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Power Up Your Resume: Useful Tips


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Useful tips to prepare your resume to meet with the needs of the industries.

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Power Up Your Resume: Useful Tips

  1. 1. Useful Tips by Mr Chuah Kee Man
  2. 2. First thing first… Let’s get the terms right.
  3. 3. Résumé & Curriculum Vitae (CV) Are they the same?
  4. 4. Résumé a concise outline (1-2 pages) of your skills, education and experience.
  5. 5. Curriculum Vitae (CV) An in-depth document of your qualifications, experience, skills, publications, achievements, etc.
  6. 6. Résumé is more commonly used in the industries (especially private companies).
  7. 7. CV is mostly used when applying for academic, scientific, or research positions
  8. 8. Let’s Power Up Your Résumé
  9. 9. One recent study showed that recruiters spent only 6.25 seconds looking at a candidate’s résumé before deciding whether he or she is fit for a job.
  10. 10. So how to increase your visibility via résumé?
  11. 11. #1 Use the Right Layout
  12. 12. Let’s take a look at some examples
  13. 13. Messy and inappropriate
  14. 14. Looks crowded (centre aligned)
  15. 15. Looks catchy but messy
  16. 16. Clean and professional
  17. 17. Neat and organized
  18. 18. Neat and contemporary
  19. 19. Click Here for some useful templates:
  20. 20. Layout: The Basics  Stick to standard paper size (A4) and use left or justified alignment.  Use neat and professional layout (not too fancy/creative)  Use suitable font types and font size (10-12pt).  Use proper headings for each section/part  Stick to maximum of 3 colours (if you place to use colours)
  21. 21. Layout: Best Fonts • Arial • Verdana • Calibri • Garamond • Georgia • Times New Roman
  22. 22. Layout: The Standard Parts Use headings to indicate:  Contact Details (No fancy email)  Career Objective (Precise)  Education  Work Experience  Skills  Achievements/Awards  Activities and Interests  References/Referees Don’t forget your Portrait Photo.
  23. 23. Personal Info/Contact Details  Full name  Marital Status  Date of Birth (with Age)  Address (permanent)  Phone Number (Mobile)  Email (make sure you make a professional one, especially with your name given)
  24. 24. Education  Use Timeline (list the latest first).  Highlight your achievements or key skills learned instead of results alone.  If needed, highlight key courses taken too.
  25. 25. Education Sep 2011 – Sep 2015 Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, Kota Samarahan. • Obtained Bachelor of Arts in Arts Management with Honours. • Graduated with CGPA 2.75 but mastered advanced skills in using Adobe Creative Suites during the 4 years with certificates from Adobe. • Key courses taken with valuable skills learned: Event Management, Intellectual Property, Creative Thinking.
  26. 26. Use the quadrant rule to check. Make sure each quadrant is balanced.
  27. 27. Portrait Photo (Headshots) matters! Get help to shoot a nice once. Smile, clean background, minimal make up and with professional attire and keep it recent.
  28. 28. #2 Use the Right Language
  29. 29. Language Tips #1 Use strong action verbs when writing your experiences or achievements.
  30. 30. Worst Words (Overused) Best Words Best of breed Go-getter Think outside of the box Dynamic Synergy Thought leadership Value add Results-driven Team player Bottom-line Achieved Improved Trained/mentored Managed Created Resolved Volunteered Influenced Increased/decreased Won
  31. 31. But it’s not just about using the verbs….
  32. 32. Language Tips #2 Be specific when writing your key activities or career objectives
  33. 33. Example April – June 2014 Marketing Intern – (EverCheap Sdn Bhd) • Attended group meetings and recorded minutes. • Worked with children in a day-care setting. • Updated departmental files. Not good enough!
  34. 34. Good Example April – June 2014 Marketing Intern – (EverCheap Sdn Bhd) • Recorded weekly meeting minutes and compiled them for future organizational reference. • Provided assistance in organising three daily activities for preschool children. • Reorganized 10 years worth of files, making them easily accessible to department members. Action words are used to describe each task done clearly.
  35. 35. Career Objective
  36. 36. Career Objective • Focus on how you would benefit the employer, not on how the employer would benefit you. • Be clear of what you plan to apply or achieve. • Keep it concise and targeted. The best resume objectives contain a desired job title or target.
  37. 37. Too General: Seeking a challenging position that offers professional growth. Clear and Concise: A challenging entry-level marketing position that allows me to contribute my skills and experience in promoting company’s products.
  38. 38. Language Tips #3 Keywords are the key (use those keywords mentioned in the ads)
  39. 39. Top Keywords Problem solving Leadership Oral/ Written Communication Team building Productivity Adaptable If these keywords appear on the ads, do include them in your resume if you have such qualities/capabilities.
  40. 40. Language Tips #4 Avoid improper abbreviations or short forms
  41. 41. Examples: becoz, dun, FYI, wanna
  42. 42. Example: Ass. Manager (Marketing) Don’t embarrass yourself
  43. 43. Language Tips #5 Avoid “bombastic” words, keep it clear and concise.
  44. 44. Language Tips #6 Ask someone to proofread your resume
  45. 45. #3 Use the Right Focus
  46. 46. Customise Your Resume! Make sure you modify your resume to fit the position.
  47. 47. Customisation Example: Highlight your academic strengths (e.g. relevant courses taken) instead of putting only CGPA)
  48. 48. Customisation Example: Move specific parts up according to the job. E.g. Move up skills if your work experience is limited.
  49. 49. Extras: 1. Clean up your social profiles 2. Back up with portfolios 3. Don’t cheat!
  50. 50. Get in touch.. @keemanxp