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Blurred Lines - Gender Communication Styles of Malaysian Millennials on Facebook

  1. Blurred Lines Gender Communication Styles of Malaysian Millennials on Facebook Kee-Man CHUAH & Kirstie Tet-Mei FUNG Faculty of Language & Communication Universiti Malaysia Sarawak International Conference on Language Studies 2017
  2. Language is evolving rapidly scarily online.
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  4. Source: Global Web Index
  5. Source: Global Web Index
  6. TL;DR Millennials refer to the group of people born from the 1980s until the start of the new millennium, Y2K (Gibson & Sodemon, 2014).
  7. Why do we study gender differences in FB communication styles among millennials?
  8. 1. Is there a difference between male and female communicating styles among Malaysian millennials via Facebook? 2. Why do both genders from Malaysian millennials use certain language features when interacting via Facebook? Research Questions
  9. Herring’s (1994) model of communication styles: Underlying theoretical foundations Female Users • hedging • apologising • asking more questions • form personal bonds (assertions) Male Users • put-downs • strong and often contentions • self-promotion • sarcasm • having an authoritative tone Bae?
  10. 70 Malaysian millennials (35 males and 35 females) They were observed based on their interactions in 5 public Facebook pages. Their comments were analysed based on Herring’s framework Interview sessions were conducted on 20 randomly selected participants (they were given snippets of comments and were asked to identify the gender and give their reasons) Methodology ^^^
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  12. Key Findings Label Characteristics Male Female F1 Hedging 2 - F2 Apologizing - 1 F3 Asking questions 2 4 F4 Form personal bonds 9 14 M1 Put downs 7 4 M2 Strong/often contentions 5 4 M3 Self-promoting 1 1 M4 Sarcasm 11 8 M5 Authoritative tone 2 2 Note. F indicates female communication styles, M indicates male communication styles Content analysis of their postings/comments on FB. 1st 1st 2nd 2nd
  13. Key Findings The interview data revealed that: Male would tend to voice out their opinions on realistic issues whereas females express based on emotions and would be more likely to talk and share about their personal interests online or something that they are very enthusiastic about. Respondents unanimously agreed that choice of words and the way an opinion is expressed can determine the gender.
  14. Interview Responses
  15. Conclusion A thin line separating Malaysian (millennials) male and female styles of expressing their thoughts in a digital platform. Steinmetz (2017) mentioned, “the identity breakdown seems newer to many people, and in some ways tougher to unpack” (p. 38). – perhaps it’s time to just stop unpacking “gendered language” More “blurred lines” in gender communication styles in the growing technological age. ^^^
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