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New media and internet have significantly changed our lives and we are getting addicted to the internet, day by day. Online channels are becoming more and more available and naturally necessary in the rush of our daily life. Thus, developing business strategies for the online channels and digital marketing tools to reach the customers effectively is a vital task. Considering the internet usage of most of the customers, distributing on the mobile applications is efficient. With respect to statics, sales of smartphones soon exceeds the sales of computers so it is certain that companies need to invest on their mobile apps and expand their applications
Moreover, there still are new mobile technologies which are in the line to burst, such as mobile financial services, location based services, near field communications etc. Thus, this project aims to research how to power up the penetration of these technologies by digital activities

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Mobile advertising

  1. 1. * klnmklnmklmşlmö
  2. 2. * Why Go Mobile?* Global Trends in Mobile Tech* How we use in Turkey?* Location Based Systems*.* Case Study: *
  3. 3. * Marketing when and where its needed* More fun from interactive marketing* Individualized and tailored marketing
  4. 4. * Mobile subscriber penetration in Turkey: %90* Usage trends in Turkey – Messaging is still the most prominent* 35 million internet users -Internet World Stats (5th biggest internet population in Europe)
  5. 5. * Not Fastest growing country on GDP, but on* 12,5 mil subscriber on * Over 1,6 billion tweets in 2012 * 25,955 tweets from 22,443 distinct users in the 1st min of 2013* 32 mil users on * #7 in the World
  6. 6. 1,9 Million RegisteredMembers 3.500 members each day
  7. 7. * Social networking business sniff* Find your friends! Identify their location via their mobile phone signal* Location based game and campaign service * Win the badges with your check-ins! * Play M-puzzle and win the astonishing gifts* Friends’ ratings about places* Check-in and show where you at* Win prizes
  8. 8. * Build Promotions On Multiple Location-Based Platforms * Live Visitor Tracking & Heat Map Technology * Manage Multiple Locations In One Place* Over 2 million users
  9. 9. *Share your locations with friends A new Record in Turkey! 5.459 people*Win free drinks, etc. checkin in the same time Each 1 of 10 people in the*Gamify the places with the stadium check-in badges via Foursquare* %12 of smart phone users, use check-in services* also%55 use Location Based Services
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