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Limiting the Open Society


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Limiting the Open Society

  1. Regulation by proxy<br />Limiting the Open Society<br />
  2. Is anyone listening…<br />Why free speech?<br />
  3. Truth (Mill)Tolerance (Bollinger)Democracy (art xix)<br />Would any politician be against it…<br />
  4. Highpoint 1948<br />
  5. History…<br />
  6. Almost 300 years ago<br />The state as threat, discussion was on imprimatur<br />
  7. Revolution & rights<br />
  8. Media centralization<br />
  9. In the hands of a small clique<br />Means of production<br />
  10. speakers corner<br />
  11. Enter the net :)<br />
  12. Freedom as side effect<br />
  13. Freedom by agreement (of a homogeneous group)<br />Open end-to-end<br />Packet switching <br />“liberal” ideology<br />
  14. A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace<br />Governments of the Industrial World, you wearygiants of flesh and steel, I come from Cyberspace, the new home of Mind. On behalf of the future, I ask you of the past to leaveusalone. You are not welcomeamongus. You have no sovereigntywherewegather.<br />Barlowe, 1996<br />
  15. Freedom as bi-product<br />
  16. There is one and only one social responsibility of business—to use its resources and engage in activities designed to increase its profits…<br />Milton Friedman<br />
  17. censorship<br />
  18. Circus dogs jump when the trainer cracks his whip, but the really well-trained dog is the one that turns his somersault when there is no whip.<br />
  19. Lone voices in the crowd/cloud<br />
  20. Inadvertent censorship<br />affordances<br />
  21. german engineer problem<br />
  22. Chilling effects<br />
  23. Evil euLa<br />Thought control?<br />
  24. When states wash their hands…<br />Regulation by proxy<br />
  25. What can be done?<br />
  26. What its there for!<br />Remember…<br />
  27. If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.<br />
  28. What I want…<br />Freedom of speech on the platforms of others<br />Return of the state <br />End of regulation by proxy<br />
  29. It’s the hypocrisy <br />that I find insulting<br />or remove free speech as a human right… <br />
  30. Thank you.<br />
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