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10-ish Tips to Make WordPress Your Friend

  1. How to Make WordPress Your Friend Kerch McConlogue @kerchmcc WordCamp, Rhode Island 2015
  2. @kerchmcc
  3. @kerchmcc
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  7. Kerch McConlogue Twitter @kerchmcc
  8. Tip 1: Take notes @kerchmcc These are my notes!
  9. Tip 2: If you can use WORD and you are not afraid of the internet, you can use WordPress @kerchmcc WORD WordPress
  10. @kerchmcc Use HEADINGS not just colored text and bold This is the “kitchen Sink” icon. Use it to show two line WYSIWYG editor
  11. Copy and Paste Issues @kerchmcc Copied from email and pasted directly into Visual tab
  12. @kerchmcc Copy and Paste Issues What it looks like published
  13. @kerchmcc Copy and Paste Issues What the code looks like in Text Tab
  14. @kerchmcc Copy and Paste Issues
  15. Indent / Outdent / Blockquote @kerchmcc
  16. Indent / Outdent / Blockquote @kerchmcc
  17. Indent / Outdent / Blockquote @kerchmcc
  18. Indent / Outdent / Blockquote @kerchmcc
  19. Aside: Categories and Tags @kerchmcc Categories = Table of Contents Tags = Index
  20. Screen Options Tip 3: How to find what you can’t @kerchmcc
  21. The little used HELP! @kerchmcc
  22. Help: Keyboard Shortcuts @kerchmcc
  23. Tip 4: Backup and Update @kerchmcc
  24. @kerchmcc
  25. @kerchmcc
  26. Tip 5: The images won’t go where I want @kerchmcc No Alignment
  27. Tip 5: The images won’t go where I want @kerchmcc Left
  28. Tip 5: The images won’t go where I want @kerchmcc Right
  29. Tip 5: The images won’t go where I want @kerchmcc Center
  30. Tip 6: Weird Spacing @kerchmcc It looks like this but you want it to look like this
  31. @kerchmcc Remove the highlighted parts shown in the Text View Tip 6: Weird Spacing
  32. @kerchmcc See? Gone! Tip 6: Weird Spacing
  33. See? Gone! @kerchmcc Tip 5a: Use Shift + Enter to avoid the extra line breaks all together! Tip 6: Weird Spacing
  34. Tip 7: Plugins Just because you install a plugin does not make it do anything!
  35. Tip 8: Oh, Rats! I lost what I was working on Using Revisions Finding them in the side bar @kerchmcc
  36. @kerchmcc Tip 8: Oh, Rats! I lost what I was working on Finding them at the bottom of the page
  37. @kerchmcc Tip 8: Oh, Rats! I lost what I was working on Choose to which to revert
  38. Tip 9: When you’re lost and confused @kerchmcc
  39. Tip 9: When you’re lost and confused @kerchmcc
  40. How to add a picture to a post Search the @kerchmcc
  41. @kerchmcc Results Page Search the
  42. Tip 10: Practice, Practice, Practice Make a new page .. Add content and images Save as draft Preview the results See what works @kerchmcc
  43. @kerchmcc Go ahead: Push the buttons. You won’t break it!
  44. About Kerch @kerchmcc Phone: (443) 255-3401 (also: Twitter @kerchmcc Linkedin: kerch-mcconlogue Tweet if you liked it Tweet if you hated it Tweet if you have questions

Editor's Notes

  1. Grandparents bought them Put in the tape Push play But they were often afraid. Kids figured it out Just push the buttons. No PB&J sandwiches in the slot
  2. I want to convince you that you can do this Use word,.. Not afraid of the internet? I know you want to do this or you wouldn't be here. Look Apple’s whole deal is make it easy for people to figure out. It can be intimidating. Lou.. Story
  3. People are swayed by their beliefs Kids believe they don’t like veggies. They BELIEVE it. Adults don’t want to admit a fear. Heck Babies can do it I must be really stupid! Let me say it again. I want to convince you that you can do this.
  4. So here you are at the beginning of WordCamp How many is this the first? Welcome: to the community Part of the value of coming here is the opportunity to learn and share and grow The community needs you! You say, what me? I don’t know anything. Every new person who asks a question forces somebody else to think about something.. Maybe in a different way than they did before.
  5. I can’t really teach you much in 40 minutes … You won’t remember what you don’t own. You hear it.. You think you know it.. But until you use it .. You won’t own it. I want to set you on the right path
  6. 62 years old. One computer class .. No commas Artist, produced big events, BCF, carson and barnes Adhd coach I started writing code by hand in 1999 and have been using WP Since 2005 WordPress version 1.5 I write a little code Been to several wordcamps Dirty little sec ret.. I don’t write fancy code like a lot of these guys. Somehow I think if I listen REALLY CAREFULLY.. Suddenly I’ll understand.. Like sitting a table in Mexico with a bunch of Mexican women chatting.. If I listen really carefully.. I’ll understand. Nope. How many of you already have WP for your NP? Are you still working with someone for support? Any ringers here? Feel free to ask questions as they come up. I’ll either answer it, or tell you it’s coming.. Or say.. See me later. Tommy 386 with parts from the junk pile in the computer lab in HS
  7. Tip 1 Write down the words .. Ask questions ask people Sometimes you find answers where you least expect it.. Maybe that person sitting next to you at lunch. Take notes.. Condesnse them soon
  8. How to: Make a page Save as a draft Or private And play
  9. Lou’s story Vcr