transport Stream Muxer (TSM) TS Video Audio Infrastructure Log Manager (LGM) HLS Segmenter Application (HSA) Application HLS Segmenter (HLS) Sub-Title HLS Utility Manager (HUM) Common Utility Manager (CUM)
  9. 9. Rebaca Technologies your R&D service partner Case Study 3 : User and Network based data collection for analytics  Project Overview  User and Network based data collection for analytics and targeted ads for multi- viewer Video solution vendor  Features  User device characteristics  Device type, Screen resolution, OS, Player / User Agent / Version  Aggregate user statistics  Total users connected over time, Aggregate statistics on connected devices  User browsing behavior  Trailers viewed as primary, Trailers viewed as secondary, Viewing time per trailer, Total viewing time / time to purchase or abandon  Quality of experience  Available network bandwidth, Delivered bandwidth over time, Number and direction of bit rate changes  Tools & Technologies  C, PHP, Postgress database
  10. 10. Rebaca Technologies your R&D service partner Thank You