NFC Australia: A snapshot


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A snapshot of NFC in Australia.

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NFC Australia: A snapshot

  1. Near Field Communication (NFC):A quick look at theopportunity in Australia
  2. What is NFC? Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short range electromagnetic field that allows an enabled device ie your mobile to communicate with another device or to receive a predetermined instruction. It removes the need for the user to open any applications or to actively scan a code just tap your device to an NFC tag or another NFC enabled device. consumerisation has been largely driven by the major and upcoming payment providers as the transactional world moves from cash wallets to purely digital.
  3. There will be863 Million NFCenabled handsetsby 2015 53% ofall smartphones. ~ Frost & Sullivan
  4. Payments File sharing Security / physical access Identity managementUtility management Food & beverage ordering / payment Home Appliances Marketing promotionsData transfer Loyalty programs and memberships Gaming Ticketing
  5. The number of manufacturersshipping with NFC is growing.
  6. But what about?...
  7. Apple & NFC Despite this, Apple has taken numerous patents on NFC technology (shopping, payments, travel, remote controls). In key markets including Australia, Android handsets most of which are now shipping with NFC capability account for up to 63% of sales.
  8. Public Transport: Out & About:Everyday uses of NFC • Pay to access / travel • Download timetable info • Download perks from advertising poster from kiosk • Pay for goods & services • Accumulate points for loyalty Your car: programs • Start the car • Acquire & use coupons • Tune to your music playlist • Order meals & inventory • Pay for parking • At home: • Customise your seat position • Control appliances & lighting • Customise music At the office: • Pay for parking • Access control • • Exchange details (business • Customise your seat position cards) • Log into computer Entertainment: • Access printing dialogue • Use as your ticket • Access / control petty cash • Download exhibit / match • Manage attendance Information & content
  9. Industry convergence will unlock mobile commerce via NFC Source: Accenture
  10. In Australia, mobile payments(including NFC) will account for$19.5 billion of commerce by2015. Source: IE Market Research Corp
  11. 23%In fact, of consumerswould rather give up their TV 38% 40%than their smartphone. 18-29 y.o. 30-49 y.o. More and more Aussies are scanning QR codes while out of home, demonstrating a demand for in-store and location based mobile utility (NFC is a replacement for QRC) % of surveyed respondents to scan QR code within last 3 mths Source: Google, Our Mobile Planet, Australia Source: Adobe
  12. And consumers are actively using their mobile devices in-store... 73% Percentage of US consumers that use their mobile in-store to: • Check prices • Take a photo • Send to others • Find product details • Find nearby sellers • Check for deals Source: Google, Our Mobile Planet, Australia Source: IAB USA
  13. -store experiences with local businesses. Source: Google Our Mobile Planet
  14. NFC is already in action in Australia Payments Advertising / Marketing Mobility & RetailTransactional focus. Big, established players pave Increasing consumer awareness drive Advertising Secondary benefits of NFC are adopted by POSthe way for introduction of NFC to retailers, and Marketing firms to adopt NFC enabled retailers, utility based applications (ie homedriving consumer demand for NFC enabled campaigns. appliances, tourism, security access, etc) anddevices. other Out of Home beneficiaries.
  15. Contact Web: Twitter: @priceyjohndoe Or, scan to connect!