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Secrets of Being Highly Productive: Trello


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Basic tips and uses for Trello for project management. A presentation given for LACONI on March 21, 2016.

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Secrets of Being Highly Productive: Trello

  1. 1. Kristine Kenney Information Services Manager Palatine Public Library District
  2. 2. Get Things Done
  3. 3. Inc. Best tools and apps to boost your productivity in 2016 Fortune 5 Productivity tools to keep you and your business on track in 2016 Fast Company The 7 essential mobile apps for when you have to work on your phone
  4. 4. FREE Use cards to organize your daily activities and projects SIMPLE Start with lists and move left to right UNLIMITED Unlimited Boards, unlimited users, unlimited uploads
  5. 5. VISUAL Easily see where you should focus your attention using photos, colors and dates FLUID Drag and drop cards give your tasks and projects flexibility Automatically syncs across your devices and across each team member INTEGRATION Add documents from Google Drive, Drop Box and OneDrive.
  6. 6. List
  7. 7. Front Back The Trello Card
  8. 8. The Trello Card A card represents a key activity. Multiple cards create a list. Individual steps for a card would be a checklist.
  9. 9. The Trello Card
  10. 10. Card Management Bulk add Have a list of text that you want to transform into cards or a checklist? Paste the list in the “add card” or “add checklist” item area. Add card via email Each Trello board has a unique email address. Just forward your email to create a card. Move all cards Cleaning up your board? You can move all cards in a list at once.
  11. 11. Find & Organize Finding a board Type “b” from any board, and the board search will appear. Keep your titles descriptive to improve your search. Search Cards Press “/” on any board to find cards across any of your boards. Color Code As your boards grow, designate a different color so you spot the right board right away.
  12. 12. Filter Cards
  13. 13. Deadlines & Due Dates
  14. 14. View Board as Calendar
  15. 15. Trello for Mobile
  16. 16. NOTIFICATIONS Real time notifications. Respond right within the Trello app on your phone. ATTACHMENTS Attach photos or documents straight to card MOVE CARDS Move cards to a different list while on the go
  17. 17. Trello Tips & Inspiration Inspiring Boards Best Practices Trello Tips Trello Help 5 Uses of the Trello App