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Science, democracy & technology: Being Linnaean in the digital age



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Science, democracy & technology: Being Linnaean in the digital age

  1. 1. Science, democracy & technology: Being Linnaean in the digital age Mathias Klang @klang67
  2. 2. "looking like a tough character that does not want or need a caress" Peter “Fearless” Forsskål (1732-1763) Forsskaolea tenacissima
  3. 3. Access to “Truth” (knowledge)
  4. 4. Thoughts on civil liberty (1759)
  5. 5. If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear. George Orwell
  6. 6. Truth always wins when it is allowed to be denied and defended equally (§8)
  7. 7. Civil liberty is the unlimited freedom of the written word (7§)
  8. 8. People oppress each other (5§)
  9. 9. Censor librorum: Niklas von Oelreich
  10. 10. Law Contextual & programmed social rules Architecture
  11. 11. A ridiculously brief history of computing
  12. 12. Generation zero
  13. 13. hollerith
  14. 14. World wide web (an open standard) Hypertext in the wild - Tim Berners-Lee (1990/91)
  15. 15. The digital is the original & everything is copy
  16. 16. Interfaces of knowledge
  17. 17. Blogger 1999 Google 1999 End of communications monopoly
  18. 18. Only 30 kg
  19. 19. Limitless 303 grams
  20. 20. “all is for the best in the best of all possible worlds” Pangloss in Candide (1759)
  21. 21. Infrastructures of control
  22. 22. To this liberty, the greatest danger is always posed by those who are the most powerful in the country by dint of their positions, estate, or wealth. Not only can they easily abuse the power they hold, but also constantly increase their rights and strength, so that the other inhabitants must fear them more and more. (4§)
  23. 23. Only technology (spot the ethical dilemma?)
  24. 24. Formats, (false) metaphors and drm
  25. 25. Ephemeral knowledge
  26. 26. Lenses to the world
  27. 27. Surveillance as hidden cost
  28. 28. To ensure digital civil liberty politicians must be fearless, weigh people above commerce & speech above infrastructure
  29. 29. THANKS!
  30. 30. Mathias Klang or @klang67 Image & licensing info in the notes section of slides. Images at (or specifically stated). This ppt licensed: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA Download presentation

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