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How to use SDN to Innovate, Expand and Deliver for your business


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Tristan Liverpool outlines the benefits of SDN

Published in: Technology
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How to use SDN to Innovate, Expand and Deliver for your business

  1. 1. How to use SDN to Innovate, Expand, Deliver for your business Tristan Liverpool UK&I Systems Engineering Manager
  2. 2. © F5 Networks, Inc 2 Advanced threats Mobility Technology Shifts Center on Applications… Internet of things SDA/Cloud Quality of experience Time to Market Application Availability
  3. 3. © F5 Networks, Inc 3 High Network Complexity Years of deploying point products have resulted in complex, fragile network topologies that must be balanced against unique upgrade, patch and maintenance schedules Challenges in Scaling Modern Datacenters Agile Flexible each with its own unique set of CLI, GUI, API and integration methods Efficient Infrastructure integration difficulties Difficult to Manage Lots of Boxes
  4. 4. © F5 Networks, Inc 4 Challenges in Scaling Modern Datacenters Clients Application Data Plane Architect VEsRouter Switch LB Firewall Net Engineers & Admins Time Consuming Error Prone Process Difficult to Debug Manual & Scripted Configuration
  5. 5. © F5 Networks, Inc 5 Enterprise Needs a New Answer Agile Dev Rapid deployment & network operations. Rapid development of customer desired applications. DevOps Network operations. Rapid deployment. Accelerate time to market. SDN Operationalise the Network. Accelerate time to market. ✓
  6. 6. Analysts and statistics can make almost any claim…
  7. 7. © F5 Networks, Inc 7 Spurious correlations… It would seem the less people that use IE the less murders occur in the US…
  8. 8. When it comes to applications the numbers and costs, the correlations are very real
  9. 9. © F5 Networks, Inc 9 It’s an application world 37% 641Nearly Half Growth of the web in 2013 New applications per dayof all organizations going mobile
  10. 10. © F5 Networks, Inc 10 Data volumes double every 18 Months OPEX costs double every eight years Applications double every four years Putting Pressure on Networks to Scale Source: IDC Directions, Battle for the Future of the Datacenter: The Role of Disaggregated Systems, Mar 2014
  11. 11. © F5 Networks, Inc 11 “High performing organisations deploy code 30 times more often and 8000 times faster than their peers, deploying multiple times a day, versus an average of once a month. They also have double the change success rate and restore service 12 times faster than their peers. The net results are lower business risk and more operational agility.” —2013 State of DevOps Report, Puppet Labs
  12. 12. © F5 Networks, Inc 12 What is SDN?
  13. 13. © F5 Networks, Inc 13 Overlay/Virtual Networking? OpenFlow? L2-3 Switch Control? Service Chaining? Commoditisation? Virtualisation? Programmability? Abstraction? What is SDN?
  14. 14. © F5 Networks, Inc 14 F5 Definition of SDN: “SDN is a family of architectures (not technologies) for operationalising networks with improved time to market, reduced risks, and reduced operating expenses by centralising control into a control plane that programmatically controls and extends all network data path elements and services via open APIs.”
  15. 15. SDN is about Operationalising Networks
  16. 16. © F5 Networks, Inc 16 Net Engineers & Admins Operationalised Network with SDN Control Plane Clients Application Data Plane Architect’s Intent Architect VEsRouter Switch LB Firewall Centralised Knowledge Repeatable Config. Manual & Scripted ConfigurationProgrammatic Configuration via Open APIs
  17. 17. © F5 Networks, Inc 17 SDN in the SDDC Control Plane Data Plane Software-DefinedDataCenter NBI SDDC Orchestrator SDN Controller SDN Applications LAYER 2-4 Stateless Fabric Applications NVGREVXLAN Service Chaining Virtual & Overlay Networks L4-7 Stateful Services ??? OPEN APIs Architect / Lines of Business
  18. 18. © F5 Networks, Inc 18 Applications Rely on Stateful Layer 4-7 Services Router Switch LAYER 2-4 STATELESS SERVICES LAYER 4-7 STATEFUL SERVICES FirewallIdentity and Access DDoS Protection Global Load Balancing Malware Detection ADC Application Security Local Load Balancing Application Performance Secure Web Gateway VIRTUAL AND OVERLAY NETWORKING
  19. 19. F5 Synthesis Software Defined Application Services
  20. 20. © F5 Networks, Inc 20 SDN in the SDDC Control Plane Data Plane Software-DefinedDataCenter BIG-IQ Security ™ BIG-IQ Cloud™ BIG-IQ Device™ NBI NBI BIG-IQ SDDC Orchestrator SDN Controller SDN Applications LAYER 2-4 Stateless Fabric F5 L4-7 SDAS Stateful Fabric Applications NVGREVXLAN Service Chaining Virtual & Overlay Networks iApps OPEN APIs Architect / Lines of Business
  21. 21. © F5 Networks, Inc 21 f5 Synthesis Software Defined Application Services SCALE N: MASSIVE SCALE AND CAPACITY Virtual & Overlay Networking VLAN NVGRE OVS MAC- IN-GRE Programmability Automation VXLAN Partners VM ChassisAppliance iAppsiControliRulesiCall Groovy Node.js vCMP vCMP vCMP vCMP Standardisation
  22. 22. © F5 Networks, Inc 22 Gateway Capabilities Provides ability to bridge between any network or overlay Ethernet EtherIP NVGRE VXLAN VLAN OVS MAC in GRE
  23. 23. © F5 Networks, Inc 23 Built for Control and Orchestration Control Extensibility Embedded Features Foundational F5 Data Path Elements Data Path Primitives Modules (LTM, GTM, APM, etc.) Data Path Primitives Modules (LTM) Data Path Primitives Modules (SDC) iRules (2001) Node.js (2013) Groovy (2009) iContro l (2001) iControl- REST (2013) REST (2009) SOAP (2011) iCall (2013) Data Path Primitives Modules (Security, Cloud, Device) Node.js (2013) REST (2013) BIG-IP BIG-IQ LineRate Traffix
  24. 24. © F5 Networks, Inc 24 Fabric Connectors Module Connectors Cloud Connectors Orchestration Connectors Intelligent Services Orchestration BIG-IQ
  25. 25. © F5 Networks, Inc 25 F5 Operationalises the Stateful L4-7 Network with Synthesis Massive Scalability and Capacity Automation and Orchestration New Network Innovation and Services Agile Efficient Flexible High Performance Services Fabric BIG-IQ Programmability
  26. 26. SDN requires an ecosystem to operationalise the entire network
  27. 27. © F5 Networks, Inc 27 F5 Synthesis Partner Ecosystem © F5 Networks, Inc. 27
  28. 28. © F5 Networks, Inc 28 F5 Partner Focus VMWARE/NSX • NSX Integrates with F5 BIG-IQ and BIG-IP • Integral to vCenter workflow • F5 iApps as ADN service templates in NSX • BIG-IP VEs automatically deployed, licensed, and configured • F5 provides enterprise-class edge SDAS CISCO/ACI • Insieme/Cisco ACI APIC Controller integrates with F5 BIG-IP • BIG-IP Plugin OPEN CONNECTOR • Enable Connectors from any platform • SDK • Documentation OPENSTACK • Joined Community October 15th 2013 • Connector Complete now • Implementing Neutron LBaaS plugin • Driving towards new plugin exposing rich set of F5 SDAS • BIG-IP VEs automatically deployed, licensed, and configured AWS • ADC and App Provisioning • Elastic Application Capacity • Cloud Bursting • Utility Licensing / Marketplace (New) MICROSOFT • SCVMM 2012 • BIG-IP Discovery/Monitoring • Hyper-V NVGRE Gateway
  29. 29. So what is SDN and why??? • SDN is about operationalising the entire network and requires an ecosystem to implement a comprehensive architecture that encompasses stateless L2-4 and stateful L4-7 network services. • Benefits • Improve time-to-market • Reduce risk • Reduce operational expenses