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Promote your blog in 60 minutes or less


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Tools and tips to optimize your blog content and relations (through social media) to market your blog and promote your blog posts.

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Promote your blog in 60 minutes or less

  1. 1. Promote your blog in 60 minutes or less Jude Mathurine @newmediajude
  2. 2. Promote your blog • Get the content right • Get your relationships right
  3. 3. The basics • Select a good blog name and keep it consistent between online channels where possible ( • Title, describe and tag your blogs appropriately • Link your online assets (include links to your other networked profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr and YouTube account for starters)
  4. 4. Promote your blog • Create a blog roll of four or five other bloggers whose (related) work you read and admire. – Find these by using blog aggregators like Technorati or Blogarama – Amplifiers preferable • Use and Google’s BlogSearch to register your RSS feed and blog site with multiple search tools. • Register on blog search aggregator (Technorati/Blogarama)
  5. 5. Register on blog directories • Blog aggregators local and international • Technorati • Blogscope • •
  6. 6. Add your blog link EVERYWHERE • Promote in your e-mail signature. Shorten your blog URL if unwieldy via with a custom URL • will help you track clicks from your signature
  7. 7. Add your blog link to your profiles • LinkedIn • Facebook • Twitter
  8. 8. Promote your blog • Use aggregator like to find new stories • Tag, Tag, Tag your blog • Reward sites that link to you and link yourself to other sites • Find out who your POWER USERS or amplifiers are • Share content with other websites where possible • Link users to other useful sites (public journalism) • Post more often
  9. 9. Find local bloggers – add to blogroll • ThoughtLeader Top bloggers • African Blog awards winners
  10. 10. Promote your blog • Join the conversation with meaningful comments not just: ‘Nice blog’ • Respond to users who comment on your blog. • Blogs are SOCIAL MEDIA
  11. 11. Content marketing • Kind of content • Valence • Write tight (400-600 words) • Don’t waffle • Use your data journalism and writing skills to stay informed, research your field, offer insight. Stay polemical but INFORMED
  12. 12. Content marketing • Choose a legible template • Visualise your story but don’t over-embellish with embedded content. Less is more. • Use writing techniques that involve the reader and encourage to respond and engage • Reference characters and events in history, philosophy and popular culture • Blog better by blogging often • Get someone to read your blogs before posting them
  13. 13. Content marketing: Stats • Use WordPress Stats/Analytics to determine: – Your most popular posts (that drive most traffic) – Posts that drive engagement (comments) • Assess what factors may have driven traffic and engagement e.g. search engine terms, categories, headlines, image choice, post length, content, valence etc. • Use this data to plan future blog posts by determining trends in post performance on monthly basis
  14. 14. Content marketing: Stats
  15. 15. Content marketing: headlines • What’s wrong with these headlines? • On the money: Kicking the can down the road • Video: isiXhosa stories for learning • Finding Grahams’ Town
  16. 16. Content Marketing: headlines • Rather prefer active tense and short words (Grahamstown mayor elected to office) • Personalise headlines (Our mayor wins election by landslide) • DON’T USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS • Try keep people the topic or subject of your sentence
  17. 17. Ripenn’s advice • Make the most of current events: Tie your headline to news and newsmakers • Break some “rules” of headline writing, like length • Seek to pique the reader’s curiosity • Never underestimate the emotional factor of a headline • Call the reader to action with direct action words • Make bold claims • Sound like a human, not a robot
  18. 18. • Buzzfeed headline average 57 characters , Upworthy = 52 characters • Guardian UK uses 5/6 word headlines and longer headlines on content page. • But longer headlines are also acceptable – see Mail Online
  19. 19. Examples • Which Old-School Pro Wrestling Legend Are You? • Is This the Airport of the Future? • Why the Best Social Media Education Might Be Right Under Your Nose • 6 Things You Need to Know Today • Awesome ways to pass highschool (video) • Source:
  20. 20. Content marketing: Ledes • Ledes vary between 25 & 30 words • This means like good news intros you need to write it and then return to edit it afterwards. • Your lede is the main point . Is your main point buried? Is significant detail buried? • Will a glocal reader know what you are talking about? • Challenge every word – if there is no purpose in it delete it.
  21. 21. Relationship marketing • On Facebook mention or tag sources in stories and photographs (they will share or like your comments). • Add a picture to your Facebook promo update if you don’t have a picture in your blogpost • Visit source Facebook pages/groups. Message or notify them of a relevant blog post publication but be careful of appearing ‘spammy’ • Use a quote or statistic or interesting fact from your post instead of a summary promotional update.
  22. 22. Which works better VS
  23. 23. Twitter • Follow and cultivate Twitter contacts in your beat areas. Use Tweetfind. • Engage with potential amplifiers who may find your post interesting in your Twitter posts. Find them on Klout. • Retweet other bloggers who you follow on similar who blog on similar issues • Mention sources (newspapers, bloggers, researchers) whose work you used in your blog post in your tweet
  24. 24. Twitter • Cultivate a Twitter list of beat bloggers to follow. Follow other users’ ‘beat’/speciality lists. • Run and save a search on particular keywords related to your beat blog theme or area of coverage – e.g. ‘near’ grahamstown – crime, grahamstown
  25. 25. Which of these would you click on? • Tweet blog posts with images for more clicks • Users respond to visual content. Stories with good image thumbnails are 20% more likely to be clicked on. • Which tweet are you more likely to click on – A or B? A B
  26. 26. Twitter • Schedule your tweets for optimum delivery • Sign up with
  27. 27. Community management • Link/mention other blogs that you read • Quote from other blogs and websites • Mine, shepherd and seed blogs • Link to your Twitter account and your Wordpress account • Comment on similar blogs found via Technorati, Blogscope etc.