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How To Get The First 1,000 Users For Your Startup (By Roy Povarchik & Ben Lang)


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Published in: Marketing
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How To Get The First 1,000 Users For Your Startup (By Roy Povarchik & Ben Lang)

  1. 1. Getting your first 1,000 users
  2. 2. Roy PovarchikBen Lang @roypovar@benln
  3. 3. Some tips on getting your first users
  4. 4. Product Hunt
  5. 5. Only 2014 61,497 comments 628,466 total upvotes 23,501,457 unique visits to products 3,652 collections created
  6. 6. Tips Be active, comment, submit Don’t ask for votes Post early in the day Comment as “maker” Answer questions quickly Build an awesome product
  7. 7. Hacker News
  8. 8. Tips Be active, comment, gain karma Make sure content is relevant Ask a few people for upvotes Send /newest URL Don’t vote from same IP
  9. 9. Getting blogs to write about you PR
  10. 10. Tools to use
  11. 11. Tips • Find  the  right  journalist   • Keep  it  short   • Give  an  angle,  story   • Send  at  the  right  time   • Follow  up  on  Twitter,  Facebook   • Build  something  awesome
  12. 12. People to Follow Gabriel Weinberg - @yegg Leo Widrich - @leowid Iris Shoor - @irisshoor Sacha Greif - @sachagreif Nir Eyal - @nireyal Ryan Hoover - @rrhoover Andrew Chen - @andrewchen Hunter Walk - @hunterwalk
  13. 13. Blogs to Follow Quick Sprout KissMetrics Little Big Details Quora Startup-Marketing
  14. 14. Blogging
  15. 15. Reasons to visit Educate user Thought Leadership Start Of A Funnel SEO
  16. 16. It’s easier to get people interested in your content than your product It’s easier to get people interested 
 in the product behind the content their reading
  17. 17. Write, promote, convert
  18. 18. Writing Write for your users Post regularly and frequently Write under your name Use relevant images Great headlines Over 1,200 words Help users Don’t talk about yourself Use images
  19. 19. Post on social media Twitter - 4,4,3,3,2,1 Add share buttons Post to relevant groups Reach out to influencers Blog Directories Email Marketing Promote
  20. 20. Have a clear CTA Use “Content Upgrades” Offer Email subscription Convert
  21. 21.
  22. 22. A community of startup marketers and growth hackers looking to read and share interesting content
  23. 23. The people that spread the news and can build hype and momentum for companies
  24. 24. 12,000 New visitors in 48 hours Retweeted over 452 times 270 new email sign ups
  25. 25. Host Your Own Content
  26. 26. Interesting to read Informative Case studies Real Numbers Screenshots Your Content Should be:
  27. 27. Comment Upvote Engaged Promote others Answer questions 3 Weeks before publishing
  28. 28. Post Early Relevant headline Great Description Right Category Post to social multiple times Inc. mentions Post the GH link to relevant groups Ask for upvote Vote from different IP’s Promotion
  29. 29. Twitter
  30. 30. Twitter is a great way to engage with prospects and share links
  31. 31. Tweet frequently Post blog posts Post Landing pages Tap into conversations Use search Use hashtags Follow influencers
  32. 32. You want to engage with people
 that are interested in your product
  33. 33. Follow Followers of influences
  34. 34. +
  35. 35. Thank you
  36. 36. Roy PovarchikBen Lang @roypovar@benln
  37. 37. For more tips, tricks and insights