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PLNOG 17 - Shabbir Ahmad - Dell EMC’s SDN strategy based on Open Networking


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PLNOG 17 - Shabbir Ahmad - Dell EMC’s SDN strategy based on Open Networking

  1. 1. Open Networking is Dell EMC’s SDN Strategy Shabbir Ahmad Regional Director - Networking PLNOG17, KARKOW
  2. 2. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential1 of 78 Dell Technologies came into a being on 7th of September 2016 ! The world’s largest privately-held technology company with world-class enterprise sales and support
  3. 3. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential2 of 78 The most comprehensive portfolio of technology solutions – from the edge to the core to the cloudLeading the intersection of Big Data, PaaS and agile development leveraging data on one cloud-independent platform Elite and trusted intelligence that strengthens security and reduces risk in a dynamic landscape The premier provider of security, risk and compliance solutions solving your most complex challenges The foundation to transform your data center with industry-leading servers, storage and converged infrastructure The most trusted virtualization for desktop, data center and applications The leading enterprise-class cloud software and solution provider Award-winning customized solutions offering innovative devices and services designed for the way people work
  4. 4. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential3 of 78 Dell EMC solutions ecosystemdelivering optimized solutions at any scale Applications & Workloads Customer Use Cases File Sharing Print Sharing Email Unified Comms POS Onsite Data Caching Inventory Management Security Backup & Recovery WAN Acceleration Directory/ Domain Services VDI ISV’s System Integrators Service Providers Channel Partners Design & Optimize Implement & Deploy Protect Manage Support Dell Services Integration Partner Integration Compute - Storage - Networking Finance Retail Healthcare Manufacturing Pharma PetroChemTransportation Hyperscale
  5. 5. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential4 of 78 Future-Ready—Designed for better results A scalable, end-to-end approach that delivers: • Rapid time to value • Superior ease of use • Unrivaled flexibility to adapt • Closed management stack • Limited interoperability • Lock-in penalty • Complex and monolithic • High cost-per-transaction • Proprietary to one vendor Legacy systems • Hardware with no value added • Technology transition issues • Limited vendor support Commodity systems Increasing operating costs Decreasing acquisition costs Initial costs Ongoing Cost Initial costs Ongoing Cost Initial costs Ongoing Cost Initial costs Ongoing Cost New proprietary solutions The Future-Ready Enterprise Increasing acquisition costs Decreasing operating costs
  6. 6. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential5 of 78 Dell EMC Networking recognized for our vision and execution 2013 2014 2015 2016 Data Center Networking
  7. 7. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential6 of 78 Open Networking is Dell EMC SDN Strategy Future of networking Optional 3rd party SDN/NVO controller Standard orchestration & automation tools Greater choice of Network Operating Systems Open standard hardware Merchant silicon Traditional networking Proprietary ASICs Proprietary networking OS Hundreds of protocols Proprietary architectures & mgmt tools Dell Networking switches for data center Broadcom Proven OS that meets enterprise needs Open hardware with enterprise-class features VMWare/Midokura /Big Switch /NEC 3rd party virtualization/controller Dell Networking OS Switch Light OS Cumulus Linux Available today from Dell EMC Dell EMC enables the Open Networking Ecosystem Leverage open, innovative and best-of-breed solutions
  8. 8. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential7 of 78 Open Networking—The foundation for our SDN solutions in the data center Dell Software-Defined Networking Dell Open Networking Disaggregating the building blocks of networking Operating System Solutions Network Overlay Solutions Control Plane Solutions + + + Switching Hardware Switching Software Physical Networking Virtual Networking Control Plane Forwarding Plane
  9. 9. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential8 of 78 Open Networking means unprecedented choice Linux on the switch, unified server, network management Feature-rich L2/L3 Campus networking WAN, MPLS/VPLS functionality SDN fabric & network tapping solutions Virtualization-centric fabric optimized for Nutanix, Big Data, VDI Plug-and-play Branch/ SMB networking Data Center fabric & in-rack switching OS6 OS9, OS10 OS3, OS6
  10. 10. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential9 of 78 Dell EMC Networking—Foundational elements for the Future-Ready Enterprise Dell EMC Networking • Open, software-defined networking solutions for the data center, campus and branch/SMB • Fully converged to completely disaggregated solutions for networking at any scale Future-Ready Enterprise
  11. 11. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential10 of 78 An Active Fabric solution that’s right for you Spine Leaf North South Dell Active Fabric Solution West East Scenario 1: No existing core or fabric Scenario 2: Existing chassis core North South Z-Series + S-Series + software from West East Dell Active Fabric Solution • Deploy Dell Active Fabric solution for North-South and East-West traffic • Use Dell Active Fabric Manager for simple configuration and deployment • Cap existing chassis core, use for North-South network traffic primarily • Deploy Dell Active Fabric solution for high performance East-West traffic
  12. 12. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential11 of 78 Dell MONITORING FABRIC CONTROLLER Classic vs “Dell ONE SWITCH” Architecture Scalable Software Defined packet broker for physical & virtual networks 11 (c) 2016, BIG SWITCH NETWORKS, INC. Legacy, Traditional Network Core/Packet Broker Architecture LINE CARD LINE CARD LINE CARD LINE CARD SUPERVISOR 1 LINE CARD LINE CARD LINE CARD LINE CARD SUPERVISOR LINE CARD LINE CARD LINE CARD SVC CARD SUPERVISOR LINE CARD LINE CARD LINE CARD BACKPLANEBACKPLANE 1 CORE 21 2 Access Layer or PRODUCTION TAP AND SPAN PORTS CENTRALIZED TOOL FARM Dell MON in a virtual distributed switch environment SUPERVISOR Next Generation Network Fabric/Packet Broker Architecture SDN controller managing flexible, scale- out fabric of open vendor switches SUPERVISOR SUPERVISOR LINE CARD LINE CARD SVC CARDSVC CARD SUPERVISOR(S) LINE CARD(S)LINE CARD(S) Virtual /VTAP BACKPLANE
  13. 13. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential12 of 78 Active Fabric Manager—Fabrics made easy Single pane of glass fabric management • One console to design, build and monitor fabrics of any size • Manage multiple fabrics from a single console Automated provisioning and configuration • Leverage embedded automation and programmatic capabilities • Deploy a data center fabric in a fraction of the time Dell innovation • Built-in design templates for complex topologies – Layer 3 fabrics—distributed core – Layer 2 fabrics—virtual link trunking (VLT) 59% Average savings with Active Fabric solutions 86% Reduction in design and deployment time 1. Design 2. Build 3. Run
  14. 14. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential13 of 78 Dell Networking Operating System software Scalable performance • Design and optimized for feature-rich operation at scale • Proven in the largest most-demanding environments Open Automation • Support for OpenFlow and industry-standard APIs • RESTful APIs for programmatic forwarding plane Reliable operation • Industry hardened modular software architecture • Outfitted with advanced switching & routing features OS9 Over a decade of customer-proven innovation and feature stability
  15. 15. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential14 of 78 OS10 – Software for the Open Networking era Modern software for modern operations Open Networking Software NetOpsDevOps OS10 Management Tools IP Services Linux Networking Native Linux Apps Common Management Services (CMS) L2/L3 Protocols Policy Control OS10 Apps3rd Party Apps Automation Tools Fabric Services Security Services Development Environment via Control Plane Services (CPS) Platform Abstraction via OCP Switch Abstraction Interface (SAI) Dell Networking OS10 Base (Native Linux) Enterprise Edition Open Edition
  16. 16. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential15 of 78 Fabric solutions with Big Switch Networks • Supports both physical and virtual (multi-hypervisor) workloads and choice of orchestration software. • Provides L2 switching, L3 routing and, L4-7 service insertion and chaining while ensuring high bisectional bandwidth. • Scalable fabric, fully resilient with no single point of failure and supports head-less mode operations Recent showcase Big Switch Big Cloud Fabric™ (BCF) Need: Elastic, scalable network with faster service enablement Solution: S6000-ON & S4048-ON with BCF — 50 racks in 5 Data Centers Results: Resiliency at scale. No bandwidth bottleneck. Design Flexibility. Reduced Operational Complexity. Integrated security and visibility Big Cloud Fabric Controller Open Networking Solutions & Spine Leaf
  17. 17. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential16 of 78 Monitoring/Tap fabrics with Big Switch Networks Use-case: Fortune 50 software co. data center Use-case: Government Data Center Open Networking Solutions & Big Tap Controller Dell or 3rd Party Spine Dell or 3rd Party Leaf Monitoring Fabric Need: Cost-effective networking monitoring and filtering solution Solution: Dell S4048-ON with Big Switch Monitoring Fabric Controller Results: Low-cost monitoring network Need: Cost-effective network monitoring across global data centers with centrally located tools Solution: Dell S6000-ON and S4048-ON with Big Switch Monitoring Fabric Controller Results: Simplicity at scale utilizing centrally located tools. Lower TCO.
  18. 18. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential17 of 78 Recent showcase Fabric solutions with Cumulus Networks • Simplified scaling with OpenStack • 300 server nodes with OpenStack plus 24 switches (S6000-ON & S4048-ON) were brought up in <6 hours Cumulus Linux OS • Delivers high capacity fabrics with unprecedented price performance. • Enables large ecosystem of native Linux applications and automation tools while delivering new levels of innovation and flexibility • Support large-scale Clos fabrics and next generation architectures. Spine Leaf Open Networking Solutions & ONOS or ODL CONTROLLER
  19. 19. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential18 of 78 Fabric solutions with Pluribus Networks Use-cases New fabric with simplified management and analytics Dell/Pluribus solution: • Deploy Dell Open Networking platforms plus Pluribus Fabric software for detailed analytics/telemetry Network expansion with a new fabric Dell/Pluribus solution: • Insert Dell Open Networking platforms plus Pluribus Fabric software fabric, apply analytics tools Pluribus Fabric benefits • No external controller • No boundaries (across POD, Data center) • Interoperable with existing L2/L3 spine/leaf • Fabric built-in flow, traffic, endpoint telemetry • No Taps, no packet brokers, no agents on servers Spine Leaf Open Networking Solutions &
  20. 20. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential19 of 78 NVO solutions with VMware NSX Dell + VMware • Best in class physical underlay with Dell’s 10- 100GbE Open Networking switching portfolio, delivering non-blocking, active/active forwarding and line rate Layer 2 gateways for effective bridging to NSX virtual overlay • Strong analytics, automated provisioning, programmability, and Layer 2 gateway support for NSX virtual overlay • Micro-segmentation and granular security delivered to the individual workload • Reduced network provisioning time from days to seconds through automation • Workload mobility independent of physical network topology within and across data centers & Spine Leaf
  21. 21. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential20 of 78 Wide-area solutions with IP Infusion Open Networking Solutions & Use-case: Data Center Interconnect using MPLS Use-case: EVPN with VxLAN Need: Virtual network for multiple geographically dispersed data centers Solution: • VxLAN for virtual network • EVPN control plane with MP-BGP Need: Connecting multiple geographically dispersed data centers Solution: • Interconnecting 2 data centers using VPWS • Interconnecting multiple data centers using VPLS Data Center Interconnect
  22. 22. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential21 of 78 Customer success Channel business now >50% of Networking revenue Dell has outpaced the Networking market over the last 5 years (CAGR of 10% vs 4%) 0 Web 2.0 & E-commerce Hospitality Healthcare Higher education IT companies 8 of top 25 cloud and Web2.0 Top 5 most popular global hotel chains 5 of top 10 hospitals in the United States 7 of the 8 Ivy league institutions Every university in Big 10 Conf. Top 8 of 10 IT companies measured by revenue Source: Source: Via Luxpresso Source: US News & World Source: US News ranking Source: Wikipedia
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