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Ad Server Solutions - ad server ad exchange

ad exchange product presentation

ad server

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Ad Server Solutions - ad server ad exchange

  1. 1. Ad Exchange for Display AdvertisingAn introductory note
  2. 2. When buying an ad exchange product you want ability to… Connect Publishers, Ad Networks and RTB sources with Buying Channels High yield and performance. Implement and execute business goals quickly Ability to integrate with multiple SSPs and DSPs Ability to handle large volume and scalability Industry standards compliance
  3. 3. You are looking for an implementation partner who is… Of the right experience Technology & Business Provides the right breadth of services Software Managed Services Support Services Is of the right size Not so large that you become one of the many clients Not so small that the service comes with an apology for quality and competence Gives you the IP rights (These come with conditions)
  4. 4. Introducing Adx Connect
  5. 5. Adserver Solutions Suite & ServicesAdserverSolutions SuiteAdManagementDisplay AdNetworkMobile AdNetworkVideo NetworkEngineeringCoreProfessionalServicesManagedServicesAdx ConnectEngineAd ServingcomponentBidderscomponentAuctioningcomponentCachingcomponentCampaignmonitoringcomponentReportingcomponentOptimizersThe Suite started out as an ad network andevolved into a full scale Ad Exchange with its 7different components.Today with its 8 modules it provides thepossibility of a Single window/Singleimplementation solution for businessesThe suite comes ensconced in a bundle ofprofessional and managed services whichinclude Integration Services, Adaptation Services, AdOperations, Applications Support & System Support
  6. 6. Overview Now connecting publishers, ad networks and multiple RTB sources tomultiple buying channels for highest yield and performance. Buying channels include private exchange for direct buys, tag basedbuys with ad networks and RTB auction. Fully optimized buying. Unified administrator interface to manage all operations. Enterprise architecture that can handle high volumes. Scalability achieved through Amazon EC2 auto-scaling cloud set up. Available in licensed, licensed w/source and SAAS models. Integrated with numerous SSP and DSPs. Ability to take customers livewithin weeks without any long implementation cycles. IAB compliant.
  7. 7. Features DetailedOptimized traffic selling for highyields for Supply Side Providers(SSP).SSP may be direct publishers, adnetworks and RTB sources.All traffic classified into buckets.Buckets include IAB definedcontent categories, user behaviorand keywords.Targeting criteria likedomain/page, geo and deviceautomatically passed to buy side.Ability to define custom attributesfor direct ad sales. May or maynot be targeted by ad networksand DSP partners.Ability for publishers and adnetworks to set floors.Ability for publishers and adnetworks to define passback tagsfor unsold inventory.Ability for advertisers, agencies,media buyers, ad networks andDSPs to buy mediaAll standard targeting criteriasupported.Ability to build a monetizationstack of ad networks in a daisychain model.Ability to accept bids for trafficfrom DSPs through an auctionengine.Direct campaigns and DSPsbids can compete for higheryield for publishers.Campaign optimization forcontrol spend and enhanceperformance.Supply Side Features Demand Side Features
  8. 8. Advanced Optimization and Targeting Precise targeting the delivery of advertising to the right audience, at the right time. Ability to describe a of target audience well using multiple targeting methodologies and an inherent flexibility to describeaudience. Advanced algorithms to help publishers optimize their ad revenue, and offers unique options for targeting users. RTB sources land traffic on the Adx-Connect platform based on preset criteria. The platform then takes bid amount from predefined campaigns and bids on the impression along with ad tags that point tothe ad serving component. Targeting criteria received in the impression request is overridden by criteria set in RTB campaign.MultivariateforecastingReal TimePrioritizationProfiletargetingRevenueOptimization
  9. 9. Pricing Models Software Sales (SS) Model Software Sales with Implementation Services (SSIS) Model* Software Sales with Implementation and Managed Services (SSIMS) Model* Software as a Service (SAAS) ModelNote: * 2nd and 3rd models comes with an option to buy the source code.
  10. 10. Summary Adx Connect started as a Ad Network and evolved into an Exchange as the industry evolved over last few years. It tightly follows the industry standards and has the ability to integrate with numerous Supply Side and Demand Side platforms. Adex Connect not only provides all the features you will need to smoothly run business but also does it quick and at price pointsyou can be comfortable at.
  11. 11. Questions?Anoop NigamAdserverSolutions