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WEDOERGONOMICS             COlEBROOk BOSSON SAuNDERS             are award winning designers and manufacturers            ...
ER•go•nom•icsWhO                                                                    | plural, noun |                      ...
WhAT ARE ThE CONSEquENCES OF                                                                                             D...
The benefiTs of The Cbs produCT range…              How can a Monitor Arm help?              • Raises the screen to the co...
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WE DO Ergonomics brochure


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Highlights the importance of workplace ergonomics and shows how our products help create comfort and space for people working with computers and technology

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WE DO Ergonomics brochure

  1. 1. WEDOERGONOMICS COlEBROOk BOSSON SAuNDERS are award winning designers and manufacturers of ergonomic IT solutions for use in the workplace, mobile working environments, and the home
  2. 2. ER•go•nom•icsWhO | plural, noun | From the Greek ergon meaning to work and nomos meaning natural laws. In essence ergonomics is about designing environments and products to suit the people who use them in order to improve well-being andARE WE? optimise productivity.Colebrook Bosson Saunders (CBS) was founded in 1990, drawing upon theskills of architecture and product design to create new and innovative solutionsto the challenge of creating space and comfort when integrating technologywith furniture in the workplace. This unique approach led to unrivalled researchinto workspace ergonomics and the development of products that have heavilyinfluenced how people sit and work with computers to this very day.Over the years CBS have won countless awards for thedesign and manufacture of ergonomic IT products includingMonitor Supports; CPU Holders; Laptop Stands; and CableManagement Systems. Most commonly used for creatinghealthy workspaces in the office, at home, or whenworking on the move, CBS products facilitate safeand healthy working for improved user well beingand productivity.Why ARE ERGONOMICSIMpORTANT IN ThE WORkplACE?Creating an environment to maximise the potential of its staffis a key objective of most companies, and good ergonomicsimproves performance in the following areas... pRODuCTIvITy AND EFFICIENCy hEAlTh AND Research in the US has shown that for every WEll-BEING dollar invested in an ergonomic intervention Organisations which employ strategies to strategy in an office environment (e.g. improve workplace ergonomics have found RSI prevention), there is a return of $17.50 that WRMSDs (resulting in lost work time) (Source: Buckle) were three times less likely to occur (Source: Schneider)
  3. 3. WhAT ARE ThE CONSEquENCES OF DID yOu kNOW? WORkING WITh pOOR ERGONOMICS? 38% of all illnesses in the working population A poorly designed workstation can cause • Work Related Musculoskeletal are musculoskeletal physiological and psychological conditions Disorders (WRMSD’s) are injuries that disorders (MSDs) that can lead to reduced efficiency at work, occur within joints, muscles, tendons, increased days lost to illness, and long nerves and soft tissue of the body, caused term health problems. Common problems by regular undertaking of work in awkward associated with poor ergonomics include: or static postures • Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) are caused • Low morale, stress and anxiety can by repetitive use of equipment and can lead occur from being regularly positioned in to numbness and aching of the affected area physical discomfort hOW AND WhERE DO WE hElp? In the office, with desktop computers... WE DO OFFICES WE DO OFFICES A PC screen is often coupled with a stand Working with tablet/touch screen Dual screen use is popular for multi-tasking that is not ergonomic. It is important to use technology alongside a standard screen is and increased efficiency, however the a Monitor Arm (see above) that can be easily becoming increasingly commonplace, and screens must be at the same height to avoid adjusted to the correct eye level for the user. it is important that both screens are set up neck strain. ergonomically and easily adjusted according to the user requirements.DID yOukNOW? Hot-desking in the office or Working in the WE DOA survey in the US in HOME2010 involving 5,000 mobile working with a laptop... home office... OFFICEScompanies showed 62%of businesses surveyedhave employees whowork remotely either part WE DOtime or full time MOBILE(Source: Work Simple) WORKING A Laptop Stand enables the screen to be With an increase in flexible working practices, placed at the correct height for the user, and creating a dedicated workspace at home with when combined with a keyboard and mouse an ergonomic arrangement of IT equipment is it creates a perfect ergonomic solution. becoming increasingly important.
  4. 4. The benefiTs of The Cbs produCT range… How can a Monitor Arm help? • Raises the screen to the correct viewing height for the user to improve posture and reduce stress on the back, neck, and shoulders • Achieves correct distance between user and the screen for an improved ergonomic set-up • Enables screen adjustment to reduce glare and unnecessary strain on the eyes • Saves space on the desk for improved aesthetics and a healthier workstation What does a CPU Holder do? • Removes the CPU from the work area to free up desk space • Protects the CPU from damage and from becoming a trip hazard • Improves computer performance by protecting the CPU from harmful dust particles Why use a Laptop Stand? • Creates a perfect ergonomic position when used alongside a keyboard and mouse • Lifts the laptop to the correct ergonomic viewing height • Easy to store and transport for mobile working bef o re What are the benefits of Cable Management? • Organises wires into one manageable core and anchors cables securely to the floor to prevent af T trip hazards er • Eliminates desk clutter for a cleaner, tidier, and healthier workspace +44 (0)20 7940 4266 UK France Germany Benelux Russia USA Canada Australia Japan UAE